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Welcome to Wiccaz Wing



I am [Like Sun Through The Rain]<img:>

[Any one may join, but they must read the rules first!]


Wing'z Honor{Rulez}

Wing'z Bannerz{ALL BANNERZ MADE BY X~criss cross~X} TO USE U MUST B A MEMBER!

The Wingz(memeberz)

the holiday room

The duckie room

the red relax


The pink Room

The little girls Room

Prep Room

The Family Room

Britney's Room

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2007-07-03 [chewy09]: *looks at sky*

2007-07-04 [~Acidelf3~]: You dont discuss it with me either...

2007-07-06 [lordjoesnow]: i ont get it

2007-07-07 [Like Sun Through The Rain]: can we all just drop this i wrather not discuss

2007-07-07 [~Acidelf3~]: no one else is in it but me and you..

2007-07-07 [Like Sun Through The Rain]: and ur putting all this is a wiki that ppl r n

2007-07-10 [Dripp Dripp]: HA i remember my password !

2007-07-11 [Like Sun Through The Rain]: lol good

2007-07-15 [~Acidelf3~]: this is the only way i can get you to talk to me about it...

2007-08-10 [chewy09]: *falls out of the tree*

2007-08-10 [Like Sun Through The Rain]: *laughs at chewy* you dip stick!!! lol hey chewy message me i have an idea !!!!!

2007-08-19 [lordjoesnow]: allie..dont ignore ur friend!

2007-08-20 [Like Sun Through The Rain]: what friend?

2007-09-02 [lordjoesnow]: acidelfff

2007-09-04 [~Acidelf3~]: im not her friend... anymore......

shes being rude to me and its compleate non sence...

2007-09-24 [lordjoesnow]: yeh allie, why do this?! :(

2007-09-24 [~Acidelf3~]: because me and max were talking about living with eachoter and for a while we were dating but he just dissapears.. like how am i supposed to talk to him when hes never online or anything like that?????? so i started datting around here and ended up getting pregnate and now both of them hate me.. and watch i bet this message will be deleated when she gets online....

2007-10-14 [lordjoesnow]: it hasntr been so far....ur pregnant? but not with max? i think this is harsh...friends are supposed to be ther for u at times like these! not being so petty...grrr

2007-10-15 [~Acidelf3~]: yeah i was preg. She is now 7 months old. and just got her first tooth last wed. yeah it it petty and yeah its crap but what can i do about it now that they both hate me??

2007-10-20 [lordjoesnow]: i dno..i guess ull jsut ahve to move on..which really sucks..i mean i cud talk to alex..but i dont know what good it would do..theyll just have ther own side of the story..

2008-09-13 [chewy09]: huh

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