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2005-05-12 11:57:19
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Wiccan 4 Britain

Hello i am [Anduraja] i am a britishwitch that thinks that she is the only one at the mo. This page is for all the British Wicthes out there who think that they are on their own. I would like any witch, pagan, goth or any other religon or style to join this wiki page even if u r only open minded i would like you to say that u support Wiccan or any other type. W4B member

Happy Beltane

Go to:
Wiccan Holidays
Banners for W4B
Recipes of the Holidays
Blessed BE

Thank you for your support and this is under constant construction


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2005-02-22 [Anduraja]: hello i will update this site shortly i promise!!!!!

2005-04-21 [Firenze]: Что когда-либо я могу ждать другого тысячелетия

2005-08-11 [sequeena_rae]: Hi thanks for making this you're doing really well. Keep it up ^_^

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