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Welcome to Wiccan Youth

This is a wiki for the Wiccan Youth!

#1 [The Lizard Princess] YAY!!!! Me first member.............we grew up running naked , playing in mud ,and bathed in the rain!!!!!!!
#4[Lodemai]...i join any wiki that is of this kind...will yoiu join mine?...please?...
#5[Runekaiser] accept all things
#7[Soul Dementia]
#8[Forestchild] born to run nakie!!woot!
#9[Our Lady of Sorrow] w00t
#10[Daughter of Isis] Finally a place just for Wiccans.....
#11[sic_twisted_me]~.*.~Blessed Be~.*.~
#12[shaynie67] yay! we have our own page finally! blessed be the goddess!
#13 [wiccanangel] also check out my wiki: wicca i'll link to this one, please do the same :D
#14 [Shiarox] hehehe
#15 [Dracotot] May Hecate bless your dreams
#16[Azuri]Yay!Fun fun!
#17[Alkor] running naked is fun. Feel the BREEZE
#18[Dame der Mitternacht] running naked is really fun.. ha ha ha.. wweee!!
#19[Celtic Wench]
#20 [Johnsons Wife] The Goddess is the free
#21[*Tári Silmarwen Cúthalion*]merry meet all .x.
#23[xle amour x]Still studying...
#24[Keyta] i love barefeet walking in the grass
#25[Rana] nature!
#26[little bit] P.L.U.R.
#27[lillybee101] wow
#29[Delia] gotta love being skyclad ummmhummm ^_^
#30[Dragon whore] Blessed be all
#31. [Thing 1] Merry Meet ^_^
#32. [spongemonkey] in august lullubies we were watching the fireflies, naked under a midnight moon.
#34[brutalbarbie_x] of course
#35 [ShadeRaven] WOOT
#36 [AngusMacLeod] I love to run Skyclad...that's naked if you dont know the old touge
#37 [inflict.] Nakedness is Goodness
#38 [Blasphemous Rumours]
#39[wolf_demon_yuki]queen of the fruiet loop ppl
#40 [askdjnso] everything has already been said
#41 [Charmed Lady] I thought I'd never find an all wiccan page!!!!
#42 [do not exist]*lites some incense and candles*
#43 [::MiX3D MAMii::] *smiles* Wiccans' rule!
#44[elvenstarr] Blessed be
#45 [Nny the Homicidal Maniac]- I belong to many Wicca/Wiccan pages but this seems to be good and simple . . . merry meet all!
#46 [Miyanna] here's to those who walk without shoes and bow to the full moon!

#47 [fullmode] to fix this spacebar,hello all.... just sittin here thinking about the days when common problems such as this were solved with aquick swing of an axe
#48 [Ryvre]
#49. [Gargoylic Tears]
#50. [The New Enigma] anyone in seattle? message me if u are
#51. [scarletlove] Yay,i found a Wicca page!
#52 [dumbledorelittle] so did i!
#53[Celebriän Elendil]Yay,am number 53!
#54.[GhostBlade] Forever in your debt.
#55. [Misfit Faery] *~* Merry Meet and Blessed Be *~*
#56. [Dj. CHRISTOFF] Hello everyone, message me and stuff...I don't bite...unless you are into that sort of thing, lol...O.o
#57. [I don't exist anymore!]
#58. [Eldanár Oronar]
#59. [rebelbrntt] Hey everybody wats up? :)
#60. [Outside The Wall] Hey...I guess I'm what you would call a "newbie" :P
#61. [creator_1987] shall i goin the company?
#62. [Brigid] Call me Wolfie
#63. [Katelan]
#64. [Artemis Riddle]
#65. [Nemasis Unicorn] is the brave, and crazy, Jenna
#66. [Frivalicious]
#67. [earthshelly] Wiccan and loveing it ^_^
#68. [Daemeon Arkenyon Zane] Merry meet, all. My family thinks i'm the devil, but i'm just your average wiccan male...
#69. [SW/AB] Hey all glad I found a wiccan place! Looking for wiccan girl i met at a band contest. Said she was from Denton, TX. Blessed Be, all.
#70. [rijkje] Blessed Be!
#71. [RiddleRose] ah now, going skyclad is immense fun... a little cold in the winter though...
#72. [G4RR3TT]
#73. [Intolerant Of Hatred] Blessed be, blessed be.
#74. [unawen] merry meet to all
#75. [Ranon =3] I love walking barefeet on the beach :)

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2006-05-01 [Intolerant Of Hatred]: How's it going?! :):)

2006-05-01 [RiddleRose]: spiffing!!! actually, i'm procrastinating on homework. XD reading fanfics... <.< >.> who said they're slash??? not me!!! oooooh, go look at the link in my mood. you shall laugh. XD

2006-05-16 [The Naiad]: Hey guys. I'm a Pagan, but I have some Wiccan beliefs (as well as Shaman etc). Can I join? I can't find any Pagan wikis on ET!

2006-05-17 [Intolerant Of Hatred]: I'm sure there is a pagan wiki, but you are more than welcome to join! :) And procrastinating on homework isn't asuch a good thing, haha.

2006-05-17 [The Naiad]: LOL. Ok. Thanks. :) Even though I don't count myself as a Wiccan I'm happy to support you guys - our beliefs are very entwined anyways. Blessed be. :)

2006-05-17 [Intolerant Of Hatred]: You're very welcome my dear. Blessed be.

2006-07-13 [unawen]: i wish to join this wiki and am wiccan all my life.

2006-07-13 [Intolerant Of Hatred]: Join as you will, you needth not be of wiccan all you life, just believe in things that you cannot see or touch.

2006-07-14 [unawen]: i believe in the unseen and the unknown....its helped me to a point. thank you for the addage to this wiki.

2006-07-16 [Intolerant Of Hatred]: You're welcome child.

2006-09-12 [jdwoodschild]: is this page just a place to add name? how about putting up some information? Don't just add your name to a list, explain what wicca is, build this!! it could be so much more, especially if half of these people are willing to step in

2006-09-12 [Intolerant Of Hatred]: Jd, exploring and explaining are much more complicated than you may think, it takes time and effort. We have not had enough time in which to explain all tht we know.

2006-09-12 [sequeena_rae]: Seems [Delladreing], who is one person has had time to write Playgans

2006-09-13 [Intolerant Of Hatred]: I'm not on here to argue if we've had time or not to write anything, some people do, some people don't, it's all a matter of the effort and time in which one person would like to use in order to write their insights down.

2006-09-13 [sequeena_rae]: I wasn't here to argue, just saying :P
I'm just a random passerby who likes to be a secret watcher. Damn, that's out of the bag >_>

2006-09-14 [Intolerant Of Hatred]: *casts invisibility on Rae* Mwhaha. Now no body can see you.

2006-09-14 [jdwoodschild]: but maybe put up what signing your name on this list represents. make yourselves more than a list, make yourself a people, with faces and beleifs! maybe start off with the wiccan rede... or some thing! what if you know nothing, and are looking around to look up information, and they are too shy to talk to some one? the plain whole list of names with nothing that the names represent is kinda imposing....

2006-09-14 [sequeena_rae]: Ugh damneth. *pokes everyone* mwahaha.

2006-09-14 [Intolerant Of Hatred]: That's why people are intitled to say something, they shouldn't be ashamed because they know nothing of the religion, me, I will have to admit, I have not practiced in so long even I have forgetton a few things.

2006-11-04 [King of Thorns]: can i join i am one

2006-11-05 [Intolerant Of Hatred]: Of course you can.

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