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Merry Meet and welcome to the Wiccan Room!

past conversation is kept at the Old Wiccan Room

I was just wondering if it is possible to be an incarnation of your spirit animal, and if it is, how would it affect your performance magically?

[spongemonkey] I think it might, Sometimes I get random burst of memories of doing rodent-ish stuff and then for a while after word I work better with totum animals that a frieands of rabbits and stuff

does anyone know if crystals work if they have been chipped?

[moira hawthorne] (Who ever wrote this question above should give thier name)
Answer: Unless you are using the crystal still attached in the living rock that produced it
--all crystals are chipped!
Does the chip effect how you feel about the crystal? If it effects you in a negative way than I wouldnt use it....

[spongemonkey] I knew that was going to happen... okay thanks moira!!!

[Kit Azhure]
I have a questions about dreams... I need help interpreting them. Can anyone recomend a good book to help me out.

Yeah, I know one. I think it was called the gypies book of dream inturpretating or something like that. but it was good, had a couple ch. on how to do it, the a big list on what various things in your drearms mean a/n cats ballons houses, rain ect.

[Chynadoll] i also know of one called the everything dreams book but i forget who it is by sadly
~blessed be

[Elloquay is a good site to interpret your dreams. It has an online dream dictionary too. :) Hope that helps.

[Mordigen] - symbolism, look deeply into symbolism because that's how dreams come across, and unlike all these other dream dictionaries and interpretation sites/books etc etc, if you look into symbolism it can help widely narrow it down for you --- dream dictionaries and interpretation books are mainly just summaries and braod ideas in general, they don't really delve deep into varriations of certain thing to certain people, because everyone is different and certain things represent different things per person depending on how they act think and feel emotionally about the world, and sybolism can help you understan more in depth about zodiac, planetary properties and other such things to help narrow down what symbols mean what for certain types of people, after you look into that, then i say check out the dream dictionaries because you'll have a better understanding of what exactly your looking for in the dream for that particular person instead of people as a whole.

[Elloquay] Mordigen's right. Dream dictionaries are neat and fun, but I can't honestly say they are incredibly helpful. Sometimes they don't make sense, or they won't have what you're looking for even if they did. Like, I once had a reccuring nightmare that I was on the rack (sp?) and my limbs were being torn apart. I couldn't find any help in a dream book, so I sat down and thought about it and just realized that it symbolized me being torn apart from two places. Both sides are tugging hard and at times I've felt like I was going to rip right in half. So, yeah. Just applying a dream (or nightmare) to a current situation will do you more justice than a book.

while we're on the subject, can anyone suggest some good general solitary witch books?

[Mordigen] Solitary witchcraft is prettymuch whatever you make it --- there is no set rules or rituals, because you do not have coven traditions to go by, all witchcraft, wicca or paganism, in this sense, differs all the time from beliefs to how you practice, how you worship, traditions, customs and rituals from coven to coven, there is no true right or wrong, and it's exactly the same with solitary witchcraft --- solitary witchcraft differs from person to person because no 2 persons are the same, so simply what you can do is research and look into witchcraft in general, find something that suites you and follow it, worship it, practice, perform cerimonies/rituals/holidays in whatever form feel right for you and your lifestyle and how you view your own beliefs as your dail life and world. And many people talk about self dedication rites and initiation --- well no, that's not true, it's not wrong, but it's not true either. You do not have to form any specific ritual or initiation rite to be a dedicated follower, many covens have dedication rituals and cerimonies because it is not only dedication to the craft, but also forming a fellowship with those particular people, and each coven has their own beliefs and practices. Since you are a solitary, you have no set ways that you *have* to do anything, it's all by heart, instinct and what feels right to you, and in all actuallity, self written ceremonies or rituals are much more effective because they are completely personal and from the heart, from that person specifically, so they are more effective for yoursel, so no you do not have to have any specific rites or rituals or follow any pre-sets for solitary witchcraft, any way you want show to yourself, or to others, that you are dedicated is right, and any way you feel is best for you personally so celebrate, practice or perform rituals or spells is also right, as it's your personal practice --- so to sum it all up, there are no specific "solitray witchcraft" books that you necessarily need to read, just look into it as a whole and in general and choose something that is right for you, and then once you found your path, look into that specifically deeper and deeper and find what feels right to you in that path.

[spongemonkey] alrighty then!!

[Mordigen] hope i was helpful ^_^

[Silver Badger] I'm new to wicca and don't know where to start. I don't want to get terribly involved because I often go into periods of time where I am obsesed with something but after it ends barely ever touch it again. I don't want to make any commitments in fear of not fufilling them. I belive having a normal life ,and then for a while an incredibly personal and magical one, and then going back to a normal life would greatly hurt me in my veiws and change me, and my personality, in undesireable ways. I want to know some simple rituals/spells/activities I could do that won't get me too terribly involved. Do you have any advice for me?

[Fireblade K'Chona] Ah, you're like I was, at the beginning-a little afraid to get involved, but still curious. For now, I suggest talking to actual pagans who've been pagan for a long time-like the people who founded this guild-and simple meditation. That, and research! Don't do a ritual for nothing-you'll need something to do, or else it will end up simply closing and opening a circle! Even if you only cast to meditate, it works, but do not do a spell without purpose. The first one I ever cast was to help my friend's dog, who got hit by a car. That was nearly a year-no, two-after I started research! Anyway...I'm sure all of us will be happy to give you good links to really find out if paganism is right for you. Yes, it sounds like a car commercial, but I don't care. or are good places to start. Now I want to hear what other people say!

[HydroTemplar] Read everything you can get your hands on. It never hurts to learn. Learning charges no commitment and even if one is Christian, it wouldn't cost the soul. : P lol... Also, don't be afraid to google anything you want to learn about. It's not like you're researching a historical event. For religion, sift through everything you read and pick out what you believe and don't be afraid to disregard a reputable source (the bible is reputable and lots of people believe in it, but that doesn't mean it's right), and don't be afraid to come up with your own beliefs. Christianity may be uniform, but Paganism has as many variances as practitioners.

[Megumi] I would like to clarify on the egyptian gods and goddesses. They never truely were in existance. Each animal, Ex Hathor, Ra, Anukis..each stood for a different life principal that derived from Gnostic heritage. The egyptians never believed in 47 different gods and goddesses. They didn't worship animals. They worshiped laws and principals, and still believed in the one God, who really wasn't "one" at all. TO better explain this, true it's just one god that we all derive from, but THE god has two parts. A female part, which has the power to change what she wants and to feel emotions, and the Male part, which is the intellectual side, and can't do anything at all. This is why we are all sent down to earth; to feel and grow for him. Azna, er, "Mother-god" to you wiccans, is the one we see usually when we get an epiphany. Jesus, he wasnt really "The son of god". Yes, in many aspects he was, because he meant that like all of us, he was another child of God. he was just stating someting we already had known for millions of years. and yes, Gnosticism was the first and only religion that existed before jewism and christianity. 

[HydroTemplar] In response to "Gnosticism was the first and only religion that existed before jewism and christianity.": Um, no. I'm sorry, but you're wrong. In fact, the religion that Abraham was before even creating Judaism was definately not Gnostic. He came from the Sumarian city-state of Ur, which had a religion which had an actual God or Goddess for pretty much everything. The moon itself Was the God Sin, Sin didn't represent the moon, he Was the moon.  To the Sumarians the Gods were tangible creatures that were all-powerful and treated humanity at their whims.

17 and knows everything... how amusing...

Excuse me? Are you insinuating that just because of my age, you have the right to immediately jump to conclusions about me? Forget it, I'm sorry I lashed back. It ws rude and illconcieved of me to do so. I shall stop writing in this room because it's obvious I know not of what I speak.

If you are going to go around making comments that say you know everything ...yes...

I never claimed to know everything. I was merely stating what I knew from what I had read and learned from the Book of Comming Forth by Day, the Pyramid Texts, and the Coffin Texts, along with some of the books on Gnostic religion. What I seem to forget, though, is that this is a wiki for wiccans, and therefor my opinion is not wanted. I am truely sorry for having wasted your time.

this might be kinda off the subject, but those sites up there seem kinda fluffy playgan-ish. I think you should visit very nice site.

[Mordigen] :: Sadly enough, I'd have to agree.....the only 2 issues I see with that site is that Gardner didn't invent Wicca as it makes it seem, and the "k" derrived from the gaelic spelling of magick --- but the rest of it completely explains my frustrations with people who join wicca just to look cool or because they watch charmed or harry potter or some other random bullshit like that....

I know. it did kind of bring gardner up as a bad guy, but other than that. its a wonderful site.

does anybody know a good place to get an athame? (in the uk around london) oh also, check out this cool wiccan site

[Melocrie] You could try an online order. Personally I think an Athame is also a matter of symblolism. Mine is just a letter opener, in the shape of a greek sword.

how does one go about finding their element and such?

[Melocrie] Everyone has certain elements, stones, trees and everything fit to the date of birth. Like, my element is Wind, my stone is Sapphire. I cannot give you site with this information as quickly as I remember...
But you don't have to stick to birth elements and such. There are also elements, stones etc. that symbolize a certain personalty. The only advice I can give you is to search information about this and choose those that suit you. Personally I believe the magic you practice through them is strongest when you do.

I wonder about this sabbats: for example samhain is celebrated in 31 october. Originally it means "end of summer" and we see it as the end of the old year, right? But at least were I am the summer ends a month earlier, shouldn´t I celebrate samhain a month earlier too? Originally the summer actually ended about 31 oct... And it´s the sae thing with some of the other sabbats; it just feels wrong to celebrate them at the date I should. Am I doing wrong to celebrate another time than it is said I should?

[HydroTemplar] Where I'm from, summer lasts well into November... lol... sry... well, Beltaine is defined as the beginning of summer... I think summer is a vague term... tis but a name... what's in a name... that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet... the way i see it, the seasons are polar... at least here... there's summer and winter, then fall and spring... summer overlaps with the end of spring and the beginning of fall, and winter overlaps w/ the end of fall and the beginning of spring... i'm sorry if i'm not making any sense... like in today's society people want a season to end and another to start... they can't stand the thought of something like that existing at the same time... sry if i sound like i'm tripped, i promise i'm not... ::glances nervously:: no, chocolate does this to me... really... i think i'm rambling... i'll shut up now...

Yes, I understand what you mean (I think...) But is the date more important than the feeling? I want to celebrate imbolc when I see the very first sign of spring, not 2 months earlier or later.....

[Kit Azhure] The dates for the sabbats mean different things. For instance the spring solstice, it celebrates the beginning of the planting season. When people were just able to get out doors a rejoice. The dates correspond to the lenght of days. For instance after the spring solstice the days become longer... thats why it is celebrated then because it is the beginning of the spring/summer. In fall the end of harvest is celebrated, everyone rejoices over the completion of another year of labor and (if it has been a good year) the bontiful harvest that means they wont starve during the winter it also marks the period when days get shorter and nights longer. That is why the dates are important. If you don't want to celebrate on the specific dates that is your choice, but I would at least give a blessing on the day.

Thank you for your answer.
I know about the solstices but it is only four sabbats which are connected with the length of day. I celebrate those when I "should" but it is e.g. samhain and imbolc, which "only" mark the end of the summer and the beginning of the spring. And the seasons begins and ends on different times each year...Maybe I´m just silly and use a lot of place in here, but it somehow feels important to me...

Well, from what little I know, have been told, and understand, the key is to do what feels most right and natural to you, if you aren't part of a tradition that gives a certain date for these things. but if something seems right, do it that way. You dont want to over analyze these things, but at the same time, analyze them and seek the answer that fits you best, that gives you the most positive feeling. In the end, its hard to hold a ritual dedicated to a certain thing when you feel uncomfortable with doing it that day, it affects the state of mind needed to do these things right. Again, thats just my own understanding, which is limited, and I wouldnt have said that, but [Mordigen] recently answered a similar question for me

[razorskiss666] Dont maul me for coming here... I'm not a wiccan or pagan, by technicality of having severe issues getting into contact with the local group, else I would be a wiccan. As it is, I was just wondering if anyone here is in the central texas area and might be able to help me out with that.

[Mordigen] well first of all, this place is open to anybody who is open to us --- and secondly, you don't have to rely on a local group, or a group at all, to become a wiccan, you can do self initiation rights if you care to and carry on as a solitary wiccan until you find a group close to you or you feel comfortable with, or if not, you can remain a solitary wiccan ---- I was originally introduced and inducted by a higher member of a coven, but i, personally, have never actually been apart of one, it all depends on what is most natural and comfortable for each individual, so you do not have to rely on them just to become one.

Tonight, May 11, I self initiated. No, it wasn't hasty, as it might seem after my question earlier today, When self initiation was suggested, I started to feel drawn, like it was the answer I had been looking for, and tonight was the night.

I've never actually been ceremonaly (sp?) initiated, but I've been practicing for about four years. I guess I've also drifted in and out of local covens, but it just feels more natural to be alone while working.

I agree. Though I'm still to young to be in a real coven, many people I know (who were also to young) wanted to start one of their own and asked me to join. It went okay I guess, but I feel better when I don't have to rely on a group. I think even in the Wiccan world you have much more freedom on your own.

[*~`Lady of Avalon`~*] I have been studing a practicing wicca for 2 years now but I never been in a saramony I would like to be in one but I don't want to be part of a coven untill I get in to a certen part of my understanding of wicca is there any way I could do a saramony (particularly to the Godess) with out haveing to jion a coven? 

Of course you can if you've been practicing for 2 yrs you should be able to cast a circle right. so cast a circle burn a candle pray or meditate. Thank the goddess in your own way write your own ritual and do what feels right to you. it doesn't need to be perfect just experiment. probably during the full moon would be the best time but do it when it feels right for YOU. That's the gift of being a solitary and if you can't make up your own take one from a book or internet and modify it. The goddess isn't going to strike you down or anything.

Probably one of the more bizarre inquiries youll see on here, but: Can anyone give me any suggestions on how to communicate to animals that I mean them no harm? I'm slowly getting better at getting things like birds to trust me, a few have even let me hold them or will sit on my palm, but I have difficulties persuading most animals to let me near them. Any suggestions on how I can get them to trust me?

[SAHS]: I don't know if this is the answer you're looking for, because there's nothing magickal about it, but as I've been taming and raising feral cats for most of my teenage life, I believe I can speak with some authority on this subject. Animals have keen senses and how they respond to you depends on how you treat them and talk to them. Use a soothing tone of voice, and talk to them often (ramble on about your day, or how much you hate someone, the animals don't care if your tone is kind and gentle) -- although, if your voice is naturally deep or too high-pitched, the animals may not take well to it. Be patient, treat them with kindness... giving them food is a great way to win them over. Never try to force any contact with the animal, let the animal come to you, and with some love, time and dedication, it'll come to see you as a friend. Keep in mind that not all animals are willing to make friends with humans, though: Let them have their space and if they are hostile, leave them be.

[raiderxx]: Ok... Ive been practicing for almost two years now *thinks* Yeah two years. I have come up strictly Christian. My parents are also VERY strict Christians (no bad language at all (Well screw that one... :P ), Church every Sunday.. etc), and my grandmother and grandfather are both pastors. I'm 16, and Im having a really hard time about racking up the courage to tell my parents.. No one in my family for as long as I know have ever been anything but Christians. I dont feel like the "black sheep" but I feel like they will NOT be happy.. From what Ive seen, they tolerate other religions, but Im not sure if they would tolerate ME not being Christian. Sorta like if a father doesnt mind Homosexuals, but gets pissed off when his son turns gay.
Anyway, to the point. I need some guidance. What should I do? SHOULD I tell them, or wait untill Im out of the house and keep practicing in secret? I only have one other (local) friend who is Pagan and she doesnt really have that problem. Her mom is cool so she brings us to different Pagan stores. So if anyone can give me any advise, I could really use it right now... *finishes his book of a question*

[SAHS]: Whether or not you should tell them is up to you. I had the opposite problem in my family: My dad is an atheist with a great disliking to all religion. I haven't told him that I'm religious in the three years that I've been practicing, but I don't feel the need to tell him. (However, I did tell my mom, who was of Christian upbringing but now agnostic, and I found it was a mistake to start off with an explanation of the Pentacle. ;) Something along the lines of "it's a nature-oriented belief" would have been better.) If you feel that your parents should know, or you're tired of practicing in secret, then by all means tell them... You have faith and nobody can take that away from you or rightly look down on you because of that. There may be a storm, but it will blow over in time. Keep in mind, however, that you may have to continue practicing in secret. If you're perfectly content (as I am) with the way things are now, then don't worry about it... although if you were content I doubt you'd be asking the question in the first place. :) You know your parents best, so however you feel that the situation should be handled is how it should be handled. Best of luck with whatever decision you make.

[Shanlia]: I've been into wicca for more then a year now, and from the very beginning, i started seeing things. It started with simple things, but now it really scares me, sometimes i even panic, and last time something happend (a few days ago) i almost took my own life becouse of the panic. I asked my friends for help, but they just turned their back to me, saying that i'm crazy. Who can help me?! Who has good advice for me?

[Fireblade K'Chona] Whoa, whoa, whoa. Calm down, all right? What have you seen? And do you know why?

[Shanlia]: Last time i saw 2 things,... i was staying at a friends home. We were in our beds, talking and stuff like that, and then i started seeing fire in the corner. My friend couldnt see it so i tried to ignore it. But after a while, the whole room burned and i could feel the heat of the flames, so panic came over me.
Will you believe me if i say worse things have happend?
No, i dont know why i see the things i see, if i only knew....

[Fireblade K'Chona] Huh. Do you know if there was a fire there in the past? The only thing I can come up with is that maybe you're seeing stuff that happened in the past as if it were happening to you.

...I would avoid former battlefields if this turns out to be the case. Gettysburg and such. And IF this is actually what is happening, don't go to the site of the Twin Towers. Anyone else have an idea?

[Shanlia] I dont know if there was a fire in the past, my friend doesnt know either. Maby your right about seeing the past, cuz i see my school as a castle. But,... how can i be sure about this?? 

[duckofdoom] I thought this might be the place to introduce myself. Well hello. I did realise elftown had such a large pagan base. I've been pagan for four years and follow a more eclectic wiccan path. Anyway, I'll see you all around soon.

[raiderxx] Welcome [duckofdoom]. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here. I probably wont respond as Im still learning, but Im sure someone can help.

Also, on another note, prehaps we should move all these conversations into another room, somewhat like the old wiccan room, so we have room for new conversations.

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2005-09-22 [Joey18]: i live in iowa have never seen a tornado yet and hope i never do although i have many stories about strong winds

2005-09-24 [Morbid Poet]: i live in alaska and never will see a tornado or huricane

2005-09-26 [*~`Lady of Avalon`~*]: I'd like to give a shout out to all my peeps on the gulf coast from florida to you we would like to give thanks to you for giveing us a break this year thanks

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2005-10-23 [Delladreing]: Spirit, Fire, Earth, Water Air, although I'm not uberly sure if that order is correct

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2005-10-31 [Melocrie]: ^^ Sahmain is the time when spirits fly, then they live and again they die *sings*

2005-11-01 [~Intoxicating~]: Yes it is and It is also odly enough the time i buried my beloved cat Maxx... hmmm.. he visits me still because of it.. lol Today I will call upon earth to give me strength and wisdom in my trials.

2006-05-10 [black roses*]: i was wondering if someone could help me.plz.

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2006-05-11 [Melocrie]: Yep south, guardian's name is Notos

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2006-07-31 [Melocrie]: Lughnassadh is coming ^_^ Happy harvest everyone!

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