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Always Show Class With That Sass

Created by [Cillamoon].
All art by [dancingsheep].


Brand New Theme!
Attention: Since there has been no interest in the level themes, we're going to reapproach this with a new theme. Hurray! Hope you all enjoy the inspirations you can get when you google 1930's Glamor (also spelled glamour) because that's our new theme. :) Happy photographing!

Current Deadline: 31st of October 2011

Deadline Extended until 31st of October 2011 due to theme change.


Closed Theme: FUN IN THE SUN!
Ladies: [Skydancer] with The Joy of Summer
Gentlemen: [Skydancer] with Fourth of July on the River (our only male entry)


Please read the following pages before submitting entries:

Expectations: Jury


Submission Pages:

The Smoking Parlor
For Male Model Entries ONLY.
The Powder Room
For Female Model Entries ONLY.


Theme Suggestions:
Apple Themes

Banner Pages:

Winner Archive:
wtaf winnerArc


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Kura's Color Contest
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2009-06-23 [Cillamoon]: That new border fits wonderfully!!!!

2009-06-23 [dancingsheep]: I like it. XD Sorry. My ideas take a while to form. Haha.

2009-06-23 [Skydancer]: Hmmmm Intriquing

2009-06-23 [Cillamoon]: No need to apologize, we're partners! It's called working off of each other love! OOOOO!!!! Marion! This is just your area too!!! Invite your friends!!!

2009-06-23 [dancingsheep]: Apparently, Cilla is excited. (If you could not tell.)

2009-06-23 [Cillamoon]: LOL ^_^ Yes, sorry. I'm quite thrilled with this one actually, and even more thrilled as it Jane & mine's brainchild! :D

2009-06-23 [Skydancer]: So these can be photographs of any person that you have photographed, that are nudes and are presented in the format specified?

2009-06-23 [Cillamoon]: As long as it is your own work, yes. But of course, I don't even need to say that! How dare I!

2009-06-23 [dancingsheep]: Om nom, we have not discussed this yet. HAH. Cilla, you get to choose this one. I'm working on the badges.

2009-06-23 [Akayume]: That makes life so much easier, since it can get quite difficult to photograph one's self..

2009-06-23 [Cillamoon]: Pffftttt you're talking to someone who photographs themself all the time!

2009-06-23 [Cillamoon]: Whhheee Badges! Btw Jane, I fixed the image sizing on Jury.

2009-06-23 [Akayume]: I do too, but full body? I don't have a tripod or a suitable table/surface.... my home is a photographers nightmare. X3

2009-06-23 [dancingsheep]: BAHHHHHHHH! Cilla, un problemo, the font that I used, I used at work, on my work computer. I have no idea what it was called, but I shall try to find it and DL it. If not, I can finish them tomorrow.

2009-06-23 [Cillamoon]: No worries! I was just thinking....two things. One, we need a deadline for this. Two, how about images for entry pages? I'll message you ideas on images and see what you think.

2009-06-23 [Skydancer]: nods, the point of course was that this does not necessarily mean self portrait though those are acceptable.

Akayume, may I suggest you try a bag of rice or beans as a support for your camera, it can allow you to tilt it a bit, but helps a lot to hold it steady on what ever surface you set it.

2009-06-23 [Akayume]: Ohhh.. I never thought of that actually! (: I shall try it in the near future. (: Merci beacoup!

2009-06-23 [Rainbow Dragonflies]: Quick question - the "Female/Male" sections - are those for the genders of the entrants or the gender of the models?

2009-06-23 [Cillamoon]: Genders of the models please.

2009-06-23 [playslashwrite]: Looks interesting as well! Hmmmmm!

2009-06-23 [AROCKY80]: damn i missed all the excitment. damn work. 

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