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Always Show Class With That Sass

Created by [Cillamoon].
All art by [dancingsheep].


Brand New Theme!
Attention: Since there has been no interest in the level themes, we're going to reapproach this with a new theme. Hurray! Hope you all enjoy the inspirations you can get when you google 1930's Glamor (also spelled glamour) because that's our new theme. :) Happy photographing!

Current Deadline: 31st of October 2011

Deadline Extended until 31st of October 2011 due to theme change.


Closed Theme: FUN IN THE SUN!
Ladies: [Skydancer] with The Joy of Summer
Gentlemen: [Skydancer] with Fourth of July on the River (our only male entry)


Please read the following pages before submitting entries:

Expectations: Jury


Submission Pages:

The Smoking Parlor
For Male Model Entries ONLY.
The Powder Room
For Female Model Entries ONLY.


Theme Suggestions:
Apple Themes

Banner Pages:

Winner Archive:
wtaf winnerArc


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2009-06-19 [Cillamoon]: Sweet!!!

2009-06-19 [dancingsheep]: XD It's coming along slowly, but I think I should have it finished in a couple hours.

2009-06-19 [Cillamoon]: Would you like me to do anything right now?

2009-06-19 [dancingsheep]: Come up with a brilliant name for the entry pages. Haha. I have to sign off for a bit. Then I shall be at home and prepared to work again. XD Text if you need me. :D

2009-06-19 [Cillamoon]: You got it love! I'll work on entry page names for guys & girls.

2009-06-19 [dancingsheep]: XD I LOVE it! Effing brilliant, Cilla!

2009-06-19 [Cillamoon]: ^_^ Lol! I thought you would like that! XD

2009-06-20 [dancingsheep]: I found it incredibly amusing.

2009-06-20 [Cillamoon]: And it suits the time period of pinup to, at least I think so. Hilarious isn't it? :D

2009-06-20 [dancingsheep]: Very! XD

2009-06-22 [Linderel]: *lurks*
Will you mind? :P

2009-06-22 [Cillamoon]: Mind if you lurk? Not at all!

2009-06-22 [Linderel]: :3 May I just nitpick a little bit... It's spelled 'explanation'. :)

2009-06-22 [dancingsheep]: You will not be impressed by the lack of substance, so far. Haha.

2009-06-22 [Nioniel]: Looks good so far!

2009-06-22 [Linderel]: I've been wondering about the name of this contest... is it perchance a biblical reference?

2009-06-22 [dancingsheep]: Indeed! XD We were attempting at creativity.

2009-06-22 [Linderel]: Whoo! *is good*

2009-06-22 [dancingsheep]: *highfives [Linderel]*

2009-06-23 [Akayume]: This appears pretty interesting. (:

2009-06-23 [Cillamoon]: ^_^ Care to enter?

2009-06-23 [Akayume]: I think I shall! :D

2009-06-23 [Cillamoon]: Whhhhhhhhheeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! And...YAY!

2009-06-23 [Akayume]: Ahahaha. X3 I'm always looking for good photography contests.

2009-06-23 [Cillamoon]: Yes well [dancingsheep] and I are really trying to grow the photography area here on ET, so it's great to have you around for sure!

2009-06-23 [Akayume]: Ahahaha, I'm glad to be of some use. :3

2009-06-23 [Cillamoon]: That new border fits wonderfully!!!!

2009-06-23 [dancingsheep]: I like it. XD Sorry. My ideas take a while to form. Haha.

2009-06-23 [Skydancer]: Hmmmm Intriquing

2009-06-23 [Cillamoon]: No need to apologize, we're partners! It's called working off of each other love! OOOOO!!!! Marion! This is just your area too!!! Invite your friends!!!

2009-06-23 [dancingsheep]: Apparently, Cilla is excited. (If you could not tell.)

2009-06-23 [Cillamoon]: LOL ^_^ Yes, sorry. I'm quite thrilled with this one actually, and even more thrilled as it Jane & mine's brainchild! :D

2009-06-23 [Skydancer]: So these can be photographs of any person that you have photographed, that are nudes and are presented in the format specified?

2009-06-23 [Cillamoon]: As long as it is your own work, yes. But of course, I don't even need to say that! How dare I!

2009-06-23 [dancingsheep]: Om nom, we have not discussed this yet. HAH. Cilla, you get to choose this one. I'm working on the badges.

2009-06-23 [Akayume]: That makes life so much easier, since it can get quite difficult to photograph one's self..

2009-06-23 [Cillamoon]: Pffftttt you're talking to someone who photographs themself all the time!

2009-06-23 [Cillamoon]: Whhheee Badges! Btw Jane, I fixed the image sizing on Jury.

2009-06-23 [Akayume]: I do too, but full body? I don't have a tripod or a suitable table/surface.... my home is a photographers nightmare. X3

2009-06-23 [dancingsheep]: BAHHHHHHHH! Cilla, un problemo, the font that I used, I used at work, on my work computer. I have no idea what it was called, but I shall try to find it and DL it. If not, I can finish them tomorrow.

2009-06-23 [Cillamoon]: No worries! I was just thinking....two things. One, we need a deadline for this. Two, how about images for entry pages? I'll message you ideas on images and see what you think.

2009-06-23 [Skydancer]: nods, the point of course was that this does not necessarily mean self portrait though those are acceptable.

Akayume, may I suggest you try a bag of rice or beans as a support for your camera, it can allow you to tilt it a bit, but helps a lot to hold it steady on what ever surface you set it.

2009-06-23 [Akayume]: Ohhh.. I never thought of that actually! (: I shall try it in the near future. (: Merci beacoup!

2009-06-23 [Rainbow Dragonflies]: Quick question - the "Female/Male" sections - are those for the genders of the entrants or the gender of the models?

2009-06-23 [Cillamoon]: Genders of the models please.

2009-06-23 [playslashwrite]: Looks interesting as well! Hmmmmm!

2009-06-23 [AROCKY80]: damn i missed all the excitment. damn work. 

2009-06-23 [playslashwrite]: Wait, I have to shoot my lovely arse OFF?! *cringes* o.O

2009-06-23 [Linderel]: Your brainchild? That's a familiar term. xD

2009-06-23 [jaraden]: indeed, this looks terribly interesting!!!

2009-06-23 [▲.]: Ah, I've been looking at this for a while now, but wasn't sure how to participate. Photography is hard for me at the moment. :/

2009-06-23 [playslashwrite]: Oh wait, because I read the descriptions when this wiki wasn't completely done yet, I actually got the theme completely figured wrong XD I thought this would actually be sort of a pinup contest, like themed in the 50's or something. The title didn't make a lot of sense to me until a few minutes ago XD All good now, though XD

2009-06-23 [Cillamoon]: Well it is really. It's a 50's pinup themed contest AND a nude pinup themed contest. So you can do both or just one of the two themes. 

2009-06-23 [▲.]: 50's pinup would be so fun!

2009-06-23 [playslashwrite]: okay... congratulations, you managed confuse me again XD

But I think I do get it now XD

2009-06-23 [Cillamoon]: I made a secondary note on the Expectations page so hopefully it's a bit clearer now. :) Sorry I confused ya!

2009-06-23 [playslashwrite]: It be okay! I feel fully informed now ^^

2009-06-23 [moira hawthorne]:
The Smoking Parlor
For Male Entries ONLY.

The Powder Room
For Female Entries ONLY.

you may wish to change entries to subject/model... as entries sounds like the submitting artists gender not the images gender

2009-06-23 [playslashwrite]: Ehr, no it doesn't? What good would it do to make entry categories for the person who takes the picture? -_-

2009-06-23 [Cillamoon]: Now now children, I see that I have not made things clear enough. Let's not fight, I will just clarify it a bit more. Thank you Moira for pointing out that it could be a bit confusing. :)

2009-06-23 [Linderel]: *rifles through her photoshoots*

2009-06-23 [Akayume]: I missed a lot... X3

2009-06-23 [dancingsheep]: Goodness! This wiki has been active today. :O And yes Lin, I stole the term brainchild. XD

2009-06-23 [Linderel]: You little thief :P

2009-06-23 [dancingsheep]: Shall I put the trademark sign next to it? :P

2009-06-23 [Linderel]: Hahahahaha xD No need xD

2009-06-23 [dancingsheep]: Oh darn. I actually thought it might look cool. :P

2009-06-23 [Linderel]: :P

2009-06-23 [Akayume]: So we can do a 50's style pin up then?

2009-06-23 [Cillamoon]: Yes you may!

2009-06-23 [Akayume]: All right, awesome! :D I think I shall do that then! (((;

2009-06-23 [Cillamoon]: wooohooo!!!!

2009-06-24 [AROCKY80]: Seconds that

2009-06-24 [anaiya]: And posted!

2009-06-24 [Skydancer]: Brilliant, its lovely to see folk participating.

2009-06-25 [Captain Rachel Black]: oooooh! glad I stalked your page [Cillamoon] and found this link XD

2009-06-25 [Cillamoon]: I love to find out how many stalkers I have. ^_^ Glad you found the link! :)

2009-06-25 [Mordigen]: aawww, man, another good photo contest I can't friggen enter because of my lack of camera!! *CRIES*

2009-06-25 [Skydancer]: We have got to figure out a way to get you a camera Mordigen, thats all there is to it... hmmmm..... thinks...

2009-06-25 [dancingsheep]: I agree! By the by, the banners for the rest of the pages should be up, soon. <3

2009-06-25 [Skydancer]: Will volunteer stuff to donate to be sold to get her a cam if we can get something going. :)

2009-06-25 [dancingsheep]: Awww! I will so pawn a guitar or two. Or maybe an old gaming system. Or, maybe my soul...

2009-06-25 [Skydancer]: I could use a guitar for a prop. :) I know I have stuff here I could put up for auction.

2009-06-25 [Project Elysium]: If she has paypal or someone gets donations going I'll throw in 20 bucks or so

2009-06-26 [moira hawthorne]: I made myself a guitar for Aodh cosplay

2009-06-26 [playslashwrite]: nice work on the banners! they look tres cool!

2009-06-26 [dancingsheep]: Thank you! XD I am attempting to get this completed before too many people enter.

2009-06-26 [Captain Rachel Black]: The banners are fanfloggin'tastic

2009-06-26 [dancingsheep]: XD Thanks a ton, Darling. <3

2009-06-26 [Cillamoon]: Geez! Turn my back for an hour and look how much I missed! The banners look fabulous darling! Truly, I adore them!!!!

2009-06-26 [dancingsheep]: Fantastic! XD

2009-06-27 [moira hawthorne]: yes you really fancied the wikis up!

2009-08-14 [Veltzeh]: No submission page for androgynes? D: (Well, not that I'd take part anyway, but... yeah, had to mention. :P)

2009-08-25 [dancingsheep]: Anyone who has participated: Do expect a message in your inbox, today, from me, regarding the matter of people posting nasty comments on others' work and not allowing the judges to decide what is to allowed.

2009-08-26 [Akayume]: o_____o

2009-08-27 [▲.]: So what happened here, exactly?

2009-08-27 [Captain Rachel Black]: Hey Cilla or Sheepy, you should add your Of Saints & Sinners to the realated links ^^

2009-08-27 [Cillamoon]: Ooooo nice! And I just thought of a couple more places to put it! *dashes off*

2009-09-04 [playslashwrite]: I'm wondering what the deadline for this contest is actually; I couldn't find it (or I may have overlooked it) by browsing through the rules and expectation wiki..

2009-09-04 [Cillamoon]: Well I thought it was on the Expectations page, but apparently it has gone missing!! x.x

September 26th, 2009 is the currently deadline.

2009-09-06 [playslashwrite]: Squee! Then there is still tiiiiime!p

2009-09-06 [Cillamoon]: Buhahahahaha!!! Yes there is my friend! <img:stuff/yurispirateemotionarr.png>

2009-09-06 [playslashwrite]: should poke saray and find some time to do this!

2009-09-06 [moira hawthorne]: that would be awesome your and saray's art is topnock

2009-09-22 [Cillamoon]: Guys, final deadline is this Saturday, this is your last chance to submit any entries if you are planning to do so! Thank you!

2009-10-19 [Cillamoon]: Congratulations to all Winners!!! ^_^

2009-10-19 [AROCKY80]: Yeahhhhh winners. Congrates

2009-10-20 [dancingsheep]: Congrats, everyone!

2009-10-20 [moira hawthorne]: too bad there was only 3 enterys for the men...

2009-10-20 [dancingsheep]: Hopefully, next round, there will be more.

2009-10-20 [Skydancer]: I will try to poke some of my friends to get involved.

2009-10-20 [Cillamoon]: You rock Marion!

2009-10-22 [anaiya]: Ooooh Looks like I did good!

2009-10-22 [dancingsheep]: Very! :]

2009-11-15 [Skydancer]: Pokes lightly and offers wine, perhaps we can discuss another round?

2009-11-16 [dancingsheep]: Oh yes! Very soon!

2009-11-16 [anaiya]: I'm in.

2010-01-19 [dancingsheep]: Beautifully done, lovely.

2010-01-19 [Cillamoon]: Thank you darling!

So attention everyone!!! There's a new round, new theme all ready to go! New graphics possibly to come to fit the theme as well. Hope to see your entries soon! ^_^

2010-01-19 [Skydancer]: Hmmmm. Going to require some thinking on this...

2010-01-19 [Cillamoon]: Yes, well I'm hoping that we've given everyone enough time. It's like, what a month away? Less than that!

2010-08-03 [Akayume]: Will this ever be revived? :(

2010-08-04 [Cillamoon]: Yes, it just seems there is no one really participating in contests on ET right now. That and I just haven't the time to work on the contests right now that I am doing it by myself currently. Any suggestions for a theme though? Anyone?

2010-08-04 [Akayume]: Hmmm... Well, I think it should be beach themed! Since it's summer and there are tons of cute vintage/sexy/pin-up-esque swimsuits out there. :D

2010-08-04 [Akayume]: Or even beach dresses...

2010-08-04 [Cillamoon]: Sounds like a good idea...... :) I shall see what I can do to get things in the works for a summer theme.

2010-08-04 [Akayume]: Yay! :D :D :D

2010-08-04 [Skydancer]: That would be lovely, the cupid thing just does not work well for me. :D

2010-08-05 [Cillamoon]: Hey no worries, now it's just about me finding the time to update everything and get it going again....not to mention advertising X_X

2010-08-05 [Akayume]: Yay! :D... This gives me an excuse to get a new swimsuit. X3

2010-08-11 [Cillamoon]: New theme and deadline announced today!

2011-06-02 [Cillamoon]: Winners announced. I truly apologize for the horribly long wait. :(

2011-06-02 [Cillamoon]: Congrats btw to [Skydancer]!

2011-06-02 [Nioniel]: *claps for [Skydancer]* :D

2011-06-02 [Skydancer]: Aw,well thanks though I would have much enjoyed seeing many other entries.

2011-06-02 [Cillamoon]: As would I, but here's hoping the next round shall be better.

2011-06-03 [Skydancer]: hmmm now I have to figure out how to interpret this new theme. :)

2011-06-03 [moira hawthorne]: Im not sure how to interruptive the levels...
Basic Level: Innocently Happy
Moderate Level: Clean Cut
High Level: 1920's Vogue
are we suppose to grade our skill level as a artist/photographer and do the theme we think is our skill level?

2011-06-03 [Cillamoon]: I wouldn't say you have to grade your skill level, rather just there are three options for you to choose from to enter. We wanted to give contestants more of a choice of what they would like to do, broaden horizons a bit.

2011-06-03 [moira hawthorne]: but you are saying that Innocently Happy isnt as difficult a theme to express as Clean Cut which in turn isnt as difficult a theme to express as 1920's Vogue???

2011-06-03 [Skydancer]: I can see innocently happy, just a nude playing in a field, Clean cut is a little harder for me to figure out.... maybe taking a bath?? certainly a more difficult image to set up. the 20's vogue has me stumped though... chuckle... for now.

2011-06-03 [Nioniel]: @Moira; yes, it's supposed to get progressively harder. That way
a) people who don't have access to certain things that would fit a more difficult theme and still compete and
b) people who want more of a challenge will have to work a little bit to come up with something to fit the theme. :)

It's very much like the Keyword Photography Competition. :)

2011-06-03 [Cillamoon]: @Sky: I agree on innocently happy. Clean cut I would do a woman in the state of undressing from a stylish tuxedo possibly. Like Victor Victoria a bit.

2011-06-03 [Skydancer]: ah, so quite a bit of set up for the second level then... Might have to build a speakeasy for the third level. :D

2011-10-05 [Mortified Penguin]: This wiki isn't about Newton's head...


2011-10-05 [Cillamoon]: Lol!

2011-10-24 [Cillamoon]: For all you watchers out there, this round of the contest will be closing next week so please get your submissions in while you can, thank you!

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