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2009-09-19 14:05:19
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Where Have All The Bubbles Gone?

The second short story by [Nioniel]

The tub is nearly full when the woman turns the squeaking knobs to the ‘off’ position. She gingerly steps in, welcoming the almost-unbearable warmth that envelops her as her body slips beneath the surface. She notes the soap-scum stain that winds its way around her on the cracked porcelain, shrugs it off as one more thing she won’t get around to cleaning. Nails scratch noisily at the faded oak door that locks her away from the rest of the world. A low whimper echoes in the hall outside; that fucking beagle her parents got her two months ago. Ha!, as though that would make things any easier. It was wishful thinking on their part, assuming that a puppy would bring her any joy. The damn thing never shuts up, his mournful, baying cry just another reason she doesn’t step out of the tub.

Her lips are dry and so she slowly reaches to grasp the dark brown bottle that she had set beside her on the floor. A deep drink of stinging, amber fluid washes the dryness from her mouth as well as the chalky taste, unfamiliar to those who have never taken as many pills as she just did. The burning in her throat slowly dissipates and calm resolve takes its place. All she hears now is water, water lapping at her pale skin. Skin that no one wants. Skin with too many scars. It's too quiet now. The dog must have given up on its attempts to woo her from the bathroom. Fucking dog.

She wonders what the time is, knows it doesn’t matter.

The room seems darker now. It’s probably her vision; it does seem to be blackening.

She should have turned on the lights.

Should have cleaned the tub.

Her head slips beneath the water.

It is all dark.

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2009-09-19 [Linderel]: Wonderfully depressing. Nice.

2009-09-19 [Nioniel]: Thank you!

2009-09-19 [W.L.]: Is this the finished product or the beginning of a larger piece? I'll give you feedback privately!

Love you!

2009-09-19 [Nioniel]: This is it for now, it may eventually develop into something more.

2009-09-25 [Skydancer]: Quite well done, full of impact and mood in such a short piece.

2009-09-25 [Nioniel]: Thank you!!!


2010-12-15 [Linderel]: Featured Story. :)

2010-12-16 [Nioniel]: Yay!

2010-12-19 [*Leric*]: good :)

2010-12-20 [Nioniel]: Thank you. :)

2011-01-14 [SoulWitch]: I love this.

2011-01-14 [Nioniel]: Thanks!

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