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When Graveyards Yawn by G. Wells Taylor review

Another Kindle freebie.

The teaser for the book had so much going for it. People rated and reviewed it positively. It had a detective who dressed like a clown as the main character, the dead had all come back to life and it was all written in a very film noir way. A film noir, post-apocalyptic detective. Oh, and possession! The story was told through the point-of-view of a disembodied spirit to took over the body of the clown detective, and that's who actually solved the cases. It sounded awesome!

I should have enjoyed this book, but I just didn't. It seemed like an absolute chore to pick it up each time and get back into the story, and I really am not sure why I didn't like it. Part of the problem was that everything seemed to drag on forever. There were actually a couple of vignettes (er... separate detective cases) that all lead to the big picture, and the story in and of itself wasn't so bad, but... yikes, it was just kind of a dud!

/ [Ms. Steel]

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