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2007-01-02 06:03:06
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By [Dinaer]. Art winner of the first round: What if there were modern vampires?

He kissed her all around and at last he moved up to her neck.
-Hmm, sorry love... this will leave a mark...

By [iippo]. Winner of the first round of stories: What if there were modern vampires?

Since RiverStar is not going to be on as much she has given her permission for [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós] and [iippo] to continue with the contest. She wishes all contestants the best of luck

This is a contest for all members of elftown whether they are authors with that special gift or wordiness or artists with a special touch with shades and colours or just someone who wishes to try their hand at such! A new round begins every month and the entries are judged by a team of qualified judges.

Current round:
Idea Starter: What if all your characters became real?
Deadline: ?, 2007

Entries: Entry11
For more details see the respective contest links below.

Authors check out this part of the contest: What if...Stories

Artists check out this part of the contest: What if...Art

Come see the judges at this place: What if...Judges

Tell us who you think is the most creative: What If... Voting

Give us ideas for more contests: What If... Ideas

I hope you enjoy this and I look forward to reading and viewing all submissions!!!!

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2006-08-03 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: Oh thanks!

2006-08-03 [Linderel]: :P No, really, I should try and participate sometime... I've been stalking for who knows how long but I never actually do anything. :P

2006-08-04 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: You should.... I'll be getting a new prompt up shortly... and we are thinking of extending the time limit...

2006-10-17 [xX ~ metalchik4u420 ~ Xx]: What if the world was born with naturally guys liking guys and girls liking girls... and then the opposites atracted became the minority? just a question lol

2006-10-22 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: If you want it to be done put it on the suggestion list.... but I've not had much time of late...

2006-11-27 [Linderel]: And so it died, once again... I'd be willing to help out if you want to get this up and going.

2006-11-29 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: That would be wonderful. I find I've gotten as Busy as Riva....

2006-11-29 [Linderel]: Life tends to get in the way sometimes. :P

2006-11-29 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: Yeah...... It sux.....

2006-11-29 [Linderel]: So, what would we need to get this rolling? A new theme and some participants, mainly?

2006-11-29 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: Probably, and some advertising... we had very few entrants last round.....

2006-11-29 [Linderel]: Mkay. Was there something about extending the deadline? Oh, and should you invite me to the forum?

2006-12-01 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: yeah... Let's see if I can remember....

2006-12-28 [Linderel]: I had an idea for the next theme. 'What if all your characters became real?' What do you think, is it worth a shot?

2007-01-01 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: I certainly do :D

2007-01-01 [Linderel]: Yay. :D

2007-01-02 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: And I changed which forum it's on, so you should be able to edit it now. :D

2007-01-02 [Linderel]: Okies. ^_^

2007-01-13 [tigerwitch]: curious why is there an idea page if we don't use any of the ideas that are there, just wondering, I ask because Linderel's idea wasn't on the page, I checked...

2007-01-13 [Linderel]: We may use the ideas on the page, or we may come up with our own. :) This time around, it was the latter.

2007-01-22 [tigerwitch]: gotcha

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