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2015-09-01 20:48:30
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This is a creative writing story I wrote for English class in my senior year, the words in bold is the part my teacher wrote to start the story off, the word not in bold is what I wrote.

I simply cannot believe the mess I have gotten myself into! All I was asked to do was watch my little sister and her friend while my mom went grocery shopping. Now I am standing on a patch of dirt that my house once sat on! What's worse, how can I possibly explain to my mom why my sister and her friend are toothless!

It all started well. My sister and her friend were playing computer games and munching on chips while I sat on the couch catching up on a recorded episode pf American Idol. The next thing I remember was the doorbell ringing and Lisa, my little sister, answering the door.

My little sister called me to the door, when I got there I saw a little old lady wearing a hot pink dress standing there with a little girl that had brown hair and she was wearing dark blue jeans and a plain black shirt.

"May I help you?" I asked politely, the little old lady just smiled.

"I'm sorry to bother you, but may I use your phone? My phone is broken." I thought it was strange and my gut was telling me not to let her in, but I went against my gut and stood aside to let her in and my little sister showed her to the phone.

"You can come in too." I said as I noticed that the little girl did not come in with the old lady, she just looked at me, bowed and entered which I thought was just as strange.

The little girl joined my sister and her friend while I returned to the couch and resumed watching more of the show, it hadn't even been ten minutes when I heard shouting, a loud bang and then crying. I jumped from the couch and hurried to the source where I saw my little sister on the floor, she was toothless and had a bloody nose.

"What on earth is going on?!" I shouted as I pulled my little sister's friend and the little girl, who were fighting, apart.

"We were playing a game and the new girl wanted to play too, so we told her we would after one of us died, but she got mad and said 'No I want to play now!' Then she hit Lisa's head hard against the desk and knocked all her teeth out." My sister's friend explained, I was amazed I could understand her since all of her teeth were missing too.

"You should be patient, it's wrong to hit and hurt others." I said as I turned to the little girl who was just standing there with an emotionless expression.

It was at this moment I began to wonder what the little old lady was doing because she had been gone for awhile, so I took the little girl's hand and went to find her. My little sister and her friend followed after me, my little sister with tissue stuffed up her nose.

The little old lady wasn't by the phone, we found her in the backyard, she was looking at the house, she then took one look at my sister and her friend and rounded on the little girl.

"Sarah, I thought I told you not to fight with people!" The old lady said sternly, the girl walked over to the old lady with the same emotionless expression.

"I think this one is good." The old lady said as the girl looked at the house and nodded, she took a remote from her pocket and pushed a red button on it.

There was a loud boom and all of a sudden a huge robot appeared, picked up the house without it falling apart and ran off with it. I was in total shock as I turned around to look at the old lady and little girl, but they were gone.

I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming, but apparently I wasn't, I guess I should have listened to my gut because then I wouldn't be in this situation.

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2015-09-01 [ancienteye]: Not a dream? O.O

2015-09-01 [~Crimson Angel~]: Nope. lol

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