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2007-01-15 21:31:39
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What If... Ideas

Tell us what you think should be next.
Please don't delete anyone's suggestions!

name: idea

[deus-ex-machina]: 'What if... you put forward your worst secret to the world accidentally and had to cope with the resulting stigma for the rest of your life?'
'What if... you ended up being old... and someone gave you a puppy yet you were stress incontinent with degrees of senility?'

[Chrilith of Akhai]: What if the world was hollow?

[-Shadow-Nell-]: What if our thoughts were constantly scrolling across our foreheads?
What if things were backwards and the sky was filled with sea and the sea was filled with sky? Gives flying fish a whole new meaning, doesn't it?
What if to do any form of art or writing was against the law?/'What would you write or draw if to do so was against law?'
What if our feelings could physically trasform the world around us?
What if your shadow had a mind of it's own?
What if the world was completely made up of bridges?

What if everyone could be any game character they wanted?
What if gravity didn't exist?
What if Cloud had never existed in Final Fantasy Advent Children?
What if everyone looked alike?
What if humans evolved again?
What if koalas took over the world and became our masters?
What if superheroes suddenly lost their powers?
What if angels and demons came to live on earth alongside humans?
What if vampires took over the world?
What if you could create the ultimate animal by using parts of other ones?
What if everyone had the same amount of money all over the world?

[xX ~ metalchik4u420 ~ Xx]:
what if you were forced to act out your feelings?
what if marijuana was legal?
what if there was no such thing as technology?

[Lady of Lore]
What if fairys got drunk?
What if animals could cross breed with one another?
What if magic manifested itself in its users physically, like a deformity or the like?
What if the sun never went down?
What if mermaids are living amoung us?
What if gnomes are living amoung us?

What if your computer lied to you?
What if someone bought you?

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2006-05-05 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: There are some funny ideas

2006-05-08 [Lady of Lore]: I'm actually goign to have a contest soon on the fairys at a party ^^ at my wiki The Art Store

2006-05-09 [Lady Edana-Arianrhod Rós]: SOunds fun

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