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An Elftown Fantasy Wiki!

Affiliated with: Elftown_Welcoming-Committee

Welcome to Elftown's Welcoming Committee's Personnel!

Welcome to the main wiki-page in regards to the Elftown members whom are actively participating in
the functionality, operation, and maintenance of the Elftown_Welcoming-Committee with the goal
in mind being welcoming new members as they join Elftown.

Any Elftown member interested in:
~ helping with the maintenance and operation involved with this project:
   Please see: Welcoming-Committee_Sign-up.

~ submitting their works to be used as part of the Welcoming_Guestbook-Messages,
   Please see: Welcoming_GBM-Submissions.

~ becoming one of the active Welcoming_Members,
   Please see: Welcoming-Committee_Sign-up.

NOTE: Badges for the various roles involved shall be available soon.


Elftown's Welcoming Committee Administration:


~ Founder ~
Oversees the
entire project;
Responsible for
designing and
launching this


~position open~
Works with the
Headmaster in
overseeing the
project; helps
in whatever
area needed.


~position open~
Oversees the
and upkeep) of
the wiki-pages
involved with
this project.


~position open~
Oversees the
aspect; helps
maintain a


Elftown's Welcoming Committee Personnel Index:

All of the "fine folks", the finest, involved with the successful operation of this project are...
~ The artists of the accepted welcoming images.
~ The welcomers whom are actively welcoming new Elftown members.
~ The wiki maintainers of the Elftown_Welcoming-Committee project.

~ AND ~
Welcoming_Crew_Retired ~ Formerly active, still appreciated, retired personnel, except artists are not retired.


                  Affiliated Elftown_Welcoming-Committee Links:                  

  <img:> ~ Welcomed_Members
  <img:> ~ Welcoming_Chat-Wiki
  <img:> ~ Welcoming-Committee_Discussion
    <img:> ~ Welcoming-Committee_Personnel*
<img:> ~ Welcoming-Committee_Sign-up
<img:> ~ Welcoming_Guestbook-Messages

* = This page.

                                       Affiliated Sub-links:                                       

  <img:> ~ Welcoming_Artists
  <img:> ~ Welcoming_Crew_Retired
           <img:> ~ Welcoming_Members
<img:> ~ Welcoming_Wiki-Wizardry


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