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The weekend 2009-05-23 and 2009-05-24.


Stora Torget in Linköping.
Stora Torget in Linköping.
Piratepartiet - The Swedish Pirate party is having a tent to hand out information for the EU-election.
Creideiki, Mattias ?
Some guys were having a bachelor party...
And they also had a pirate theme, just like our party!
So we helped them out. They'll put that guy in the sea for some reason...
Shiver me timbers!
Into the water!
And there comes the poor sumo-guy! No more single life for him soon!
At LinCon. Lilith.
LEGO games


We were playing Munchkin_(card_game) 2 times, which I won. And then a turn of Settlers, which, of course, I won too.

Josefin and Nisse
Ice cream and very fancy glasses.
Petter and Hanna.
Fancy tea glasses.
Settlers after that I won it.

/ [Hedda]

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2009-05-25 MickMack: Haha just love the look in Nisse and Josefin's eyes. Especially Nisses look that seems to say: "Nisse is not quite here for the moment please try again later"

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