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[Wednesday] for Guard




What I have done so far

I have been an Elftown member since 2004 and have to say that I spend allot of time on Elftown every day.
I have worked as a crew member on WritersCo for some time – They let me go as they had too many crew members.
I have not created any competitions yet, but are competing in them: Fantasy Writing Contest , Sci-Fi Writing Contest and Short Story Duelists
The wiki’s that I have created for the rest of Elftown are:The magic scrolls Role play (now closed) and Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit for more info on the topic.
English is my second language, Afrikaans is my first. I have to say my English is pretty good in writing and speaking.
I love to read and write, therefore I’m a Elftown writer. You might find some of my writing drifting around Elftown!

My Goals

Ideally I would like to apply for Guard duty on Elftown, but as I have handled other crew work on WritersCo so I won’t say no to other crew jobs.
I know all the rules and would be happy to help the Elftown community when they are in need of it. I’m also well acquainted with the forums, posts and wiki pages.

For how long?

I have my own internet connection available to me 24/7 plus my very own laptop. I would never leave Elftown, so when & if I get this opportunity you can be reassured that I wont just disappear! I’m way too addicted to this place to leave!

Closing Statement

Im a very happy and bubbly person, always up for new challenges and never afraid to learn new things! I know I can do Elftown proud!
For more questions, feel free to bug me and ask!

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