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Weather Creatures Contest Entries!

Here, you can place your entries!

This contest is closed!


1. "Storm" - [Zab]
Well, do I need to say it? This is Storm, the creature of storms. He makes the thunder when he's chasing the lightning on the clouds, and he's the one shaking the rain from the clouds when he run on them.


2. "Hound of the dry, hot weather" - [iippo]
He runs before the sunlight, licking up any moisture in the ground and the air, leaving a dusty trail where ever he has been.


3. Removed for not fitting the theme.

4. "Frightened by the F-1" - [Paul Doyle]
One of the first pictures I did since 1991, done in July 2003. This old pic is fodder for a future novel illustration, which I was nowhere near ready to draw yet, when I drew this. In the novel, it's Jul'eweisa---the mate of Jak'edrac, who is this dragon--- with several visibly agitated humans on her back, flying at an interesting, forced-perspective angle toward a much stronger, much more realistic-looking tornado. I simply did not have the skills at the time, and I'm still not ready to draw it, even though I've gotten a little better since 2003. If time permits (not likely, to be frank) I'll get that novel illustration done, and replace this (bad) doodle with that.

Anyway, I hope it's OK to enter . . . if not, I will take it down, no questions asked.


5. "Rainwolves" ~ [Zab]
These are two waterwolves, or rainwolves. They live deep in the sea or in deep lakes and only comes out when it rains during fullmoon. It's the light that calls for them, but they need to stay wet or else they will die. It has happened that a wolf gotten found of a tamed dog, and it always end with the dog drowning.

6. "snow faerie" ~ [Lexi. Short and Sweet!]
Well it's a faerie who appears when it snows.. ahh now i look at it it's really crap compared to the other entries.. YES.. the big toe IS on the wrong side of the foot.. funny story that... =D and i forgot wings but there is also a story behind that.. You see.. there was a bird.. okay maybe not! XD

7. "why tornados always have a woman's name" ~ [Elmiira]


8. "Ice Demon" [Yuichi♥] (Getting my scanner fixed)


9. "Cyclone" [Fox_Child] Demon lurking beneath the waves, ready to send you swirling to the deep dark depth at the sign of a storm.


10. "Blitzen" [Beki in Wonderland] The weirdo who comes out during storms to play with the lightning XD


11. "Snow Ponies" [Beki in Wonderland] Uuh, it's quite big o__O


12. "Propeller Butt...I mean Cyclone #2" [Fox_Child] Same guy as before, just Cg'd


13. "Tor Mighty God of Thunder" - [Aiah]
Always loved the idea of him riding among the clouds...:D (Scandinavian Mythologi)

14. "Ida" [Kuruni]

15. "Seduced by the Storm" [Captain Thorne]
Sometimes, the weather can be a creature unto itself


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2006-11-07 [Titanium Tiger]: can i still be a judge because I dont think I could compete!!^^

2006-11-07 [Lexi. Short and Sweet!]: meh it proberly is a ram i just thought yak for some reason..

2006-11-07 [Atayemi]: A judge? =/ Sorry, you can't since it's my contest and I pick an entry I like the most. But you can still vote for your favourtie one. :)// Haha, I love it! It's well thought up! Great [Aiah]! No harm done. ;)

2006-11-07 [Titanium Tiger]: oh maybe I was thinking of a different contest!!

2006-11-07 [Atayemi]: XD Haha okay.

2006-11-07 [Titanium Tiger]: ^^ nice entries here tho!! Im going to stop watching thi wiki but good luck to all of you who entered!!

2006-11-07 [Atayemi]: Hehe, alright. Thanks for looking. ;)

2006-11-07 [Atayemi]: One day left! I'll close the contest tomorrow at around 8:00pm. I would close it later, but I don't know what time I will be on tomorrow. So I apologize for any inconvinience! Thank you!

2006-11-07 [Kyrinn]: Poo.. I wont have time to enter..

2006-11-07 [Atayemi]: Awww..sorry. :(

2006-11-07 [Kyrinn]: Naw its ok. My muses are being occupied by another of my characters as it is. Ill have to keep an eye out for the next one of your contests though. :D

2006-11-07 [Atayemi]: Ah great! I'll probably have some more contests in the near future. Thanks for taking a look, though! I appreicate it! I wasn't expecting so many people to look into this contest. I look forward to seeing your entries in my contests if I have any. ;)

2006-11-07 [Beki in Wonderland]: you must have more contests, Atay! They inspire me to draw strange things o__O

2006-11-07 [Atayemi]: XD Okay Beki! :P

2006-11-08 [Atayemi]: My apologies, I have to close the contest now at 2:00pm. I am very ill at the moment, and I won't be able to close the contest at 8:00pm. I apologise again for any inconvenience and thank you all for entering! :)

2006-11-09 [Yuichi♥]: **Sighs** I didnt get to redo my drawing, but thats okay ^.^

2006-11-09 [Atayemi]: It's fine. ;)

2006-11-09 [Yuichi♥]: Yea, I have been busy.. (More like lazy :p ) but yeah.. I have been drawing and painting other things.. and my scanner still dosnt like me and we moved and ... ect...ect...ect >.<

2006-11-09 [Atayemi]: Ouchie. XD Oh well, it's up now. All in the clear! :D

2006-11-09 [Yuichi♥]: Im trying to find other contests to join in.. but theres none really so im just going to draw my own stuff for now..

2006-11-09 [Atayemi]: Hehe, alright. :P
Keep checking on Mainstreet or on MC. ;)

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