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Welcome to the next official Elftown Photograph Competition!! Finally, a contest for all you shutterbugs out there - and no drawings allowed!! Get your cameras, lenses, film and tripods ready folks because this one is for you!

Winners: Elftown Photograph Competition
- Fantastic Waters -

<news:[ET Photograph Competition@wiki] Winners!>

By [Ocean Soul]

By [Elmiira]
By [Truth . Beauty . Love]

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Water Photos, page 1
Water Photos, page 2
Water Photos, page 3


Thank you to all that contributed!


Theme: Fantastic Waters...

Like all the great contests here, this one has a particular theme so no posting photos of your great Aunt Ethel or the neighbour's dog. This time around we want to see MORE CREATIVITY! And we are going to be a lot more picky about what we want to see in the entries.

Water, water everywhere... ok, since the public has spoken, our next theme will be be based on water. HOWEVER, we are not looking for photos of just pretty lakes or waterfalls. We want to see your photos of the homes of water type fantasy creatures: mermaids, fairies and water elementals. NO the creatures don't have to be in the image but we do want YOU to explain what creature you think lives there and why.


1. NO STEALING PHOTOS! Photographs must be taken by Elftowners and posted here by the original photographer. Which means, no matter how much you might like a particular image on somebody's house, you are not allowed to add it here. This includes random images from the net too. TAKE YOUR OWN DARN PHOTOS DON'T STEAL THEM AND TRY TO CLAIM THEM AS YOUR OWN! That makes me angry, very angry indeed.

2. JUST ONE ENTRY THIS TIME. Sorry guys, just one entry this time around. You only get one chance at this one folks let's make it count!! Please put forth your best effort and the best quality, i.e. no coffe stained, faded Kodachrome photos from the 1960's. Any such entry will be removed. Please keep in mind that it is possible that a photograph has the same title as another one. This is not against the rules as long as the photographers' names are clear.

3. NO PHOTOMANIPS! Sorry... While this is a photograph based competition, we will not be accepting photomanipulations for this particular contest. We want to see your photos of what best depicts the homes of water loving fantasy creatures, not the creatures themselves.

4. READ THE THEME! If you stick up a photo just because this is a photo competition, your entry will be removed without warning. ANYTHING THAT DOES NOT MEET THE THEME WILL BE REMOVED.

5. EXPLANATIONS ARE REQUIRED! We want to know why you think your photo is a good example of a fantasy creature's home as well as what lives there. Not only that but when and where the photo was taken is required as well.

6. SIZE LIMITATION: Since the chosen images will be featured on Main Street, all will be displayed at a maximum width of 300 pixels. If you would like to post the photo at the original size that's fine but please thumbnail it or ask someone to thumbnail it for you.

7. ALL IMAGES MUST BE UPLOADED TO ELFTOWN! Ask [Sunrose] for wiki-privs if you don't have them already: members who follow the uploading art rules and thus are not troublemakers, will be granted these privs. See advanced help for more information about privs.

8. SUBJECT MATTER: Since the winners will be featured on Mainstreet, images that depict graphic violence, pornography or other disturbing actions will not be accepted. Only photographs that fit the current theme will be allowed.

What will we be expecting? Creativity and lots of water environments perfect for all our water loving fantasy creatures.


November 01, 2005

How to post it here:
Add your image after the last one that has been already posted. Don't forget to write its title and your user name. For example:

1. "Title" - [insert user name]
Image goes here
"Explanation, Date & Location"

Two Photographs will be chosen by the Council and the Assembly among all those presented.
The winners will receive the colored badge and the participants will receive the green version of it:

<img:img/new/shutterbug1.gif> <img:img/new/shutterbug2.gif>




1. Mysterious Lake By [BlackDragon]


I believe that a sea creature lives here, like Nessie, a bit more dragon like though. The lake may not seem to look so big, but it is very deep, perfect for all kinds of sea creatures. Many years ago there was a thief who stole some very expensive chandeliers and threw them into the lake just about when he was to be caught by the police. Yet today no one has found them. Maybe the sea creature is guarding them, letting no one take way his precious treasure. And sometimes at night, you may see a waterspirit called 'Näcken' sitting there, playing on the violin, trying to lure a person to come and follow him into the dark water..

Lakes name Näknen Photo taken: 4th June 2005

2.Magic Waterfalls by [Shiorysm]


I think that mermaids live in this waterfalls. this falls are always covered by mist so is the perfect place for a magical creature to live. the people may enter to the falls but the mist won't let anyone see the mermaids. also, everyday of the year this waterfalls have the rainbow, making this place perfect for magic.

Photo taken on: 27 of july, 2005. Place: Igazu Falls, Argentina

3. Lilypads by [stuffAEAmade]


I think sprites live in this pond, and they probably come out on moonlit nights to dance on the lilypads and drink the nectar of the flowers.

Taken early July 2005 in Brooklyn, New York.

4."Pool Drops" by [Ruby Sting]
I'm of the opinion that a small water dragon lives in this particular pool. It has a tendancy to pop its head out of the water just before the starting gun of a race. The unlucky swimmer who happens to be in it's chosen lane cries out and falls into the water. The dragon then turns itself invisible and the officials of the meet count the fall as a false start. The creature returns to the depths of the diving pit and laughs and aplauds itself for being so clever and causing so much mischieve. Another of its favorite games is to wrap its tail aroung a swimmer's leg and swim in the opposite direction. Thus why this pool is notorious for bad times and false starts.

This picture was taken in September of 2004 at the Valders Highschool swimming pool.

5. Grassy Water [Sir. Robert]

I think that right along the edge of this beautiful river lives a whole family of enchanted talking frogs! The family spends the evenings in the nice tall green grass sleeping and eating bugs, and the hot afternoons playing and relaxing in the cool water.

This picture was taken in June of 2003 in Estes Park, Colorado.

6.River Table by [Vesthrix]

This was a bit weird. My Family and I (and one of my sister friends) were on a biking vacation along the scenic Danube River. One day about we rounded a bend in the road to find these two chairs and a matching table sitting in the middle of the river. They couldn't have been junk because they where standing up right. You can't tell from the picture but these things were big. They reached out of the water higher then I am tall. To sit comfortably in one of them a being must have been 10 feet (3.3 meters) tall.
The Greeks believed that each river had a god living in it. Is the god of the Danube daring enough to take his meals where all the modern world can see him? Or maybe this is just some one's attempt at modern art. You can decide for your self.

Taken summer 2005 somewhere along the Danube in Germany.

7. The drowning pool [Elisha Kelly]

We're calling. Come hither, we want you to follow, Down where we dance in the water green hollow. We'll sweep you to carelessness, wrap you in dreams and your land-chains we'll sever. You'll stay here forever.
Fair dancers, sweet voices, you gleam and you glisten. Don't call call me, don't beckon, I'll turn and not listen. You'd trap me and drown me and wrap me in bindweed, sink deep in green hollows. Don't call me, I'll not heed.
Your dancing's entrancing, my feet must start gliding out to the green water where lillies are riding, in your arms entwine me, come take me I'm crying. My breath leaves my body, I'm sinking, I'm dying.
"The Drowners,"A folk song.
As appears in "The Ill-made mute" by Cecilia Dart-Thornton.

This image was taken at the Wetlands situated on Rydges Capricorn Resort, Late 1999. Many a strange creature lives there, and I am more than sure there are a few drowners among them, Why? well *evil grin* So many strange dissapearences of course... (^. ^)

8. Murky Waters [Cookieholic]

I think that small creatures related to Goblins perhaps live here. Their foul nature and evil doings have turned this into a slimy and filthy place to be. Smelling of decay and the Gods know what else. Best tred lightly when passing through Goblin country. o.O

Picture was taken across the street from my house. I live in a boat, so there's plenty of water. September 9th 2005

9. The Chesire Tap [iippo]


The part of Wonderland that was never described in the books: Chesire Cat's bathroom. As peculiar as its owner, the bathroom can fade away, slowly just like the cat, leaving the golden sink tap to be the last part seen before disappearing into oblivion.
Photo taken on the 18th of September -05 in a gas station called Matkakeidas in Iitti, Finland.
It is not a photo-manipulation, that tap exists and the water coming from it is real (there is a see-through pipe going inside the water that is keeping the thing lifted in the air).

10. Peace and Harmony [Forever Equine]

Tiny faeries come out at dusk to collect the water drops from the abundant foliage of the nearby running water that the droplets chose to linger on. They shimmer and glow with the dying rays of light and drink the dew in merry laughter.

I snapped this a local park near the town I live in. It's a trout fishing park, Meramac Springs in Southern Missouri. Captured on Father's Day, 6/19/05.


11. The Mermaid's Lair [Devilock]
... sorrounded by a numbers of islets, there in the middle floats the The Mermaids Lair. there lives a fair maiden of long black silky hair with her tail shines in front of the sunset that blinds every creature who watches it's golden sparkle.
photo sent by my brother during his vaction. you can find the other photos in my house.
Marinduque,Philippines March2005

12. Rapids of the Waterfaeries [Elmiira]

IF you look careful enough, you can maybe see the shining little waterfaeries slowly waking up to the sunlight. I don't only believe it, I know they live in here. Look at those stones and the little rooms filled with water between them. Don't they have a lovely home?

Photo is taken 16th of june this summer, at 5 am. This rapids is in the little village Noormarkku, in western Finland.

13. Water Sprites Pirating [Rat Hacker]

Photo taken September 10 2005 in my basement, I was too sick to go outside.
Ever have your socks or clothing get lost, but you are quite sure they were put in the washer? Well since I hear so many people complaining about losing their clothing in the wash, I decided to go investigate why. Here is the cool news! The the creatures are water sprites, they like to steel things like socks and stuff to use for their towns. They are blue with whitish bluish hair, they have wings that look like they are mad of water. They are about as tall as you index finger, they teleport in right after you go upstairs. They use the clothing for houses.

14.Black Hills Creek[Poetic]
Imagine yourself sitting next to this small waterfall.The air is perfectly still and the only sounds are the birds singing above you and the soft babbleing of the water as it rushes over the smooth rocks.but suddenly somthing catches your eye as it disturbes the glass like surface of the water.Staying silent you watch in amazement as a water sprite surfaces in one of the deeper pools.Swimming along in this secluded pond she pays no attention to you as she makes her way upstream.She leaves you bewildered when she dives down disapearing again into the cool waters.leaving nothing more then a ripple on the surface to prove she had ever been there.

I think a water sprite would love to call this pond her home.It is secluded off in the middle of no where,so she would deffinatly have her privacy.Water collects in deep pools under rocks supplying perfect shelter.Also these untouched waters are teaming with wild fish,supplying more then enough food for a single water sprite or a pair of them.

Black Hills,time taken unknown (forgot when i took this)

15. Volcanic Crater [Penguinlord]

Everyone knows that a volcano is merely a dragon living in a hill, so this one is obviously a dormant water-drake, curled at the bottom of his great lake.

Taken at the Kerið explosion crater in Iceland, October 2004. I have more pics if you are interested.

16. Shallow Falls - [Lord Kügenheim] - August 05
This Deceptively shallow waterfall in the Yorkshire Dales (England) is home to numerous faries and such that reside just out of human eyes in the forest behind. They filmed Robin Hood here you know?

17. home for the kings of water - [morannon]
This is one of the big things the waterelements have bulid..
this great waterfall is were the most powerful of the nordic waterelements live. this waterfall ends in one of the great fjords in the magical lands of norway.
this was taken july the 20th on the biggest water in norway location unknowed just traveld by.

18. The Domesticated Sprite by [dew_farie]

While takeing this picture, I could almost see the sprite that lives in these waters sleeping in the foliage. Although living only a fountian, she is still wild at heart, yet contains herself for the more refined humans. Comeing out only at night when no one can see her, she goes about her routine. Her nightly activites include tending the plants, cleaning the water and causing minor problems for the humans who tamed her wild stream. She knows that in order to remain here, she must cooperate, as she expects her human counterparts to do.

Taken at the San Antonio Riverwalk August 13, 2003

19. Sun fairy trio falls by [theblade]
This picture has not been edited at all it was taken as is from sun over exposure but i like to believe there are three sun fairies flying at the top and just happened to be out of the falls at the time of the photograph. They live inside the falls and come out at special times.

This photo was taken at the base of Niagra falls Canada on September 3, 2005.

20.Elven Fountain
Elves inhabit this small fountain which is said to be magical. Whoever washes in this fountain, is said to have life-time luck and happiness I tried to take a picture of them but they disappeared in this big door of light!

Picture was taken by me at Platamonas of Pieria, Greece in July or August of 2003 and is © to [Jitter] ie me

21. The Bog of Gadstrup by [Furr]


Picture was taken the 10th of September, this year.
It shows the bog of Gadstrup. It's generally a calm place, with lots of insects and plants and birds.
There is also the occassional stray kids running around acting crazy.
{edit} If there was to live mythical creatures here, waterspirits would be. Maybe also some old, gnarled spirit of male nature, slumbering under the water. And then all the fluttering pixies all around in the foresty growth around. Does nyads live in streams too? If so, there'd be one or two of those too, I reckon.

22. Garden Pond by [healing_garden of _pain]
Picture taken: 4/13/03, At my aunt's house in Virginia

Although you really can't see a lot of it the water is there and the creatures(other than fish) would probably be water sprites,forest nimps and fairies.

23.[Chaos Sun] - Hidden resident
Fish pond taken at a Local Community College
Early August 2004
Swimming among the tall lilly stalks, and feeding on the yummy roots, is a pond fish sized Water Dragon. Practically clear underwater, and very fast, you'd be hard pressed to acctually spot him hiding between your feet. he spends his day darting after the fish and snatching the fish food the humans through in. At night he nestles himself behind the waterfall, and sleeps till the light of the sun warms the water again.

24.The dolphin god [Ace118]
This picture was taken on the 30/3/05 at chicago brookland zoo. It was druing a show and this dofin prefomed without any instuctions I belive that she/he was jus dreaming thinking of a world where you do not prefrom and you can tail walk freely as he/she did. Or he/she may have been doin the dophin song lke off hichicker saying that the zoo and the fences will not keep me in or somthing like that .

25. Water Spirit's Retreat [Fireblade K'Chona]
This was taken in June of 2004 at Lake Washington. I believe there is a water spirit who languishes in the shade of those trees...

26. Deep in the Glen - [kirina]
2005-9-7, A track down from Cader Idris, Near Towyn, Mid Wales
I'm sure when all the hikers disappear near evening, and the sunlight plays through the trees, a fawn sits in the curve of the rock near the top of the waterfall. As he plays his wooden flute, the forest spirits start to appear, and the nymphs that hide in the waterfall come out to play.

27.Redeemed - [Messiah]
August 2005, front yard.
Crackling with an electric fury, a new wyrm slithers up the fluorescent causeways. Behold your future king, redeemer of myth.

28.Glittery Water Sprites - [spiritee]
September 15th, 2005, bedroom
The peaceful water sprites live at the bottom of this bowl of lake, and come out when called upon. The spheres of light are their palaces. They live there because it's generally undisturbed and they have a liking for simplicity. 

29. Flower water - [Bobolama]
19-7-2005 , Indonesia ,Some where

Place where you can stay for hours.... and looking to the flowers in the water.
It is a mix of beautiful water ,flowers , colors ,and give new spirit to your life.
This photo displayed a place where you can only dream about..

30. Volcanic Cape - [+forgotten+]

This volcanic cape is located in the south-east coast of Spain. you can watch wonderful views, and spectacular reef underwater. it's a very apropiate site to find or imagine our loving fairies...


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2005-11-17 [theblade]: has a winner been decided yet?

2005-11-17 [Yuriona]: No but voting is under way. I'm hoping to have results posted by Friday or Saturday but don't quote me on that.

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2005-12-08 [Yuriona]: Mainstreet.

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