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Welcome to...


The Deadwood Company

A company of soldiers based souly on a dense lumber that is nearly industructable. Their leader started the company to harvest the wood in order to achieve city growth, but he realized that far bigger things can be done. He soon noticed that the wood was a good bargening tool and was a good weapon. So now he has recruted a massive army to take over the world. But first he has to stop the Warriors of the Feather to do that. Their resons for taking over the world is unknown.

Warriors Of The Feather

Warriors of the Feather is a ninja clan founded by three brothers that had harnest the power of the soul feather(a magic feather able to augment the beholder with a power unique to the feather, But on the down side if their soul feather is destroyed, so are they). But they soon noticed that the bird that had provided the feather was begining to die out do to the constant harvest of Deadwood wich was their nesting area. And now with the knowlege that the dead wood company wants to take over the world, they feel it is their duty to stop the Dead wood Company

The freelancers

The freelancers are the mercenaries that side on whom ever they feel they want to. Although alot of the decition making is based on money and rewards, Some mercs are keen to follow their consience.

The city of Fante

The city of Fante is the biggest city in the world, holding over 150,000,000 people along with the many, many tourists that come to the city to get a peice of the Fante dream as the call it. It is the reason that Deadwood trees are being cut down. It is also a common battle grounds for The Deadwood company, And the Warriors of the Feather. The city of Fante police department (F.P.D.) Is trying there best to stop the constant fights between them.

Which side are you on?

Off to...
W.O.T.F. Character Bios
W.O.T.F. Story
W.O.T.F. Music
W.O.T.F. Character art
W.O.T.F. Banners
W.O.T.F. Comic

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2007-06-12 [Artsy]: oh, nifty, so i just.. umm.. make a post like the others?

2007-06-12 [Aki Neko]: no, edit the page and say how random you are.

2007-06-12 [Artsy]: that's what i said.. <img:44166_1164145101.gif>

2007-06-12 [Aki Neko]: oh, yeah.^ ^;; sorry, i thought you ment like just comment on it.

2007-06-12 [Artsy]: no.. then i would say comment.. not post o.o'

2007-06-12 [Aki Neko]: sorry, and, your a little confusing, but you can stay. it was...more abstract random than most freaky random.^_^

2007-06-12 [Artsy]: oh, i could try again, clearly, i have many different levels of thought...

2007-06-12 [Aki Neko]: its ok. it works.

2007-06-12 [Blakkduv]: I entered... I have no clue as to what I was talking about.

2007-06-12 [Aki Neko]: its ok, that made me laugh, your in.^_^

2007-06-12 [Artsy]: damn, i meant to put 'everyone says forty lashes, but i counted and i have 39 on my eyes, quick! someone call a pirate!' but i forgot

2007-06-12 [Blakkduv]: psssshhhhhhhhhh hahahahahahaha. What? that was a good one. At what point where you thinking of bongs?

2007-06-12 [Aki Neko]: its ok, thats cool!XDDD oh! and green-san, your mood is 100% true!!XDD

2007-06-12 [Blakkduv]: hehe. I was watching the new my chemical romance movie.

2007-06-12 [Aki Neko]: they have a movie!?!

2007-06-12 [Blakkduv]: music video

2007-06-12 [Lin-tastic]: guys really go at it when I'm not paying attention. -doesn't want to read everything- What's been the subject, lately?

2007-06-12 [Aki Neko]: join randomness is the soul.^_^

2007-06-12 [Blakkduv]: hehe. we just been chatin it up.

2007-06-12 [Aki Neko]: ^_________________________________________________^

2007-06-12 [Blakkduv]: a very happy face by: [Aki Neko]

2007-06-12 [Aki Neko]: yes.

2007-06-12 [Blakkduv]: Bobs head to "hands held high."

2007-06-12 [Aki Neko]: MY SONG!!XD you looked at my mood???

2007-06-12 [Blakkduv]: YUP AND FINALY! something different from lincon park. all their famous songs start with piano. but thats the fans fault.

2007-06-12 [Aki Neko]: YEP!^_^ and i have the lyrics to it too.^_^

2007-06-12 [Blakkduv]: let me see if this works.

<div style="width: 180px; text-align: center;"><embed src="" quality="high" bgcolor="#006666" width="180" height="210" name="scroll" align="middle" allowScriptAccess="sameDomain" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="" /><br /><a href="">Lyrics</a> <a href="" title="Linkin Park Hands Held High Lyrics">Linkin Park Hands Held High Lyrics</a></embed></div>

2007-06-12 [Blakkduv]: darn.

2007-06-12 [Aki Neko]: woha...uhh....

2007-06-12 [Blakkduv]: haha that sucks oh well

Turn my
mic up louder I got to say somethin.
Lightweights step it aside when we come in
Feel it in your chest, the syllables get pumpin
People on the street they panic and start running.
Words on loose leaf sheet complete coming.
I jump in my mind and summon the rhyme i'm dumping.
Healing the blind I promise to let the sun in
Sick of the dark ways we march to the drum and
Jump when they tell us that they wanna to see jumping.
Fuck that, I wanna see some fist pumping.
risk something, take back what's yours
say something that you know they might attack you for
cause I'm sick of being treated like I have before
like it's stupid standing for what I'm standing for.
Like this war's really just a different brand of war.
Like it doesn't cater to rich and abandon poor.
Like they understand you in the back of the jet, when you
can't put gas in your tank, and these fuckers are
laughing their way to the bank, cashing the check
asking you to have compassion, have respect
for a leader so nervous in an obvious way
Stuttering and mumbling for nightly news to replay
and the rest of the world watching at the end of the day
in the living room laughing like
what did he say?

Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen

In my living room watching, I am not laughing, Cause
when it gets tense I know what might happen
The world is cold, the bold men take action
have to react or get blown into fractions.
Ten years old, it's something to see, another
kid my age drug under a jeep,
taken and bound, and found later under a tree,
I wonder if he had thought the next one could be me.
[Hands Held High lyrics on]

Do you see, the soldiers, they're out today they
Brush the dust from bulletproof vests away.
It's ironic, at times like this you pray,
but a bomb blew the mosque up yesterday.
There's bombs on the buses, bikes, roads,
inside your market,your shops, your clothes, My dad,
He's got a lot of fear I know
but enough pride inside not to let that show.
My brother had a book he would hold with pride
A little red cover with a broken spine.
On the back, he hand wrote a quote inside:
"when the rich wage war, it's the poor who die"
And meanwhile, the leader just talks away
Stuttering and mumbling for nightly news to replay
and the rest of the world watching at the end of the day
both scared and angry like
what did he say?

Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen.

With hands held high into a sky so blue
as the ocean opens up to swallow you.

With hands held high into a sky so blue
as the ocean opens up to swallow you.

With hands held high into a sky so blue
as the ocean opens up to swallow you.

With hands held high into a sky so blue
as the ocean opens up to swallow you.

With hands held high into a sky so blue
as the ocean opens up to swallow you.

With hands held high into a sky so blue
as the ocean opens up to swallow you.

2007-06-12 [Lin-tastic]: What was that for?

2007-06-12 [Lin-tastic]: ...and?

2007-06-12 [Blakkduv]: go to the link... thats what the lyrics are for.

2007-06-12 [Lin-tastic]: ...too tired...^_^ I'll do it later if the link is still up. I'm also feeling really lazy right at the moment...

2007-06-12 [Lin-tastic]: ...did you not read the post above? ^_^ Is otay. I'll check it out later...when I'm less tired and lazy.

2007-06-12 [Blakkduv]: I know i was just posting it for later.

2007-06-12 [Lin-tastic]: ...m'kay. ^_^

2007-06-12 [Aki Neko]: wow, thats a long link for the same thing..Oo

2007-06-12 [Blakkduv]: i know i looked at it and was like wow.

2007-06-12 [Aki Neko]: howd it get like that???

2007-06-12 [Blakkduv]: I did it from a dif link.

2007-06-12 [Aki Neko]: o

2007-06-13 [Lin-tastic]: ...huh...

2007-06-13 [Blakkduv]: So whats up guys?

2007-06-13 [Lin-tastic]: I'm thinking. -holds a thinking pose-

2007-06-13 [Blakkduv]: *Sculps the pose* That has never been done before.

2007-06-13 [Lin-tastic]: -holds still while you sculp-

2007-06-13 [Blakkduv]: *finishes and sends to a musium*

2007-06-13 [Lin-tastic]: -stands normally- What's up?

2007-06-13 [Blakkduv]: Nm. Workin on a new thing for this.

Vehicles and Weapons page.

Still drawing drawing drawing.

2007-06-13 [Lin-tastic]: I can help. ^_^

2007-06-13 [Blakkduv]: If you can draw futuristic mumbo jumbo your in!

2007-06-13 [Lin-tastic]: What do you mean? I don't have any way to draw things and scan them, so I'll draw them in paint, if you don't mind, of course...LA, that'd require you to shade, if you're willing. I'm still drawing an image for a friend of a pirate, though...Hey!


Can you shade her? -to anyone who's willing-

2007-06-13 [Blakkduv]: Is it for Nightmare?

2007-06-13 [Lin-tastic]: -nods head- Yep. ^_^ I couldn't fit the eye patch I thought this was a different page...^_^" Silly me!

2007-06-13 [Artsy]: umm yeah, i'm happy to shade and highlight anything you give me but i just don't have time today *saves to computer for later*

2007-06-14 [Lin-tastic]: -giggles- I do the same thing, LA...strange how people think a like...

2007-06-14 [Blakkduv]: You know how they say smart people think alike... That may not apply here but I was just remembering... *eats a peep*

2007-06-14 [Lin-tastic]: -steels kid's peeps and throws them into the shredder again- So what? You may not have the greatest IQ, and I'm not talking to anyone specific, but everyone has logic. ^_^'' I wasn't talking to anyone in particular...

2007-06-14 [Blakkduv]: PEEPS! *jumps on top of Candycane to reach the peep shreds*

2007-06-14 [Lin-tastic]: -is smooshed under kid who's trying to reach the peep shreds- Geez! -laughs at kids eggerness to get peeps-

2007-06-14 [Blakkduv]: *leeps of Candycane to get last shedded peep.

2007-06-15 [Blakkduv]: I'm goin on vacation for a week... I'm going to try to get on though.

*hopes this doesn't die*

2007-06-15 [tiragon]: it won't die

2007-06-16 [the crazed artist]: we will keep it alive!

2007-06-16 [Lin-tastic]: I'll be sure to keep it going. ^_^

2007-06-20 [tiragon]: so um...when's he coming back? It's kinda...dead in here

2007-06-21 [the crazed artist]: yeah, i've been wondering myself...

2007-06-21 [Lin-tastic]: Well, without him, the games've been...kinda less...I'd keep going if the person playing 'The Hunter' and the person play 'Asher' would post...unless that's kid...

2007-06-21 [the crazed artist]: i don't know what to post...

2007-06-21 [Lin-tastic]: What do you mean?

2007-06-21 [the crazed artist]: never mind

2007-06-21 [Aki Neko]: hello.

2007-06-21 [tiragon]: well candy, i edited the post to allow some interaction between us

2007-06-22 [Aki Neko]: ^_^

2007-06-22 [Lin-tastic]: -nods- And interaction, I added. ^_^ lol

2007-06-22 [Aki Neko]: Want more help?

2007-06-22 [Lin-tastic]: Doing what?

2007-06-22 [Aki Neko]: Editing and whatnot.

2007-06-23 [Lin-tastic]: It's not up to me...[Blakkduv] is the leader of the gang...

2007-06-23 [Aki Neko]: I know...

2007-06-23 [Lin-tastic]: Ask him, then. ^_^

2007-06-23 [Aki Neko]: Yeah, I was.^ ^''

2007-06-24 [Blakkduv]: whats up all. I'm back from vacation!

2007-06-25 [Lin-tastic]: Well, it's just he wasn't here, so I didn't really know...

2007-06-27 [tiragon]: took you long enough Greenie

2007-06-27 [Blakkduv]: Hehe. I tried to get on.

2007-06-27 [tiragon]: lol

2007-06-27 [Blakkduv]: but my dads computer sucks... I am going on vacation again on 8/5... I think.

2007-06-27 [tiragon]: where you going that time?

2007-06-27 [Blakkduv]: Ya my parents are devorced so I went to my dads for a week.

2007-06-27 [tiragon]: oh, gotcha

2007-07-01 [Aki Neko]: ^_^

2007-07-01 [Lin-tastic]: Makes sense. ^_^

2007-07-01 [Aki Neko]: Nya.

2007-07-01 [Lin-tastic]: Meah!

2007-07-01 [Aki Neko]: ^_^

2007-07-01 [Lin-tastic]: Are you planning on requesting one of my dolls?

2007-07-01 [Aki Neko]: A little. They look cool!!XD

2007-07-01 [Lin-tastic]: You can custom order it at .:Candy Requests:.! ^_^ And best of all, it's free! -echos 'free'-

2007-07-01 [KnightAngel]: I am already preparing to make a request :P

2007-07-01 [Lin-tastic]: -nods- Cool! Can't wait! Well, actually, I can, but I just love saying that! ^_^ As bad as this will sound, I'm gonna type it anyway. It makes it look like I care...when I do! ^_^ <3

2007-07-01 [Aki Neko]: O.o

2007-07-01 [KnightAngel]: And there, request made ^^'

2007-07-01 [Aki Neko]: ^_^

2007-07-01 [KnightAngel]: Actually made it earlier but yeah... I'm lazy I know XD That and I'm exhausted o.o I could really feel today it's ages since I last rode a bike <.<

2007-07-01 [Aki Neko]: Wow, that sucks. I have to ride one almost everyday to work!XD

2007-07-01 [KnightAngel]: Well from today I will certainly ride bike everyday ^^' With these hills and that then I will surely be in great shape again in no time ^^'

2007-07-01 [Aki Neko]: XD

2007-07-02 [Lin-tastic]: -nods- I have no bike, just roller blades. They get me there and that's really all that matters. lol

2007-07-02 [KnightAngel]: Cool :P And yeah ^^'

2007-07-02 [Lin-tastic]: -nods- What kind of crest would you like on the chest plate? I was confused about that...

2007-07-02 [KnightAngel]: Well didn't add it due to wasn't sure just how detailed it could become but yeah, it's a longsword and a mage staff crossing and a halo above them plus wings at the sides, can try and find a image of how I imagined it, I once made a thing for my friends to keep to show that I was their friend ^^'

2007-07-02 [KnightAngel]: Found it, here it is: <img100*0:> Just click to enlarge ^^'

2007-07-02 [Lin-tastic]: I'm not on the computer which I draw my dolls on, so I'm gonna have to ask you to put that image with your reference image...I can do it if you don't feel like doing it. ^_^

2007-07-02 [KnightAngel]: Okay, I will :P

2007-07-02 [Lin-tastic]: Thank you! ^_^

2007-07-02 [KnightAngel]: You're welcome ^_^

2007-07-04 [Lin-tastic]: I've been trying to figure out how I'd go about adding that in to the chest plate, but I just can't seem to figure it out...v.v" I'm sorry, Knight, but I may not be able to get it on there...

2007-07-04 [KnightAngel]: It's okay ^^' No problem :P

2007-07-04 [Lin-tastic]: ^_^ In that case, I'm finished with the doll! ^_^ -goes to upload, post and send it-

2007-07-04 [Aki Neko]: ^_^

2007-08-06 [the crazed artist]: is this place dead now or what?

2007-08-06 [Lin-tastic]: Yeah, I'm thinking

2007-08-06 [Aki Neko]: A little

2007-08-06 [Blakkduv]: I got into youtube..... now its my crack.

2007-08-06 [Aki Neko]: Oo great.

2007-08-07 [the crazed artist]: *sigh* alas...

2007-08-07 [Aki Neko]: ...

2007-08-07 [Lin-tastic]: Awesome...

2007-08-07 [KnightAngel]: My "crack" is anime XP

2007-08-08 [Lin-tastic]: O.o Really? Mine's

2007-08-08 [KnightAngel]: Yeah, but I'm sort of taking it a little easy with my ET addiction though, my main current is Anime and my girlfriend :P

2007-08-08 [Lin-tastic]: -pokes- ET can't be

2007-08-08 [KnightAngel]: Oh if you got something even better to distract you then it can be :P Currently is mainly checking out of boredom then really a strong "need" to be on ET :P

2007-08-08 [Lin-tastic]: -is currently eating a tortilla shell while being on ET as is the daily basis/habit- -munching sounds- Yumm!

2007-08-08 [KnightAngel]: Hehe :P I did once have a quite strong addiction to ET, but currently it's mainly to talk to my friends and being somewhat active on the rp's I'm in, but it's not life necessary or something like that XP

2007-08-08 [Lin-tastic]: I never said mine was, but really, I do enjoy being on here and talking to people half-way across the world just for the hell of talking to them.

2007-08-08 [KnightAngel]: Hehe yeah I know what you mean ^_^ And well was exaggerating a bit which you probably could guess :P And yeah I know a lot of people from around the globe :P Thanks to a game I even know someone from.... Korea? And someone from France and yeah from a lot of places in the world ^^

2007-08-08 [Aki Neko]: Heh...I missed a bit.

2007-08-08 [Lin-tastic]: -nods- That you did, sweetie. ^_^ Hey! Guess what? I made a banner! Woot! XD Not much, really, just finding a good picture and making it into a banner, is

2007-08-08 [Aki Neko]: Cool!

2007-08-08 [KnightAngel]: Cool :P Sounds fun ^_^

2007-08-08 [Aki Neko]: XD

2007-08-08 [Lin-tastic]: -nods- That it is. ^_^

2007-08-08 [KnightAngel]: That's great to hear ^^ Well incase then I suppose you should put it up under banners :P

2007-08-08 [Aki Neko]: I wanna make a banner now....XP

2007-08-08 [KnightAngel]: I always wanted to make a banner for every roleplay I'm in but I just ain't artisticly talented enough for that ^^'

2007-08-08 [Aki Neko]: I just wanna cuz I wanna. They dont have to use it or accept it.

2007-08-08 [KnightAngel]: Hehe okay :P and well it's probably more because I wouldn't accept it XP

2007-08-08 [Aki Neko]: Im not saying Im like the best, but I can draw. I have a comic on here, but its really crappy.

2007-08-08 [Lin-tastic]: -pokes- Quit self-hating, guys!

2007-08-08 [Aki Neko]: Oo

2007-08-08 [Lin-tastic]: That's what brings down the artist! Be proud of your work!

...I'm a total

2007-08-08 [Aki Neko]: XD

2007-08-08 [KnightAngel]: I ain't proud of my work because there isn't anything to be proud of, not meant to sound self hating, I don't hate myself or my drawing skills, I wish they were good enough to actually be considered drawings and not children's splatter on a piece of paper XD I'm merely self-aware of my limitations when it comes to art ^^

2007-08-08 [Artsy]: pfft, don't feel bad.. in the art museum in philidelphia there is a whole open room with giant canvases on the walls with nothing but a few scribbles on them in what looks like crayon but is most likely oil pastel.. pathetic if you ask me... i hated that room, i wanted to come back, leave a box of crayons in the middle of the room and put a sign on the doorway to the room that says 'child art, children free to contribute'

2007-08-08 [KnightAngel]: Hehe XP Yeah I know how you feel, but yeah I'm not actually trying to draw like that, it just generally end up like that XP

2007-08-08 [Artsy]: you want to know my advice? I'm not the best drawer in the world, but just.. slow down, and focus on mastering one thing at a time.. like... the details of an object, no matter what size or shape it comes out as in the end.. i'm doing the opposite myself ^^'' right sizes, wrong details... i need to fix that..

2007-08-08 [KnightAngel]: Hehe okay :P

2007-08-09 [Lin-tastic]: XD I find myself continuously erasing almost every line only to retrace the same line over and over again until I think it changed...or something like that. There's this image in a book my brother bought that I used as reference art, but when I drew the body, I couldn't think of the face to put with it because I'm not that articly talented...I just can't imagine up this character without seeing something else first...or if I do, I generally can't get it down on paper as I see it in my head. I just wish I could draw the images I see in my head, or attatch a printer to print them out, you know? XD That'd be awesome if that were actually possible.

2007-08-22 [tiragon]: hey guys, sorry i havent been on in a long time, i've had a lot of legal trouble lately and my computer was confiscated. someone using my wireless internet did bad things on a computer and it was traced back to my router.

2007-08-22 [KnightAngel]: Okay o.o That isn't good

2007-08-22 [tiragon]: yea, but i think i might get out of it, i got a good lawyer

2007-08-22 [KnightAngel]: Okay, that's good to hear ^^

2007-08-24 [Lin-tastic]: -nods- Good to hear that you're at least trying to get back online.

2007-08-27 [tiragon]: yup, i'll be back on reliably now, at least 3 days a week

2007-09-03 [Blakkduv]: Alright now. I'm getting used to my school schedual.... we can start again... Ugh

Sorry for being a little lazy with this. Lemme take some reviving procautions.

2007-09-03 [KnightAngel]: No problems ^^ I've been busy myself :P

2007-09-03 [Blakkduv]: Hope you guys still find some intrest in this.

2007-09-03 [KnightAngel]: Yeah I find it quite amusing and an interesting story ^_^

2007-09-03 [Blakkduv]: Thanks! It took a while to come up with... Thats a lie. I made half of the plot up when I looked around my room... But you have to move your head around and that takes like 2 calories or something... right?

2007-09-03 [KnightAngel]: *chuckles* hehe yeap XP Something like that anyway XP

2007-09-03 [Lin-tastic]: It should be fun to get this thing going again. XD

2007-09-03 [KnightAngel]: Well in feather camp there is activity ^^'

2007-09-04 [Blakkduv]: Deadwood company is chugging along.

2007-09-04 [the crazed artist]: SO GLAD to see this thing going again...i was losing hope!

2007-09-04 [tiragon]: weeeee

2007-09-05 [Blakkduv]: Thanks for the excitement Tiragon!

Hopefully your hope has become more hopeful hopefully...
And if it hasn't... I have hope!

2007-09-05 [KnightAngel]: *chuckles* I hope so too XP

2007-09-05 [tiragon]: lol

2008-09-17 [tiragon]: wow its been a while

2008-09-17 [Artsy]: i miss this rp...

2008-09-28 [KnightAngel]: Yeah it was fun ^^

2009-05-05 [Artsy]: *peeks around* Please restart?

2009-05-05 [KnightAngel]: I would like that too :P

2009-05-05 [Artsy]: I found BlakkDuv on youtube. I'm attempting to talk to him there about coming back.

2009-05-05 [KnightAngel]: That sounds good ^^ Cause this roleplay was fun :P

2009-05-06 [Kai Crewger]: I'm back on ET about once a day now, so if you'd like me to play I'd be willing :3

2009-05-06 [KnightAngel]: Well I for one would be more then happy if you'd play :P After all this roleplay was/is fun so yeah don't really want it to die, don't think the owner does either ^^'

2009-05-06 [Artsy]: The owner hasn't been here in like.. a year, or more... Hmm... *snoops around*

2009-05-06 [Artsy]: OK! Here's the deal! The page is password protected, so if you want to try this again, and I mean REALLY try.. I will recreate this one a different page.

So.. Who all wants to still play?

2009-05-06 [KnightAngel]: I wanna!!! *raises hand in air while bouncing about hyperly*

2009-05-06 [Artsy]: careful there, grandpa! don't break a hip! *watches* o.o'

2009-05-06 [KnightAngel]: *chuckles* Hehe, I might be old, but I'm still not that old! XP *hears a suspicious cracking sound then falls over* Damn.... I was XP

2009-05-06 [Kai Crewger]: I will play!

Though it's possible we could do a slightly different story maybe? I'm not sure what exactly the owner wanted to do... Also other players might not be here...

2011-06-05 [KnightAngel]: So how about this one? Did it get to restart or what happened?

2012-12-01 [Artsy]: Not enough interest. =(

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