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War of the Ruins Rules and News



1. No power playing! At all! Ever! End of discussion.

2. Post must follow the set guidelines. Anyone found not following the guidelines will get one warning. If a 2nd one is needed, the player will be put on probation. After that, they will be dismissed. (This includes using proper grammar, spelling if the player uses it continously. No text speak!)
4. What [Celtore] (and [Flisky] and [Lirerial] when she is gone) says goes. Don't argue or you will be dismissed. (A debate is a good thing. A full-blown argument is not.)

5. Post regularly. Anyone not posting regularly will have their characters played by a moderator. If you will have an extended leave of absence, please let the mods know beforehand.

6. Have fun!


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War of the Ruins

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2011-12-13 [Talos Cyrion]: is this still goin?

2011-12-13 [Celtore]: I'm going to be restarting it. I'm try to get all my old rps up and running again

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