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2011-07-13 14:04:40
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Wall of Gum review
Just my own opinion, but. The photo of the wall of gum is art. The object itself is not. It has no intention, its purely an accidental process, much like nature laying down layers of sand in a river that eventually becomes banded sandstone. Art is, or should be at least, a creative process with the intention of producing "something" which will speak of the artist's mind, soul, circumstance, environment, emotional state, or some glimpse into the journey of their life. Intention being a key word here, be it conscious or not, it is a process from the inner being, to expression in some form in the physical world. That wall has no intention, therefore it is something that you might use in the creation of art, such as your photograph, but as taken by itself. Its little more than a symptom of societal breakdown. A gutter where the splatter of stains from spit, chewing tobacco, the litter of cigarette butts, chewing gum wrappers and spent condoms has about the same relevance to art as does that wall. :)
/ [Skydancer]

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2011-07-27 [Alexi Ice]: Ok, first, ewwww! Second, awesome review ^^

2011-07-27 [Skydancer]: Appreciate that.

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