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Walking Dead

"Walking Dead"

A Poetry Challenge Page for the ECM Mods


"Walking Dead"

Behold, I walk among you.
My skin is your death; my kiss, your pain.
My touch; longing and ashen.
There is no peace in this eternal life after death.
No rest for the mind's scorn upon the flesh.
My blood; your blood; our blood.
We are one, you and I. We are, now.
Do you feel my talons on your bosom?
My fangs on your flesh?
My temptation, beckoning?
Peace be with you now.
You are in the land of peace.
When your eyes close, mine are opened.
This will never end. This hunger will remain.
Place another one on the pile.
Hide the evidence in a place of darkness.
Go on walking.

Written by [xido] - R. W. Thompson, © 2007-06-12

Cursed Are The Undead

Vampires, the suckers of life, the takers.
The undead of life, the fakers.
They shine in the darkness,
Lie dark in the light of day,
Long for peace, thirst for blood,
But know not the words to pray.
Cursed and damned to a living hell;
Doomed, bequeathed, an evil spell.
They steal the souls of others,
Seeking nourishment for their craves.
Thus depleting, ending lives
To waltz among their graves.
Their spirit doth roam
With no real home,
Besieged with an endless quest.
The love they desire
Burns like fire,
But there is no end nor rest.

Vampires exist in eternal bondage.
Granted, they never grow old,
But they unlive in a world,
A hell, so fiery cold!

Written by [Artsieladie] © 5/31/2007

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2007-06-12 [Artsieladie]: Hope you don't mind, Will, but I fixed the "is" to "in". I posted my poem using the Daily Poem format. :D

2007-06-13 [xido]: That's fine. I can make sure mine is in that format, too.

2007-06-13 [xido]: That works. Thank you. ;)

2007-06-13 [Artsieladie]: I just did it & I'm setting up the page the way [Hedda] suggests with the page's (link) title first. :D

2007-06-13 [Artsieladie]: LMBO! Everytime the page flips after I've added or changed something, I see you've left a comment! :D I encourage the use of the DP format, so when members actually post their poems there, they are already familiar with it for it seems to be a pretty big issue there. So many members seem to be so confused about how it is done. :P

2007-06-13 [xido]: :P

That's a great idea.

2007-06-13 [Artsieladie]: <img:stuff/ThumbsUp_Wh_Mood.gif><img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

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