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The messaging is a bit like Elftown's, where you send a message and they recieve it, it is not instant chat.

The games

There is games like, pets, mafia wars and many more for your enjoyment.

the members

The members on here are from all over the world, they vary from ages.

What this site can be used for

This site can be used for various things like meeting people new, chatting to old friends, playing games, maybe even finding a new partner


The rules are like some of Elftowns rules, if you break them, you will be deleted and you will be banned off the site

/ [kians mummy]

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2011-07-26 [Lord Josmar]: This review needs to be longer. If you could add some more info about the website reviewed.

2011-07-26 [kians mummy]: Is that any better

2011-07-26 [Lord Josmar]: That is better. The more details you put in, the more informative it will be for the readers.

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