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2009-05-14 22:39:38
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Welcome to WTF?!


Ok so what is this place? A series of short stories I've written to amuse both my mind and yours. I hope you all enjoy. Please comment.


Stories (always in progress):

Poster Ninja Kingdom Hearts2
Uncl Xiggy Baby Sits Kingdom Hearts2
Clothes Thieves Avatar the last Airbender
Sissy to Sexy Kingdom Hearts2
Tough Love Kingdom Hearts2
The Pet of a God InuYasha

Meet Dreaky Kingdom Hearts2
Roxie Wins Again Kingdom Hearts2
When all Else fails Kingdom Hearts2


AR Heartbaet

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2005-11-30 [Life-Hope=Me]: are you sureeeeeeeeeeeeeee? lol... wtf am i talking about?

2005-11-30 [T_Pop]: who knows lmao... i think your talking about this wiki... or maybe the comment i gave lol

2005-11-30 [Life-Hope=Me]: hm.... what happened to this wiki anyway? i mean the page itself... it's... empty... eh.

2005-12-02 [T_Pop]: i think it was deleated... *looks up* wow your right lmao... hhmmm... [That Fuzz]??... hhmmm... i think i remember him... well i didnt know he owned this wiki lmao cool lol

2005-12-02 [Life-Hope=Me]: lol. well, oh, well. it was... a good wiki... *whimper* would... anyone like to say a few words on behave of this wonderful wiki?

2005-12-02 [Ace118]: WTF

2005-12-03 [Life-Hope=Me]: exactly!

2005-12-03 [T_Pop]: lmfao... thats grate lmao... theres no better line then that lmfao

2005-12-03 [Life-Hope=Me]: well... there's lmhao... laugh my happy ass off... lmhaoatwo... laugh my happy ass all the way off... lhl... long hard laugh... heh, i'm making them up as i go!

2005-12-04 [Ace118]: you guys calm through a random party for WTF!!!

2005-12-04 [Life-Hope=Me]: ok then?

2005-12-04 [That Fuzz]: Why abbreviate if you have to explain?

2005-12-04 [Life-Hope=Me]: idk... because i want to?

2005-12-04 [T_Pop]:



2005-12-04 [Life-Hope=Me]: YAY! lol...

2005-12-05 [T_Pop]: lol

2005-12-05 [Life-Hope=Me]: raaaaandom


2005-12-05 [Life-Hope=Me]: wheeeee!

2005-12-06 [T_Pop]: lmao

2009-05-14 [Raventhorn]: so I didn't even know that people were here O.o what the hell? lol *totally should like move her shit so you all can have the wiki back* And its been empty for a very long time...*is the new owner of this here wiki* O.o guys can stay if you want? lol

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