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Wiki Sci-Fi Roleplay News and Updates

Began AD2004.5.13 Earth-Date:
2004.5.13: Well, the Wiki Sci-fi Roleplay Guild has been officially established...that probably qualifies as WSFR news. In such...

2004.5.13: Help wanted! People needed to write nations--it can encompass a single planet, a solar system, or an entire section of the galaxy...whatever you choose! These nations will serve as stages for gameplay. Message [Nightshadow] if you're interested.

2004.5.16: The WSFR is complete! Excepting individual games and areas of play, that is, but the technical aspects are taken care of. You may now submit your characters on the WSFR Application Page. And check out the Sci-fi Races Page and Sci-fi Ranks Page...both took a crapload of time so you'd better at least look. I mean...they have valuable information you should know.

2004.5.24: Between the nations that are coming and those that are already there, there should be quite enough games to fill without new ones being proposed. So for now please hold your inner wiki-writer in check unless you feel that you have a very good idea worth looking at. Thank you all for your support thus far! Correction: The Planet Earth could use some games. Everywhere else is already being written though.

2004.6.1: Well, it seems that the format for combining center and h1 tabs was changed overnight, breaking each and every page here...all should be fixed now, but that explains damage done to poor wiki-changes boxes.

2004.6.1: Changes to the Sci-fi Races Page are finished. I'll update all existing characters myself, but from now on, when writing an application, please make your character's race a wiki-link. This will make it easier to figure out what a character is like...skipping straight to the definition rather than having to scroll through the long list. Note: Cyborg is Cyborgs until further notice...hopefully we'll get ownership of the aforementioned page.

2004.7.2: Well, finally got around to doing the a bit of needed maintence. Everything notable took place on the Jeriah Galaxy page.

-The map was updated.
-Dialblis was removed. If you want it back and are willing to GM it, message me.
-Echiel has been added by [Blood Raven] since the last bit of news.
-The Payesclan System, GMed by [Nimune], was added and is ready for play.
-A note giving proper credit was added beside any game or area not GMed by me.
-The creation of new planets, star systems, and other areas is now frozen until the existing ones have more play. The exception to that is games, bars, restraunts, etc. situated in a currently existing area.

And for now...that's all, folks!

Update: On rereading the comments, I realized that there had been some interest in Dialblis. My apologies, Drizzt. ^_^;; It's restored and is being rewritten. I'll start play there shortly unless someone else does first.

2004.8.3: Added a field to the applications, "developed during play." It's the spot to put updates to your char that were changed or revealed during play, so that they're easy to find.

2006.11.26: [Nightshadow] is very busy with life. [xido] has no life besides schoolwork, and loves this place. He will now see to it that this and all related pages and Guild Members are dealt with accordingly. Everyone that has been accepted to this portion of the Guild is featured on WFR Guild Members. Thanks for your support!

  - [Nightshadow]
  - [xido]

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