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Wiki Fantasy Roleplay

The Wiki Fiction Roleplay Fantasy
RPGs, Wikis, Stories and Games


This page is continuously renovated and updated by [xido], and
all volunteering Official Guild Moderators


The first and official RPG Guild of Elftown.

See Also: The Wiki Sci-fi Roleplay
Part of the Wiki Fiction Roleplay Creative Writing and RPG Guild


Welcome to the Wiki Fantasy Roleplay. This fantasy nook has been set up as an escape for all you other avid roleplayers out there who are also avid wikiers. If you're a rook to the WFR - Wiki Fiction Roleplay - you'll want to know a bit about what exactly it is we do here, no?

The Wiki Fantasy Roleplay's main aim is to give all advanced roleplayers in Elftown a chance to roleplay fantasy with others like them.

This is an ongoing roleplay, meaning that good Roleplayers will naturally post setting-storylines throughout. Please remember that you will be playing the same character in the same environement, maintaining relationships with other characters over an extended period of time. If you are in two places at once, it should be made apparent what time it is , in contrast with other wiki posts, and how you got from each place to the other. I feel this is the best way to roleplay. Hopefully we will be able to get some sort of a mass-wiki plot developing, but for now we're just going to roleplay in a more or less basic fantasy/medieval roleplay environment.

The WFR was originally created to house only original fantasy roleplaying.

Now, with the help of [Nightshadow], the WSFR, our sci-fi sister site, is now ready to work toward the future goals of storytellers here on Elftown!


Character Page

Interested in joining? This page includes everything you need to know about applying, including links to the app page, the formidable list of accepted players, and tips on character creation.
See also: WFR Application Page, The League of Accepted Characters and the new WFR Guild Members Page, Rank Page/WFR CHAR Rank Page, Species Page/ WFR CHAR Race Page, Creature_List

Text Adventures, WFR Games and WFR Quests

Yup. This is where all the magic happens. From the Realms of Lemire to Jashnia, Dysphasia, and other Guild-supported games, these pages links some of the finest and most diverse play in Elftown. If you're interested in making your well-developed roleplaying game part of the Guild, this is where to start planting the seeds for good wiki stories and games!

Role Playing for Dummies, Androntel Academy, and the RPG Library

These pages contain links to useful how-to pages, featuring tips for beginning to advanced roleplayers, among other useful tidbits of information. (Pirate terminology? Don't understand D&D alignments? Step right up!)
Also see the full list of

WFR Guild Pages, Mods, & GMs


Until recently, a mostly-forgotten page about... what else? Chatting with other WFR guild members!
Rather than having elaborate conversations in pure squidgie talk (^_^ , o.O , X.x, >.> , :P , wut r u doin today?(or IRC) , etc.) you can keep crazy conversations to this page, unless you prefer to use the comments section for blabber.... which I don't.
WFR and WSFR members are welcome to chat their days away on this page, either in comments, or in crazy in-person roleplay. Anyone with an interest in roleplaying, guild membership, or fun wikis can come and converse on this page without fear of feeling unwelcome or inadequate. Ask questions, find new wiki stories, or just babble like a crazy monkey on this page.

PLEASE CHECK OUT AND CONTRIBUTE TO THE CREATURE_LIST!!! The WFR Char RACE Page and WFR Char RANK Page are now in progress. All Race pages will be formatted similar to the Human Races page, and D&D-termed Classes will be integrated into Ranks and Titles.

See the WFR Renovations and Updates

(Page and auxilliary pages are consistently under construction and renovation until further notice. Check page version 120 to search for missing info. -[Nightshadow])


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2007-02-21 [xido]: Agreed, Darian. Glad to have you around!  ;)

2007-03-09 [Kim_Lundin]: Oh, by the love of GACK! Not another one!

2007-03-10 [Firous]: Kill it!!

2007-03-12 [Kim_Lundin]: Xido's been noticed.

2007-07-18 [IcyFollower]: <img:44166_1164469610.gif>someone say brownies<img:44166_1164469610.gif><img:stuff/mood-gif.gif>MUAHAHAHAHA

2007-07-18 [IcyFollower]: <img:stuff/zabuN-gif.gif>

2008-01-14 [xido]: All moderators need to be aware of the comments made by me on xidoraven studios. Please reply to me by email. If you don't know my email, please ask me for it by message.


2008-01-19 [xido]: Please, if you watch this page, take note:

Hasbro is suing these Indian guys. They made an application, and so did Hasbro, so now the big guys are trying to squash the little guys. It's the age old story; I'm sure most of us have used it a time or two in our own campaigns.

This is the moment of truth.

I do not speak on behalf of the Guild when I say this, but as a human being with goals, dreams, and aspirations to do something with my life.

I have been playing D&D for years. I know we all have bought at least a hundred RPG publications, games, or supplements from Hasbro over the years. Try and add it up for yourself. Now figure that most of us have spent similar money.

I am broke as a joke right now. It's not even funny. It's scary.

I just got in touch with Wizards of the Coast Corporate email in order to work with them in connection to publish WFR-oriented content with the d20 mechanics logo, through my own personal business endeavor with my long-time friend [Torr-maat]. They have given me good replies, and I am awaiting more news.

Now I, like you may be currently, have learned that Hasbro - the makers of Scrabble - are suing these two Indian applications creators (a craftsperson like you or I) in stead og working with them legitimately and ethically in order to better negotiate a method of keeping Scrabulous alive. It mainly has to do with the fact that Hasbro is ALSO releasing an online version of Scrabble, which would mean that THEY MIGHT LOSE PROFITS. O.o

Let me tell you something, Hasbro. I have bought your products for years, and must continue to do so, in order to stay current in my creative field. Don't you DARE tell me that you are willing to squash the little guy for your own benefit, or you will see heinous results!

Now, having said my piece:

I am approaching all moderators of the Guild, as well as those who are willing to listen.

The time is now. If you ever had a dream, if you ever wanted to be something more than you are, and if you have EVER studied ANYTHING to do with business ethics, stand with me now.

To Hasbro: I have purchased your products, and will continue to do so, but if you hurt these Indian boys, I will NEVER play scrabble again... I will NEVER play an online version of Scrabble made by Hasbro... And I will do everything I can to make sure that your profits fail miserably in the face of independent adversity.

We as people are allowed to aspire. Give us an outlet, give us a say, give us back our spending power. We are humans too.

I do not yet speak for the Guild, but the Guild must know. This is not the time to say that it doesn't matter, because it DOES, and it IS important to defend what you believe. I believe that this is corporate insanity at its finest.

To Hasbro: if you want your marketing campaign for 2008 to succeed, you will act in an ethical manner, or you will have the WFR Guild Members acceptance, appreciation, and wealth no longer.

If you are not a member of, I do not encourage you to join a new site that you would not otherwise join. But if you ARE a member, please access the following application, and sign the petition to Save Scrabulous:

Keep watch for more updates. Those of you who have my email, please stay in touch. Guild Knights, you are being called to arms. We are defending the People this time, and it could get gruesome.

Best wishes,

2008-01-19 [Firous]: As a moderator and a Guild Knight I will stand. I am not a member of facebook but if there is any other way to help let me know and I'll walk the path.

2008-01-20 [xido]: Thank you. Noted and appreciated. Please continue to act in an ethical manner, and we will make a proper stance in respect of our potential business clientele.

It is my opinion that this is a moment where Hasbro and Mattel are in a position to do the right thing. I certainly hope that they do.

2008-02-27 subaru: ~walks in~

2008-02-27 subaru: ~sighs~

2008-02-27 subaru: everywhere i go there seems to be only remnents of conversations...but there are no people to be found ~closes eyes and walks away~

2008-02-27 [Kim_Lundin]: ... Well hello o_O

2008-02-27 subaru: -looks around-

2008-02-28 [Kim_Lundin]: Good day, subaru (or whenever you're reading this)

2008-02-28 subaru: i think perhaps we should set a time to speak or...whenever your available, i will be here waiting

2008-02-28 [SilverFire]: Maybe you should join Elftown, then you'd be able to see when people were online, and so forth. :)

2008-02-28 subaru: i think perhaps we should set a time to speak or...whenever your available, i will be here waiting

2008-02-29 subaru: please forgive the reapeated message, yes i believe your right i will register

2012-11-23 [NibblerLove]: hello everyone

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