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This page, as well as all those noted so, are under construction



Wiki Fiction Roleplay Library


This is a page where you can add your own stories, they can be just about anything including fantasy, science-fiction, horror, adventure and pretty much anything else..

WFR Authors

A list of people who have contributed stories to this page.

Adding Stories

This is where you post your Stories for adding them, also contains step-by-step instructions on how to do it.
[(Basically, you makes a wiki-page and adds the story to it, plops a link to the wiki in the correct category and adds your username/alias/whatever.)]

Becoming an Author

This is where you go to become an author.

WFR Informative Pages

A collection of informative pages concerning the WFR Library and Wiki Fiction Roleplay in general.

WFR Library Stories

This page holds the links to all the different genres of stories.


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2008-02-18 [Kim_Lundin]: Okay, the page has been moved from WFR Library to here in order to make the link easier to read.

2008-02-29 [xido]: Absolutely, and I have it on watch now too.

I will try to make sure to give you some direction in how to renovate page names (for those pages which need to be quickly accessible from the web, and which will be published in our books).

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