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Wiki Fiction Roleplayers' Guild
The Online Multinational Role-playing, Gaming, and Creative Literary Arts Guild on Elftown

     Hello Guests, Elftowners, and Guild Members! Welcome to the official wiki-page of the WFR Guild in the Elftown Community. I invite you to take a look around, and please feel free to leave a comment for our members and/or moderators. There is a lot going on around here, and we are always willing to help when we can.

     To see the complete list of Elftown members, please check out the WFR Guild Members List.

     To join the Guild, please apply with a character description (like our template), or a similar writing and/or art piece that you feel demonstrates your RPG, Fiction, and Creative Talents:     WFR Application Page

     All Guild Materials to be coordinated in the WFR_Library

     Please see all new pages and Chapters:
Facebook Chapter (Mods please join) = [@fg6025577803]
D&D Wiki Info page and Group =

     Thanks, and best wishes!
-- The Madraven of 2003-08, [xido]

     For now, the official content page can be seen at:
Wiki Fiction Roleplay Fiction Portions:
 >Wiki Fantasy Roleplay - Fantasy
 >Wiki Sci-Fi Roleplay - SF
 >New - Horror
 >New - Adventure
 >New - Modern / Historical
 >New - WFR_Library

WFR Guild Members

WFR Guild Pages, Mods, & GMs:
 >WFR_Format (new - under construction)

Username (or number or email):


2007-12-02 [xido]: WFR Guild Media has content and media.
Check out the continuing audio commentaries on WFR Guild Audio, if you get a chance.

Note: new audio commentary from [xido] on WFR Guild Audio (2007-12-2)

2007-12-17 xido: The WFR is now mentioned on a non-Elftown, non-Facebook page as informational, and because of this can be termed a relevant reference for concerns from Wikipedia. Because of this, this week will see continuing evolutions in the Guild's information on my Wikipedia user page, so we can send the article in for submission.

See Tubious:

2007-12-20 [xido]: I believe you may be correct, so just in case, I had another plan:

2008-01-14 [xido]: All moderators need to be aware of the comments made by me on xidoraven studios. Please reply to me by email. If you don't know my email, please ask me for it by message.


2008-01-16 [xido]: The Guild should sponsor a fund raiser for Guild funds and an Elftown donation this year. Next year (or when we get big), we can shoot to raise some additional funds to donate to D&D Wiki (

2008-01-16 [xido]: We are still transferring things:
new public info page: Wiki_Fiction_Roleplayers_Guild

That means this page is a quick-link (portal page for those who can't remember long URLs)

2008-01-28 Silverage Sentinel: hey xido its me from the babel con meeting.

2008-01-28 [xido]: Good to see you again. Check out the pages, and hit me an email if you're up for it. I will be posting the transcript for the meeting that I have currently recorded. It will then be posted on the WFR Guild Media pages. The recording was not that great of quality, so I will be typing it instead of posting the audio file.

Best wishes,

2008-01-31 [xido]: Things are moving quickly. All WFR-oriented primary Open Gaming Areas / Open Gaming Area / OGA are being renovated, so that the creative company that [Torr-maat] and I are putting together can self-publish the Jashnia-focused material by, or prior to, Jan. 2009.

If you want to know more about the WFR's Jashnia-related material getting published independently, please see xidoraven studios.

With that said, even some of the internal structures of the WFR pages have been shifted about.

Here's my plan: I think that we have more than enough pages listed on this page right now, that we could use a minimal amount of pages (WFR, Members, Join/App, Library, Genres, Renovations/Updates = 'WFRGuild_News'), and it would be just fine. The Library can host the majority of content that doesn't fit with those other categories, like a catch-all resource center for Members and Guests (yes, guests - not spammers - thank the dehara).

Those are my thoughts. That gargantuan-titled list of pages, mods, etc. - that can all be copied to a better page title(short, and with underscores "_" as opposed to spaces "%20").

When a small list (4-7 primary pages) is put together, we can copy-paste and shift over, and we will send the last big batch private message the Guild will make.

We should ask all Knights and Mods if any of them would be completely opposed to joining Facebook if they have not already, and that we will moderate between there (where responsible mass-msgs can be sent), and a 'WFR Council' forum here. New Members will need to be thoroughly 'Critiqued' (reviewed for skill, integrity, and personality relations during application process and beyond) before we ever grant them access to the Guild Councils.

I chose this because I have operated open groups, and I have operated closed groups. Closed groups make better progress, while open groups get more people who join like they "window shop". The Guild will be open to members from the public, and we will have a closed internal decision-making unit.

Kim, you're in. Amanda, please be with us. Mich, I know you're busy, but you're my Knight dude. Maat... duh. Emily: if she's not in, I'm not in. Firous: .....  Well, I guess Scott can come to.... But he's got to push the limits, and prove his worth in the real world too. If Mathias were still around the town, he'd be in. I have his email address in my Guild account. [Phyn] is still acting like a jerk, to my knowledge. One never knows with that one. I'd ask [SilverFire], but I think she thinks I'm an asshole right now.... That's never good. Angel is out of commission until further notice (*sigh*)... All cannot be well in the world without her right now.....

I think that covers my bases, right? Anybody else that has a bug up there ass to do something cool in the Guild once more? It's 2008, and time for us to shine, my friends.

Oh, and we need some cool quotes, too. You think we need a page/contest for that?

Contests will be big in this summer. xidoraven studios is going to try to provide incentives, at any and all possible costs.

Best wishes to all of you in all you do,
-will (xido, the Madraven)

2008-02-01 [NamelessMerc]: Actually, I was thinking about asking on here for some help. I have a lot of unfinished wiki pages in my RP, Blood of Creation and was wondering whether any of the WFR would be interested in trying to integrate it/ help me finish? The guys I was working with never have the time any more.
I know it's small-fry compared to everyone else's plans, but the attention to detail placed in that RP is huge, and I'm loathe to see it fall into idleness.

2008-02-01 [Kim_Lundin]: I may take a look on it if I get time from/when I finishes the WFR Library. A quick description of what needs be done would be nice.

2008-02-02 [NamelessMerc]: Hm... Well the bare bones are done. We have races, a map, a rough story and classes.

However, I need help with the following:
Class skills.
Trimming the fat.

2008-02-03 [xido]: Merc, if I ever get some time, I will comment on your page about my input.

In the meantime, here's a link:

Your best bet is focusing on setting. Wiki-rps are best suitable for describing a setting or scenario, with optional image hosting. The most effective way to set up a page is to have all the 'summary' info on the main page, with a link to your other info pages. Open Gaming Areas can be established by figuring out locations that need no Moderator in order to RP, and Campaign Gaming Areas can be more closely-monitored pages with more options chosen about how people interact, such as whether to play-by-post in the wiki itself, or in the comments section of that area. The best thing is to consider the mechanics of your game in a campaign, and the setting elements in a more open area. I typically make my first page the main page, link everything from there, and host an Open Gaming Area in the Comments section, where each player and web viewers can post their entries. This method does not allow viewers from the web to edit their posts once they make them, and I believe they only see the last ten comments or so in plain site. I'm not sure if a login is required for that, however. That is how I personally would set up any gaming page. Info is good, but can get in the way of a player actually finding one's game settings. Even from the web, this can be a little difficult with segmented pages like yours currently is set up.

I am being being nitpicky now, so tell me when to stop. If you are looking for more players, I would start setting up games to be viewable and commentable from the web (exported), and do a little formatting with keywords and stuff to get it seen. Otherwise, you are waiting on the shy and sometimes slow Elftown RP community to jump in and get dirty.

That's the thing with our wiki. You have to format it just right, so it is able to be messed within. If you want web viewers (as well as spammers in some instances), exporting is the key. Aside from that, I could only give organizational advice at this point. Campaign concept is a more long-term educational goal of mine at the moment. I swear, if I can get a digital video recorder.....  ;) It's on!

2008-02-05 [NamelessMerc]: Hah, all wounds good Will.
I'm going for a basic d20 setup, GM monitored and party-play. The page has in-depth information in sub-pages with a general overview on the main page with links to sub-pages from that. Currently, all I need to do is work on the detailed pieces like spells etc. to work out likely damages. I can GM myself, when the d20 system is set up, but the guy I was working with on it doesn't have the time any more 'cause he's studying law at Leeds University.
- Scott.

2008-02-09 [xido]: That is story of our lives, Scott. I wish I could tell you differently. There's people that stick around, and others that don't. Can't take offense to it, because that is the way life goes.

We need to define RPG. I am sponsoring the information posted to that page. Wikipedia says: Role-playing_game.

d20 is also a page that could use some work as well. I would like to be informational, such as about the d20 mechanics and branding from All WFR-related d20 mechanics stats that you would like published in WFR material need to be formatted and added to - and if you find the WFR page on there, you may add it to that list as well. After adding anything d20 mechanics, either message me with the URL link, post it here or the WFR Application Page, or all three. WFR Mods will make sure it gets put on a submission list.

Thanks, all.

On another note, I would like any WFR Guild Member, Mod, or Storyteller/GM who would like their campaign setting information published to contact me ASAP, and no later than June 15th, 2008!!! If you know another of the WFR Guild Members, let them know this, so xidoraven studios can have it in front of us when we do our formatting and typesetting for the first .pdf. This submission list may include informational text, d20 mechanics, artwork, media, etc.

Best wishes to you and yours. I hope to go get arrested now for speaking openly in public. Wish me luck. ;)

2008-02-12 [xido]: In case anyone would like to learn other pseudo-html formats, in order to better post on sites like D&D Wiki & Wikipedia, please see:

Also, if you ever want to have something published to a book or the web:

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