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Wiki Fiction Roleplayers' Guild
The Online Multinational Role-playing, Gaming, and Creative Literary Arts Guild on Elftown

     Hello Guests, Elftowners, and Guild Members! Welcome to the official wiki-page of the WFR Guild in the Elftown Community. I invite you to take a look around, and please feel free to leave a comment for our members and/or moderators. There is a lot going on around here, and we are always willing to help when we can.

     To see the complete list of Elftown members, please check out the WFR Guild Members List.

     To join the Guild, please apply with a character description (like our template), or a similar writing and/or art piece that you feel demonstrates your RPG, Fiction, and Creative Talents:     WFR Application Page

     All Guild Materials to be coordinated in the WFR_Library

     Please see all new pages and Chapters:
Facebook Chapter (Mods please join) = [@fg6025577803]
D&D Wiki Info page and Group =

     Thanks, and best wishes!
-- The Madraven of 2003-08, [xido]

     For now, the official content page can be seen at:
Wiki Fiction Roleplay Fiction Portions:
 >Wiki Fantasy Roleplay - Fantasy
 >Wiki Sci-Fi Roleplay - SF
 >New - Horror
 >New - Adventure
 >New - Modern / Historical
 >New - WFR_Library

WFR Guild Members

WFR Guild Pages, Mods, & GMs:
 >WFR_Format (new - under construction)

Username (or number or email):


2008-02-12 [xido]: In case anyone would like to learn other pseudo-html formats, in order to better post on sites like D&D Wiki & Wikipedia, please see:

Also, if you ever want to have something published to a book or the web:

2008-02-21 that guy:

2008-03-01 [xido]: 5-year anniversary graphic for later this year (the WFR was born by [Maedilynn] on 2003-04-03, at 02:26:33, named the Wiki Fantasy Roleplay... If you don't believe me, see version 1 of that page.):


There will be a contest later this year to design a better badge for our members who entered before the five-year anniversary, along with others. More to come...

I would like to know if there are any willing and involved people who would liked to be considered to be a Guild Guard or sworn in as a Guild Knight (Moderator/Organizer)...?

2008-03-11 [xido]: Important update for me:
I joined Pretty cool site for RPGers and Gamers:

Secondly, and update for others:
If you have not already joined the RPGA, I am inviting you to do so under the premise that it is an established organization that we can cooperatively work with in order to best affect the role-playing, gaming, fiction literature, and fiction fan communities at large. I do not make claims of its corporate ethical policies, receptivity to our Guild structure and/or organization, nor to its continuing/lasting effect on the Guild's activites and operations. I am merely seeking a professional affiliation before I hand the Guild over to another person in leadership.

This idea of joining the RPGA is NOT a required action for every Elftown Guild Member to take. It requires a sincere and thoughtful decision, and if you are a minor (under 18 years old), you will be required to provide a parent's signature. It is very easy to do by email or snail mail, and is completely free to join.

Being a member of Elftown eliminates the need for that, since we have Elftown Guards here for the Community and houses, and Guild Guards and Knights to protect the sanctity of the Multinational Earth and Elftown publics. The Guid Knights are all made to swear an Oath of the Sword in order to protect Elftown, the Guild, and the People of our world, Earth, from any and all dangers, including members of our own race of Earth humanity. This is not something that we take up lightly, for it is a solid oath to protect what is right, and what is just.

Through joining the RPGA, you are assuming a more credible and talented position in the RPG community at large, and creating a good reputation for the presnt, past, and future WFR Guild Members of our own home.

With the passing of a dear and great legend, E. Gary Gygax, I have asked Kim to prepare a small written piece to signify the meaning of this Great Journeyer to the Guild, and to the planet Earth (whom I call Tiamat).

Kim's post will come when it is ready, as we are all very busy with many great things.

Please join me now as I say that the time is ripe for the Guild to show its true colors and be involved in the world, and in the name of the hobbies, passion, communities, and more that we hold so dear.

Best wishes to all of you and your loved ones,
-will thompson, xido and Madraven

2008-03-17 [xido]: Beginning the template process for WFR pages:
Template Guide

Also, any publication of Guild content will be accomplished in the final stages (InDesign and .pdf compilations) by the xsnet segment, the Krewe of Harpocrates. This is one portion of the xidoraven studios network. All volunteers who wish to be involved in the project must comment on the Krewe's page to be involved.

2008-03-19 [xido]: The Elftown Academy class on role-play has been invited to help work on a group-created definition of the term for our own pages. Their class page is an official Elftown page, but the info page could be a great way for Guild Members to get involved in helping shape up Elftown's wiki once more.

I also added the Facebook group here, as well as our info page that I made on D&D Wiki. I will be composing a page about them and their projects on D&D Wiki.

I am hoping to have the Guild sponsor some contests this year to celebrate our five-year anniversary on April 3rd. I will post updates here as I make time to work on them.

2008-04-03 [xido]: Everyone needs to be aware of something, and begin an open discussion here on this page to say what we feel the Guild is all about, and what we want to say and know, and have talked about at BabelCon this year.

This is a forum post in the RPGA community discussion boards, relating to the RPG Association, of which I am a member and Herald GM. I am hosting a discussion this July on the Guild, the RPGA, and how roleplaying is crucial to a creative and productive society.

What is the Guild about you? What do you know? What do you want to know more about?

We have two-six hours of time that we can host some great Q&A sessions with viewers and convention participants. Chances are that your questions could lead to bigger questions, which then lead to even bigger things still (if you can believe it)... So, what is on your mind?

All people need to be aware of this message if they are a Guild Member. Mods, I need at least one bit of input from each of you.

Thanks and best wishes,

(Happy birthday today, Guild. Five years around the earth-sun. I still only speak English and Spanish... I think that means I'm behind the ball on being international... :/)

2008-04-06 [NamelessMerc]: Geh >.<; that made my brain hurt.
So complex...

(Does that count as input? XD)

2008-04-09 xidoraven: Kind of, but not really. I know I'm confusing.

What are your thoughts on the Guild? Ideas, critiques? Questions, concerns for new players? Ideas for things that continuing members can do?

Also, a link to completely uninvolved content:

2008-04-10 [NamelessMerc]: To be honest I knid of like the guild as it is. Enforced participation would be nice though. I know so many roleplays where people start out posting several times a week, if not a day, but after a while it slowly starts to dry up. In my opinion, members should be whipped into posting on a guild-sponsored rp once a week, if possible, or risk having their characters taken out of the game.

<.<; >.>; I'm an rp nazi, deal with it. *Big smile*

*Edit*: The participation thing is, of course, not limited to roleplays. That was just a convenient example, seeing as I've just posted in one.

2008-04-11 [xido]: Enforced participation based on a standard requirement in Campaign Gaming Areas / CGA would be fine as a standard, with each storyline group being able to set its own required slot/posts.

Enforced access on Elftown would not be very effective. Elftown Members pay no dues, and Local Chapter Members and Guests would likely either not take kindly to enforced logins, especially those Local Chapter Members (who pay dues), or feel less inclined to post as a Guest in Open Gaming Areas / OGA.

RP Nazism in moderated quantities is okay sometimes. I think a storyteller or GM who sees a genuine lack in player participation from someone for a large sum of time can creatively work the character out until the player returns to creatively work back in. Chances are if the person isn't that great, the group will notice and simply have a more difficult time accepting them seriously. This could be both beneficial and dangerously clique-like, so I think we should maintain moderation on that particular subject and try to focus on making people feel welcome on the site until they start doing stupid crap.

Also, on the Local Chapter Member dues subject, what - in your opinion - would be an adequate price to put in for dues to be an offline Member of a Local Chapter (non-Elftowner)?

Keep in mind that we have no current expenses, and that we are not really focused on any singular goal except to give the Guild the platform it needs to best serve the online community and its Local Members. In local terms, this could translate into a group, table/chairs, food, paper/ink, supplies/media, and technology for the groups.

All current and future transactions made in the Guild's name will be recorded and archived on WFR_Treasury. Would you feel like being a Treasurer with [Yralin] and one-two others?

What would make the video recorded meeting interesting aside from insane wackiness? What insane wackiness would you want to see?

2008-04-13 [NamelessMerc]: The Treasury? Hm, sounds like a good idea to me. I'll need to look into the whole thing, but I'm always looking for a more active role.

For insane wackiness, I think you really just need to take it to an extreme visually. Everyone makes jokes, pre-scripted witty banter etc., but not many people have the guts to, I don't know, dress as embodiments and be recorded doing so. Especially not in an interview.

2008-04-20 [xido]: Ooh, an embodiment would be fun, but I am on a tight budget. I'll ask around for costume effects. That really should make for a good panel, especially since I am also running the gaming room at the convention... Either I will have the costume prepared to put on right before the discussion, or I will simply wear it all day that day. Either way, it should end up being quite amusing, I'm sure (providing I can pull it off). Good idea, Scott. ;)

Yes, the Treasury will surely become important in the eventual sales of characters, which should become commonplace. We also need someone in the Guild who is a designated person to chage ownership of pages once bought/sold between members. Dinaari will be the official Guild currency, and the currency of Elftown's Open Market. ;)

I want to hold a design contest for the Dinaari (both sides of a gold coin). That way, Elftowners and Elfwoodians have a chance to put in on our new ideas, instead of us all sitting by, trying to come up with the ideas ourselves.

I do know what I want to put into the publication, and what kind of imagery we'll need. I want to hold a huge series of contests this year for designs and illustrations.

See the Elftown ivy on the left-side of the page? I want to hold an official ET Contest to re-design a repeating image for that as well, and utilize a new and longer ivy image in the publication to correlate to the book's design.

Any input for who I should dress as, or simply something in genre of fantasy/SF?

2008-04-20 [xido]: I asked my buddy who is running the anime track at the convention if he knew anyone for costumes. We'll see if that happens.

Here's the flyer for the convention:

2008-04-23 [xido]: Okay, just to repeat myself, in case anyone is just now catching this conversation:

I made a post that can be read on Wizards' forums for the RPG Association (with mildly distasteful response thus far) about the ideas I was considering for this July's BabelCon video-recorded panel discussion on the WFR Guild and the RPGA organizations.

I also spoke with a friend who is a fellow organizer for the BabelCon group's anime track, and aside from us talking about anime-oriented RPG topics, he had some other highly relevant topics for us to cover, even if only to re-state what some of us might think is familiar information, or which I may not have covered previously:

- Online Chapters/sites: (Elftown, D&D Wiki, Facebook, Other)  Any specific questions or ideas for outsiders and guests of the convention?

- Local Chapters: fees, time of meetings, ethical and mature behavior at events/meetings/games

- Both: games/genres played/covered, help with becoming a roleplayer or Guild Member/wikier (assistance for noobs), laws/regs & organizational methods, guards & knights on Elftown, input (suggestions/renovations)

I thought all of these were great topics for me to bring up and discuss, and there will be a heavy Q&A session with those participating in the panel's audience. I thought I might cover the typical problems associated with stereotypical negative social aspects in any gaming community, and particularly online: Mythos Lords, Rules Nazis, and War-Torn Veterans.

I also need to figure out how many countries of the world we have Guild Members within (until now)...

At some point shortly, I may be able to pull off putting up some documents that I have in my head too, like a printable application and Member Local Chapter documentation that Mods and Facilitators can use later if/when other groups begin to form locally elsewhere. I will be talking a little about the Guild and RPGA at our first local roleplayers meetup group in Baton Rouge this Saturday, but I do not expect to hop on board very quickly except my friend Robbie, who will be attending with me. I most likely will not have the opportunity to record the session audibly, unless I pull off something wickedly fast and nearly miraculous.

Any more input from anyone?

2008-04-27 [xido]: Hello again, everyone! I wanted to give an update on what is happening on the Local Chapter idea I had been playing around with for quite a while now...

The local roleplayers meetup group that met yesterday for this first time was a big success, and seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say about the Guild and our methods. I got a little input from them, including the facilitator, Naiomi:

"The page was interesting but I was confused as to what to do or where to go. I don't know what to do on the page. I have never used a Wiki before."

These are genuine and revelant concerns, and something this page should address. I would be willing to do some edits here with input.

The big things that we need to make clear to newcomers are:
how to join (Application & Process - players, storytellers/GMs)
our members (Member List)
where are the games? (Games List)
how to use a wiki to play with others (we still need this part)

To answer those questions:
WFR Application Page
WFR Guild Members
WFR Games
Upcoming Info & Rules pages

Please do not watch these pages permanently, as their titles may change as we progress. At some point we will have a good master list that does not need editing anymore....

I can easily say that this Guild is going somewhere if we all can simply come together to discuss on a single page and/or topic. The potential for the Local Chapter, and the Discussion this July are going to be two big steps forward for the group, and if nothing else we will serve as a new worldwide gaming organization that focuses on facets of gaming that few other groups do (like the RPG Association, who only focuses on the playing of games themselves instead of the creative aspects of the hobby and fiction genres).

In case anyone would like to see which meetup is being talked about when I say that my local group meets:

More to come on these fronts! ;)
Best wishes,

2008-10-16 Romansage: Hm...this whole Guild thing sounds and looks interesting so far. I found this by chance, but it looks like something worth trying. *Continues looking around*

2008-12-28 [xido]: Yes, well, it could all use a good cattle prodding by a hopeful and motivated member... ;)

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