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Suggestions for improvements, renovations, updates and more.

Past Renovations Updated01

Upcoming renovations:

Wiki Fiction Roleplay – Statement about integration moved/edited, Images and formatting, more info

Wiki Fantasy Roleplay– need new WFR Guild Member Badge BADLY!, Re-organization, and statement about revisions. Equalize [Creature_List@wiki], WFR Guild Pages, Mods, & GMs description, lose statement about CL, WFR Char Race Page, and add a description to WFR Renovations and Updates

The first and official RPG Guild of Elftown.

See Also: The Wiki Sci-fi Roleplay

Welcome to the Wiki Fantasy Roleplay. This fantasy roleplay has been set up as an escape for all you other avid roleplayers out there who are also avid wikiers. If you're a rook to the WFR - Wiki Fantasy Roleplay - you'll want to know a bit about what exactly it is we do here, no?
The Wiki Fantasy Roleplay's main aim is to give all advanced roleplayers in Elftown a chance to roleplay fantasy with others like them.
This is an ongoing roleplay, meaning that good Roleplayers will naturally post setting-storylines throughout. Please remember that you will be playing the same character in the same environement, maintaining relationships with other characters over an extended period of time. If you are in two places at once, it should be made apparent what time it is , in contrast with other wiki posts, and how you got from each place to the other. I feel this is the best way to roleplay. Hopefully we will be able to get some sort of a mass-wiki plot developing, but for now we're just going to roleplay in a more or less basic fantasy/medieval roleplay environment.

The WFR was originally created to house only original fantasy roleplaying.
Now, with the help of [Nightshadow], the WSFR, our sci-fi sister site, is now ready to work toward the future goals of storytellers here on Elftown!

- Character Page – Equalize Role Playing for Dummies, WFR Lost Characters, and Anarchs in Limbo NEW BADGE! x2
- WFR Application Page - Add WFR Character Example, and place WFR Character Template there. Reorganize – intro about applying, what to post, links to examples and WFR Rules & Guidelines, equalize with WFR Char RACE Page and WFR Char RANK Page. Add Text Adventures second word. Add Make me a Psion!, and shrink the template text. Enlarge Secondary Characters title portion. Moderator / Commentator List.
- WFR Guild Members – add NEW BADGE, reformat player/games/character list wiki (add char wikis to char list wiki), dividers, links at bottom/top, Moderator list.
- WFR Char RANK Page – add Sci-Fi Ranks Page link after terms. Change ‘Classes’ to Ranks/Roles/Professions/Status/Social Level. Add content to Titles and Ranks. Format Links, lose Integrate info after integration.
o Professions, Roles and Classes©:
Commoner Classes - ...

Nobility Classes - ...

Sage Classes - ...

Warrior Classes - ...

Soldier Classes - ...

Martial Artist Classes - ...

Sorcerer Classes - ...

Wizard Classes - ...

Druid Classes - ...

Cleric Classes - ...

Rogue Classes - ...(Scout Classes)

Bard Classes - ...

Mage Fighters - ...
o Prestige Classes©
Weapon Specialist Prestige Class

Mage Killer Prestige Class

Dragon Knight Prestige Class

Elementalist Prestige Class

Master Necromancer Prestige Class

Favored of Nature Prestige Class

Divine Messenger Prestige Class

Divine Healer Prestige Class

Infiltrator Prestige Class

Dungeon Specialist

Sniper Prestige Class

Arcane Knight prestige Class

Blessed Crusader Prestige Class

Animal Lord prestige Class

Stalker Prestige Class
- WFR Char RACE Page – add Wiki Fiction/Fantasy Roleplay link in title. Reformat links, add Dividers, lose integration info after integrated on race pages, re-describe:

   Amid the boundless groves of forest, barren wastelands of desert, and furious jagged mountains of the fantasy realms, the heart of the roleplay experience is the player's character, which can arrive into life from many various races and backgrounds. The most common and valuable are listed below, beginning with humanoid races, and extending far into the vast reaches of other conscious and monstrous species.

o Unformatted, Formatted, UNder Construction, Ready for Revisions, Complete
o Humanoids:
 Human Races  R/C
Dwarven Races  F
Elven Races  N
Gnome Races  F
Halfling Races  F
o Fae and Sylvan Races:
 Centaur Races  N
Satyr Races  F
Faerie Races  N
o Draconic and Monstrous Races:
 Gargoyle Races  N
Goblinoid Races F
Reptilian Races  F
Beastial Races  F
Draconic Races  N
Planar Races  U
Aquatic Races  U
Subterranean Races  U
Undead Races  U
Giant Races  U
Wild and Savage Races  U

- Creature_List – talk with [Angel Dreamer] about system and renovations.

A list of creatures of the fantasy worlds.
Alright, long past time for a resemblance of order to this thing. This is a list of fantasy creatures only. They're in alphabetical order. Also, feel free to add to a creature's description on a wiki page, (ie, vampire). Italicized creatures (aeon) currently do not have a description-if you know one, add it! If they are italicized and have an asterick (*), then that page is unclaimed by the creature_list, so it may have other people's stuff on it. Just change the wiki link to a different page by adding 'description' on the end (angel description instead of angel) and message [Angel Dreamer] with the change. All pages should be changed ownership to [Angel Dreamer] and any passwords deleted before changing it over, allowing for better management of the list. 
If you do add anything to one of the descriptions, kindly leave a message at the bottom of this page saying what you did.

Another note: There is now a password to this page, to cut down on people randomly editing and not saying what they added. If you want to add a creature, you must message [Angel Dreamer] with the name of the creature and a description.
Wiki Fantasy Roleplay

- Text Adventures – change Guild banner/badge, and keep linking new link instead of Text.
- WFR Games – reorganization and outlining w/ section links, new descriptions.
- WFR Quests – add info on Lune, Blue Ocean, Dysphasia, Kanaal, Athos/World of Naidi, outlining w/ section links.
- Androntel Academy – integrate fully from AndrontelAcademy, include school standard (from [Angel Dreamer]), add Androntel Lounge and Café, change/add banner for Guild and Academy itself.
- RPG Library – organize and reformat.
- WFR Guild Pages, Mods, & GMs – change title to Wiki Fiction Roleplay, segment along scifi/fantasy lines, reorganize, reformat.

The Guild and all pages have been undergoing a major renovation since 11/2005, and will continue to be working in this manner until all Guild-sponsored pages are fully updated and moderated by active, willing Guild Members. The Guild and all supported pages are active and accessible, and a final post will be made when the renovations are 100% complete. Thank you for your patience and support!

The following pages are under construction:
-Talents, Feats, Skills & Abilities
-WFR CHAR Race Page
-WFR CHAR Rank Page
-WFR Art and Contests (WFR Artwork and Images/Celtic Graphics for Ideas)
-Info Pages: -Guild Knights -Guild Council -Guild Representatives -Guild Mystics -Guild Resident Artists -Guild Guards -Game Moderator/Game List -Guild Support and Sponsorship -Elftown Open RPG (Guild-sponsored pages, etc)

The following pages are being renovated:
-WFR Quests
-WFR Main Guild Page : Wiki Fantasy Roleplay and integrating the Wiki Sci-Fi Roleplay into the Guild, so as to form a Wiki Fiction Roleplay.
-WFR Games
-WFR Guild Pages, Mods, & GMs
-WFR Renovations and Updates
-WFR Rules & Guidelines
-WFR Guild Members and Guild Support Application System
-Wiki Sci-Fi Roleplay Integration into WFR Guild System

The following pages need your opinions, comments, and contributions:
Size, Alignment, Talents, Feats, Skills & Abilities, WFR Char Race Page and WFR Char Rank Page, WFR Quests, WFR Renovations and Updates (always seeking more ways to be better at what we do and have at our disposal), WFR Rules & Guidelines, WFR Application Page (cause every n00b deserves at least one set of eyes that know what's going on to tell them what's up), WFR Art and Contests (as well as info on who is a 'Resident Artist' of the Guild)


ALL WFR Pages:

Wiki Fantasy Roleplay - [xido] (Guild HeadMaster)

Text Adventures Archive - [SilverFire] (Guild Representative)

Role Playing for Dummies - [Lunnie] (Guild Representative)

WFR Application Page - [Leara] (Prime Moderator)
Assistant Moderators: [Blood Raven], [Nightshadow]

WFR Character Template - [Raerlas] (Prime Moderator)
(Assistant Mods)

Character SIZE and ALIGNMENT, Talents, Feats, Skills & Abilities All personal traits and characteristics - [xido] (Prime Constructor), open for additions and comment

Make me a Psion! for psionic or mentally-powerful classes to audition with [Nightshadow] (Prime Moderator)

WFR CHAR Race Page - [xido] (Prime Constructor)
Assistant Moderators: [Linn Scarlett], [Blood Raven]
WFR CHAR Rank Page - [Blood Raven] (Prime Constructor)
Assistant Moderators: [Linn Scarlett], [Kim_Lundin]

Creature_List - [Angel Dreamer] (Prime Moderator)
Assistant Moderator?: [Linn Scarlett]?

WFR Games - [Cougar] and [Nightshadow] (Prime Moderators)
Assistant Moderators: [Blood Raven], [Kim_Lundin]

WFR Lost Characters - [Kim_Lundin] (Guild Knight, Mod)
Limbo's List of Lifeless Anarchs - [xido] (Prime Constuctor, Guild Planar Warrior)

WFR Guild Pages, Mods, & GMs - [Raerlas] (Prime Moderator)
Assistant Moderators: [xido], [Nightshadow], [Kim_Lundin]

WFR Quests - [Blood Raven] (Prime Moderator)
Assistant Moderators: [Cougar], [Kim_Lundin]

Androntel Academy - [Angel Dreamer] (owner and Dean)
(Assistant Mods)

Elftown Open RP Pages:
Elftown Open Marketplace - [Firous] and [Pinkdonkey] (Prime Moderators)
Elftown Water Fountain - as above, (Assistant Mods)

Contest Page: Elftown Water Fountain Design Contest - [xido] and Judges (...)

WFR Renovations and Updates - [Kim_Lundin] and [Firous] (Prime Moderators)
Assistant Moderators: [xido], [Blood Raven], [Pinkdonkey], [Nightshadow], [Leara], [Cougar]

WFR Rules & Guidelines - [Kim_Lundin] and [Juraviel]? (Prime Moderators)
Assistant Moderators: [xido], [Nightshadow], [Blood Raven], [Leara]

WFR GUILD MEMBERS Page (Previously 'The League of Accepted Characters') - [Leara] and [Blood Raven] (Prime Moderators)

WFR Art and Contests (WFR Artwork and Images/Celtic Graphics for Ideas) - [xido] (Prime Constructor)
Assistant Moderators: [Leara], [Sunny Silverunicorn], [Kim_Lundin], [Nightshadow], [Blood Raven], [SilverFire], [iippo]

Wiki Sci-Fi Roleplay - [Nightshadow],
WSFR Character Page - "
WSFR Application Page - "
Sci-Fi Races Page - "
Sci-Fi Ranks Page - "
(WSFR should be fully integrated into the WFR and the Guild....One single guild, Emily can have more access to WFR App page liberties and acceptance of modern/scifi chars and WFR app template additions, etc.)

[Raerlas], [Cougar], [Juraviel], [Linn Scarlett], [Sunny Silverunicorn], [Firous],

Contact xido [xido] for more, or see xido's personal updates for general guidelines for what's to come.
If your name is not up here, and you have been told that you are a Moderator and given a password, you may add your name up on this list, under Asking: or to whatever page(s) we had decided you could work on.
This a guild-wide project, and is now officially underway.

All pages should have a Prime Moderator, and any assistant Mods that they deem necessary. All page Mods are finalized by me, [xido] after nomination and Prime Mod acceptance. Only a select few individuals should be Prime Mod of more than one page, and only under certain circumstances. No one should be overworked, and Mods can be assistant Mod to any page they can handle being a part of.

Guild Moderators (and titles):
-[xido] Guild HeadMaster
-[Nightshadow] Guild Council Representative, Guild Guard
-[Leara] Guild Council Representative, Guild Guard
-[SilverFire] Guild Representative
-[Lunnie] Guild Representative
-[iippo] Guild Representative
-[Kim_Lundin] Guild Knight, Prime Moderator
-[Blood Raven] Guild Knight, Prime Moderator
-[Firous] Guild Guard, ET Open RP Representative
-[Pinkdonkey] Guild Guard, ET Open RP Representative
-[Raerlas] Guild Guard, Prime Moderator
-[Linn Scarlett] Guild Guard, Game Moderator
-[Angel Dreamer] Prime Moderator
-[Cougar] Prime Moderator
-[Juraviel] Guild Guard
-[Sunny Silverunicorn] Guild Mystic

Resident Artists:
-[Sunny Silverunicorn]

Game Moderators (and their wikis):
-[xido] (too many)
-[Nightshadow] (Ionnya, ...)
-[Raerlas] (Kingdom of Dae'Vyhir, ...)
-[Angel Dreamer] (Androntel Academy, ...)
-[Duredhel] (Realms of Lemire, ...)
-[Linn Scarlett] (Realm of Evernight ...)

- WFR Renovations and Updates – official Guild statement about continuing renovations and future evolution. Outline and reformat for additional: What updates have been done?, What updates still need work?, ET Input/Comment page…
- WFR Rules & Guidelines – add info about Guide to the Pseudo HTML on Elftown, Wiki-link,
o WFR Guild Standard – move from R&G to its own page
o R&G Input ideas and considerations on its own page
o Games Systems and Copyright Statement
WFR Game Systems and Copyright Statement
WFR Rules & Guidelines

When considering what sort of story, plot elements, style and rules to integrate into your wiki-game setting, a common use of published information can often be a big help, whether from a novel or similar publication... One of the most inspirational, standardized, thorough and mostly understandable methods is by using a published campaign, game system or roleplaying supplemental material, and its commonly-used inferences, statistics and information.

   The WFR is a proud proponent of originality and creative writing. We also understand that many players and Game Moderators will utilize published game systems materials in their stories and games, not because they lack originality, but because most often the published material is widely-known and readily available, so that Moderators can put more time into playing with their peers instead of posting huge informational pages. (Mind you, we like info pages too, though.)

   All Guild Members and Elftowners are asked to understand and follow procedures for referencing copyrighted, published, and original material and information. Please understand that anything dubbed 'd20-system-specific' is in violation of abusing the use of a trademark gaming method. However, the use of any sided die/dice, percentile, math methods, etc. are applicable to any game or story, under the decision of the wiki's Game Moderator, and that any system can be developed or used that suits the GM's and Player's fancy, provided it stays legal (including gambling... fantasy only, boys!). Please be aware of the Uploading Art Rules, and Copyright and Intellectual Property Information, and exercise rationality and professionalism in creating new or inspired stories, games, characters, campaigns, etc.
o Guild Auditions and Character Pages
WFR Guild Auditions and Character Page Information
WFR Rules & Guidelines

All Guild members are to understand one thing: We are only serious about one thing: Respect.
If you want to goof, it's cool, but be respectful to others in your goofing, whoever they may be, or for whatever reason you think is sufficient.
Just plain don't do that. Like the Guild Standard says, Don't be an Asshole, easy enough.

We have a few things we've learned about Roleplaying around here.

We prefer original characters that you yourself made.

We prefer to play in locations where we know GMs will help us and post with us.

We prefer that you not steal any media, whether visual, written, or otherwise, and breaking anyone's copyright is called plagiarism and is legally punishable. If you enjoy media from ANYWHERE other than your own head and want to display it somewhere, you'd better know where you got it, have asked someone, or at least made an effort of advertising the URL, name, location and contact details of the site, source or organization where you found it.
I, [xido], personally endorse Wizards of the Coast/Dungeons & Dragons, and often post content from their site.
I think they are a wonderful source of information and excellent images and media. Please cite all materials used on your wikis. Do not post any of these pictures on your house, they will be removed.

We prefer that you audition by applying with a Character Bio on the WFR Application Page. After you're in, you're a Guild Member of the greatest RP Guild in Elftown, and eligible for all Guild benefits and titles, as well as invited to advertise your wikis here on the Guild's RP pages.
You can only bypass the WFR App Page in very rare, certain instances, and it sure better be cool by [xido], [Leara], [Nightshadow] and/or [Blood Raven].

We prefer to nominate others for Guild positions, and Guild titles are earned and bestowed, not given out like candy. You have to earn your keep around here with time and effort.

We prefer that no one RPing in any Guild wiki use such actions that would be deemed 'Power-playing', 'God-modding', or any other impervious, I-cannot-be-destroyed method of posting in our creative, free-form, fun roleplay sessions.


Originality in characters is greatly appreciated, an original character often has a higher chance of being accepted, just remember to follow the guidelines.

Don't go about and change other's characters if there's something wrong, give hints in the comments, but don't change.

When making your first character, put the ENTIRE description on the Application Page. Secondary characters can be placed on a separate wiki (named after the character) and then placed in the appropriate field on the Application Page.

You don't have to make a character description for NPC:s (Non-Player Characters), since they probably won't stick around for too long.

All planeswalkers must take a test first, and be a part of the Realmwalkers' Guild. See forum posting [71994] or contact [xido] for details.

A long character description often means that you've gotten all that is needed in it, and the more details you add, the better.

No gods... - Generally Accepted by mods all over the world

A character can't be accepted before EVERYTHING needed is added. and all issues are solved.

Obvious rule: No stealing characters from games, movies or books. Inspiration: OK. Stealing: nono

Use sentences in Character Descriptions, not lists. A list is boring to read.

People with already accepted characters can give hints on what to change in descriptions to make it better (removing godhood, fixing errors, etc.) but it's up to the mods to actually accept the character. These comments are to be posted as Comments on the wiki where the character is, only moderators can post comments below the characters (as seen on the WFR Application Page).

Modern characters are to be sent to Wiki Sci-fi Roleplay.

If you have a really powerful character, ask the GM before starting to play.

When writing a description, focus more on what the CHARACTER looks like, rather than what kind of clothes he/she wears. Clothes may change, but the character probably keeps looking the same for some time.

Try to avoid completely pointless comments in your character. Even though they may be funny, they can also be very irritating if it goes too far.

Mods, if you always remember to message players when their character's accepted you won't have to answer "Where's my character?" questions and try to remember where all characters are put.

When applying, do your best to impress the mods, your application is what shows them if you're a good roleplayer or not, so make sure you show off your writing skills and creativity.

You are allowed to play royalty, but please ask the GM of the place you want to be king/queen/prince/princess/etc. of first.

Never, under no circumstance, put in your description what other people think of your character. Phrases like "Her eyes make you melt", "You get a strong feeling you want to hug him" or "As soon as you see her you fall in love" will NOT get you accepted.

Avoid "Child of Satan" characters, first off: Satan doesn't exist in WFR, there are Demon and Devil Lords, but none of them is named "Satan". Second: Those characters are often really difficult to play well, and also has a tendency to get too powerful.

Remember to fully explain how your character's skills and powers work. This is especially necessary when those power run a risk of causing god-modding.

This is a fantasy world, so no America, Asia, Europe or any of those places exist.

Try to check your spelling, your character can't be accepted if the mods can't read the description.

Description are to be written in third person, no I, me, mine.

You are free to create NPC's in your roleplays without them having to go through the acceptance process.

o Psions, Outsiders, and Powerful Characters – info on powerful characters and Make me a Psion!
o Guild Supported and Sponsored Pages – info on how to gain Guild support, and how the Guild Sponsors its own pages to further the causes of good Roleplay and new objectives
o Wiki Moderation and Playing – info about free-form or styled RP sessions and wiki play and moderation thereof. Include Player interaction in content.
The WFR Guild Standard of
Wiki Moderation and Playing
WFR Rules & Guidelines

o WFR Guild Knights and Guards – info on the Guild Guards, and their leaders, the Guild Knights, as well as how the Guild deals with troublemakers, hooligans and wiki-crashers.
o Guild Member and Game Moderators – info on what it is to be a player, Guild member, Game Moderator, and basics on what people in the guild actually do.
o Guild Moderator Job Duties – a full list of the duties and roles of official Guild Page Moderators, as well as who they are and how they can best do their job. This is also a resource list for those who will succeed the current members if/when they choose to leave Elftown and Guild Active Membership.
WFR Guild Moderator Job Duties and Pages
WFR Rules & Guidelines
WFR Guild Pages, Mods, & GMs
o Originality and Inspiration – what it is to create and develop unique, original roleplay concepts, and how inspiration differs from plagiarism.
o Guild and Game House Rules – info on what the Guild sees as common and courteous roleplay, including the basic house rules of posting and acting as a Guild member.
WFR Guild and Game House Rules
WFR Rules & Guidelines


What is a 'House Rule', you say? It is any rule...
o WFR Glossary of Terms – a full list of used and helpful terms used in wiki roleplay, in tabletop systems/campaigns, and on Elftown in general.
o WSFR Integration Statement and methods for Guild membership (integrate player list of WSFR onto WFR Guild Members
o Helpful wikis listed on RPG Library

Wiki Sci-Fi Roleplay – full integration of members into WFR Guild, links to relevant pages from scifi to fantasy and vice versa
- move WSFR Character Page members to the WFR Guild Members page
- All SF/Modern/Future-Fantasy characters will be asked to apply with the WSFR Application Page, but members will still be featured on WFR Guild Members
- Sci-Fi Races Page and Sci-Fi Ranks Page should have viable and relevant links between them and their WFR counterparts, but remain a parallel character creation process.
- Add Jeriah Galaxy and The Planet Earth to WFR Games under a Sci-Fi Games Portion of the page.

Username (or number or email):


2006-01-05 [Linn Scarlett]: hmm I'll see what i can do oh great overlord ;)

2006-01-06 [Pinkdonkey]: I didn't quite understand the news ... do you basically want experienced rpers to rp in the Marketplace or Elftown Water Fountain so they can get some new players to come along and recruit promising WFR players ? O.o

2006-01-13 [xido]: Experienced/Guild members to rp there when they can, and show newbies the ropes, so it can be an open rp area for ALL ELFTOWNERS, regardless of guild membership, but still technically a guild page because guild members mod it by hanging out and BSing with anybody that shows up.... Portals can go anywhere, anything is possible, just so long as the areas can be brought back to their original forms when the adventure has finished... so this means those pages need mods, technically... someone who can clean up the page when it gets cluttered, post that the area returns to normal after the spell wears off, make archived story pages for old content, etc... anyone interested in that project?

2006-01-13 [xido]: Also, anyone interested in the Official Role-Playing Tournament should definitely sign up. This is an official Elftown RP contest, and the judges have specific criteria that they have been TRAINED to score on... so it should be good. I personally am joining, for something new and intersting to try out, as if I do not have enough to do already... Amen? ;) We can dream, right? I will win it for the guild, and make sure we get ours too. ;) Wish the gladiators luck... it could get gruesome. x.xp

2006-01-13 [Firous]: I just entered the tournament...I'm kinda excited. And if you need help with the Marktetplace and the Elftown Water Fountian I am willing to lend my characters to do the job.

2006-01-14 [Pinkdonkey]: I'll enter too if I get the time too cook up a new char ... and I'm interested in guiding newbies in the Marketplace or other rps like that !

2006-01-15 [xido]: Elftown Open Marketplace (can utilize gates to the Marketplace or Market, both currently WFR pages and unused for the most part)...and the REAL Elftown Water Fountain currently Eltown Water Fountain... Pink and Firous, you can both be involved as much as you choose with this project, and I encourage you to do so, and will make you mods of those pages if you can handle it. I also was thinking about the WFR sponsoring a contest for the Elftown water Foutain design... maybe WFR only, but probably ET-wide (if the winner is a non-guild member, they will receive my invitation to become one... but then, all of the contest participants may apply too)...

2006-01-16 [Firous]: I wouldn't mind being a mod. I have the time. As for the design...I don't know which would be better. though if it is ET wide we will get a wider selection.

2006-01-20 [Pinkdonkey]: I really don't have much time to spend on ET; but I'll be glad to help Firous when I'm on.

2006-01-20 [Linn Scarlett]: I am in the middle of my exams right now, but as soon as i am off i'd love to help again X.O

2006-01-21 [xido]: Any guild member can (and is recommended to) put forward any amount of help in story, setting, plot, actions, etc on those open RP pages, the marketplace and water fountain areas. Soon a contest for the fountain design will be posted on the ET news, and everyone is invited to compete. More details will be released as I get them done.  ;) Pink, Fir and Linn, you may do as you see fit. As long as those pages stay organized, and long rps get moved to archived pages, I'm happy, and you're moderating. x.o) I will keep a look in on all of that, and watch all those pages. Thanks guys..

2006-01-21 [Linn Scarlett]: okidoki ^_^

2006-01-24 [Raerlas]: hmm...i'm going to have to visist new pages...should be fun to see whats happening with the new ones.

2006-02-06 [xido]: the open rpg pages? should be fun I think... fun for everyone, not just the guild... now to get the right advertising....

2006-02-18 [Raerlas]: ech...were to do that/

2006-06-19 [xido]: No, this list not complete, because in most instances it only contains what is presently posted, not what it will become....  Also, this list is not formatted to be ET html.... So when that is finished and all is compiled to be edited, this will be updated as well....  ;)

2007-01-24 [xido]: (This was an email I sent to my school group coordinators, regarding an online creative writing guild in the Commons. Ideas from it are going to influence how future renovations are made to Guild pages.)

Hello. Will Thompson here.

A Creative Writing Guild will work on how best to write an effective and creative presentation or writing, methods of writing, styles of writing, word and grammar games and challenges, writing in round, writing in code, writing in verse, writing in context, historical writing methods, art compositions (literary and visual elements, and an overlap with visual literacy classes), character development and perspective, location defining and setting development, writing in time/timelining, pacing, anagrams, empathic writing and other ideas that our Guild Members come up with together. 

This is often a venue for our members to develop how to write, but also how to make their writings more interesting and daring. I have found a lot of students are afraid to post something that is more daring than a letter to the customer, and it is because of the 'professional' atmosphere that they are afraid to break with humor or a fun writing submission. This Guild's perspective is on one of creative writing techniques and giving the members the ability to be able to find help with English FAQs and problems, plus it would provide a platform for students to post personal writing of a non-poetry form, including short stories and in-progress writings they would like reviewed by peers.

A true guild always works in open forum settings to have fully integrated discussions on the topics at hand. We like to do personal work when doing character development, but we also have a Show-and-Tell method of discussing character strengths and weaknesses, and potential developments and methods, as well as ways of exhibiting the character's personality in various explicit and implicit manners. I have yet to define ways of working on story segments, or rising/falling action with members. An english instructor and/or literary application professional would be a great moderator for this group, especially someone with experience in both fiction and non-fiction works.

Thanks for reading and considering these ideas. I can't wait to see the results of it. ;)

2007-12-13 [Kim_Lundin]: Did this to the Character Page: Added WFR Char RACE Page, Added WFR Char RANK Page, Added Alignment, Added Size.
The League page was still linked, though with an "Is no more" note added. Should the link be removed completely?
Didn't understand the "equalize Role Playing for Dummies, WFR Lost Characters, and Anarchs in Limbo NEW BADGE! x2" part, will leave that for someone else.

2007-12-14 [xido]: Yes, it can be completely removed. WFR Guild Members is now the official page, and older members will simply have to note that from one of the many other Guild pages.

Not sure what I was referring to there in that last part... :/

2007-12-14 [Kim_Lundin]: Eh-heh, seems I deleted the link to the League without noticing doing it >_> oh well, no harm done, then.
I'll definitely leave that last part alone until you remember what it is about :D

2007-12-28 [xido]: I will make a post here very soon, outlining the final renovations for the upcoming year.

WFR Library
WFR Pages integrate into:
WFR Guild Members (Characters/ET Users/Chapter Members)
WFR Guild Authors (and GMs)
WFR Genres (all Fiction Genres - Fan, SF, Horror, Adventure, Drama, Poetry, Historical, Creative Writing, Other)
WFR Guild Archivists - who record, archive, organize, etc.
WFR Guild Moderators (page runners/editors)
WFR Guild Artists (and Designers) this page will need an artist moderator
WFR Guild Protectors (Knights, Guards, and Officers)
WFR Guild Mystics (Scholar and Spellcaster)
WFR-Pages (Guild pages, Games/Quests, Worlds/Realms)
WFR Guild Media (Audio, Visual, Library - Authors, Active Anachromism/LARP)
WFR Guild Ranks (Guest, Apprentice, Journeyer, Master)
WFR Other (Info and 'RP for Dummies'-style pages)

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