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Quests within or supported by the
Wiki Fiction Roleplayers' Guild

{Small description. How does someone apply or add their wiki? Define terms (I like the vocab you have on which wikis are doing what).}

(Evolving page - What is a WFR Quest?[#What is a WFR Quest?] [#How do I post my wiki on WFR Quests?] [#What type of wiki have I made?])
Move and integrate {This wiki has been made especially for those of you who came into the WFR enthusiastically, applied a character, got in, and didn't find anywhere where you could enter the game. In this wiki I have tried and will try to keep track of the main settings within the WFR and the quests that are run in them. That way you will be able to see where the quests/RPs are and you'll know where to look if you're searching for a game.

When this pages evolves, perhaps there could be a seperate section where GMs could post their Quests, and state if they're searching for players, and what their quest is about. For this I'll need the help of the GMs, because I am unable and unwilling to keep track of every single WFR page. let me tell you there are many and I do not have endless amounts of time, nor endless amounts of enthusiasm.

As you all may or may not know, the WFR consists of several worlds. each world has it's own territories, and within those terrioties there may be even more settings. Below this, I will try to make a system much like that of Windows does with maps and folders. You've got a Hard Disk, within that are directories, and within those are files. To WFR terms: there's a continent/world, within that are provinces/lands, and within those Quests/RPs may take place. You can go to the wiki page, and there you can find short descriptions of the Quests/RPs. That way you could look around and look for anything interesting.}

Terms (Vocabulary of Quests):
RP = Role-Play Setting/Story/Wiki. This is a Roleplay. See Role Playing for Dummies.

UC = Under Construction. This wiki has not been finished yet. Speak with the area GM for more information if you're interested in playing in this wiki.

IA = Inactive. This wiki is finished, but there is no active play yet. Speak with the GM for more information if you're interested in playing in this wiki.

A = Active. This wiki is finished and RP has commenced. You could join, but sometimes it's good to contact the GM first, this might be better for the story.

ORP = Open Role-Play Area. This wiki is finished and open for all. You can freely start your own quest here, or enter in someone else's.

Setting = A place where you can RP, without any red line. This oculd be a city, or some special cave, etc.

Quest = A wiki where you can RP that stretches over 1 or more locations, with a red line running through it. Usually managed by a GM. If the wiki is based alot on it's story, you should message the GM before joining.

Moderator / Wikipage Maintainer = These are people who watch over wikis and/or run wiki games/stories. Someone who moderates (known as a GM, or Game Moderator) plays an active part in running the general direction of the overall storyline, or who controls opposing or powerful factions in a game setting or story. Someone who maintains a wiki is not an active storyteller, but is instead either the creator or guardian of the wiki, and makes sure that no one does harm to their interesting and meaningful stories, and that the wiki stay clean and organized. Everyone in a wiki can be a Maintenance Worker in this way, but some people feel more comfortable maintaining the wikis they have chosen, or will pass them on to someone else they feel will take care of it as they would.
Every good game/story should have at least one of these people involved in its creation and evolution.

Roleplays searching for players!

These wikis are actively searching for more players. These feature the location of their setting, what level of characters needed to join, the type of game or story they are, and who runs the story or is in charge of maintaining/moderating the wiki.

-> A mercenary's issue... Located in the Ayvewae Plains. Mid-level Quest. GM = [Blood Raven].

-> The City of Eliy Separate realm (Eliy). Players of ANY level welcome (within reasonable terms). Chaptered Campaign-style Storyline & Setting, GM = [Firous].

Roleplay Chart

Roleplays on the World of Jashnia
Move info below to this page...
+ Continent of Eastonia. (Before you join, you should read The War of the Roses the History of Jashnia for background info)
   - Kiee (UC). A religious anti-magic land.
   - Stilya (UC). A mage-friendly land opposed to Kiee.
   - Ionnya (A). A Human-Drow mix land, mainly concerned with itself. Several Quests and Settings.
     > Gerionay (A). Human-drow mixed city.
     > Xenidia (A). Mostly drow city.
     > Anderon (A). Mostly human port town.
     > Yeferneth (A). City existing mainly out of slums, drow-human mix.
   - Irrundanil (A). A tribal Dwarven city.
   - The Cradle (A). A bay surrounded by many islands. 1 Setting, 1 Quest.
     > The City of Gold and Platinum (A)
   - Ganya Plains (UC). 1 Quest (UC)
   - Temple Romulus (IA). A monastary that fights evil.
   - Dredge Mountains (UC). Dangerous mountains that seem to have a mind of their own.
   - Deep South (UC). Home of Demon Lord Niari. 2 Settings
     > Palace of Ice (UC)
     > The Neverdark Stone (UC)
   - The Teeth of the World (IA). A strange race is bred here.
   - Sea of Nine (IA). Nine Isles, known as the Isles of Death, surround this Sea.
   - The Fallen Empire (IA). What remains of the old Elven Empire.
   - Tariwynn Woods (ORP). 13 Quests
   - Ayvewae Plains (ORP). 2 Quests
   - Lake Agassy (ORP). 1 Quest
   - Myrannen River (ORP). 2 Quests
   - Ganesh Marshlands (ORP). 2 Settings
   - The Mountains (ORP). 2 Quests

Settings in the Lands of Qor:
+ Kingdom of Dae'Vyhir (A). Kingdom of the winged races.
   - Town of Thanne (A). A forest town in Dae'Vyhir.
     > Inn of the Raven (ORP)
   - Castle Dae'Vyhiris (A). Where the royal Avariel live. Quests can be found here.
     > Dae'Vyhiris Gardens (A)
     > Dae'Vyhir Throne Room (A)
   - City of Crystals (ORP)
   - Shallow Forest
     > Small Open Glade (A)
     > Fort Haene (A)
     > Ruins of a Village (A)
   - Tabletta (IA).

The Continents of Zendelon:
+ Zardonia (UC)
+ Si'ir (UC) (pronounced Sigh-ear)
+ Plortack (UC)
+ Lyonia (UC)
+ Cardinya (UC)
+ Torea (UC)
+ Renshunan (A)
   - Straits of Renshunan (ORP)
   - Lung Clan Cities (ORP)
   - Shirokuni Clan Cities (ORP)
   - Ataku Clan Cities (ORP)
   - The Tainted Lands (ORP)
+ Minoa (A) - see Minotaur Castes
   - City of Minoa (ORP)
   - Raloon (ORP)
   - Isle of Cronos (ORP)
   - Tornt (ORP)
   - Albanari (ORP)
   - Soroco (ORP)
   - Rotcul (ORP)
   - Ibexia (ORP)
   - Guild City (ORP)
+ Thillosia (UC)

Wikis in the ET Fantasy RP Guild:

More to follow

Active RolePlays:

Androntel Academy
Polyhieronia, of the RP Council and Elftown Clans

Eastonia active RPs:
Adventurer's Tavern
Shady Inn

Tearra Réhm active RPs:
Myrannen Tributaries
in the midst of the hidden forests
Kim Aviel's the Steelhammer Forge in Diaioh
trailing Styxia

Qor active RPs:
Out of the City
not carted yet, please send notifications!

Horamont active RPs:
none yet, contact [xido] for a giant/Rephaim/Titan-influenced game.... otherwise, the number will continue to ring     *ring*!

Kingdom of Dae'Vyhir active RPs:
Town of Thanne
   Inn of the Raven (ORP)
Castle Dae'Vyhiris Quests available!
   Dae'Vyhiris Gardens
   Dae'Vyhir Throne Room
City of Crystals (Open RP, with some depth)
Shallow Forest
   Small Open Glade
   Fort Haene
   Ruins of a Village

Zendelon active RPs:
Renshunan wiki areas/settings
Minoa Minotaur stories/games/guilds

Planar ORP:
Temple of the Light

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2005-11-11 [Blood Raven]: Aye, I guess it'd be best to state the active quests per continent...

2005-11-20 [xido]: Aces, Adventurer's Tavern, and Shady Inn in Irrundanil. Most others in Eastonia are inactive. Open RP areas can continue to be posted, for their own sake. Ours is the only active RP in Tearra Réhm so far, aside from whatever happens in Diaioh. None in Horamont yet. More to come... Qor is more difficult... alot more happening.

2005-12-06 [Raerlas]: i needed to send the rps for dae'vyhir...probabaly dumb question, but i'll do it.

2005-12-06 [Blood Raven]: any active RPs can be send and will be put here, and it would be awesoem if GMs would update me on RPs they are running (if they need or don't need people, that kinda stuff)

2005-12-07 [Raerlas]: will get to the list then.

2005-12-12 [Raerlas]: alright i have a list for you. I send a note with it all.

2005-12-18 [NamelessMerc]: *Officially classed as dumbass* I have no idea where to go... lol. I need to get Tethis in somewhere wide and open, to follow on from his historry 0.0' Any ideas?

2005-12-19 [Blood Raven]: - Ayvewae Plains (ORP). 2 Quests running. And it's Open RP, so one could start a new quest whenever they feel like it. If you'd create one, I'll make a char to accompany you, if you wish.

2005-12-20 [NamelessMerc]: Okay, I've set up a wiki named A mercenary's issue..., if you'd like to create a character for that :D

2005-12-21 [Pinkdonkey]: Wow, this page is so helpful =) !! Seems like a lot of work too ...

2005-12-21 [Blood Raven]: it's okay :) Glad you find it effective :D

2006-01-11 [Blood Raven]: thank you for contributing to the wiki ^^ the WFR loves you!

2006-01-13 [xido]: x.op  :) Open rps are the best because there's no one breating down your neck telling you your story is wrong... and you can set the plains on fire... I mean, no you can't... unless you have a torch.

2006-01-14 [Blood Raven]: haha, indeed, it's wicked. Although there should be one of two players daring to take initiative. Otherwise the story will just die. You can't go around doing nothing after all, so at some point somebody will have to think of something. But good thing is, everybody's completly free in the plot ^^

2006-01-15 [xido]: right, you could be fighting a troll in one scene, trailing a mage in the next, then find that you've walked right into the middle of another realm or empire... and it could all get crazy from there.... but then, I am a natural Mod, and constantly think about those sorts of things.... I think some people are just scared to make a post that might 'force' or 'coerce' (like leading or pushing) others into doing something in particular that they might not have thought of or wanted.... I think this is why I make rp enemies so quickly.... I'm like, 'here, you could do this... or this... or this........... No, not that.'

2006-01-15 [xido]: hey, Androntel Academy is more updated on the page with two separate words.... The old one works, but the other is on watch all the time...

2006-04-26 [xido]: In Zendelon, Si'ir is under construction, and Renshunan is mostly constructed, and seeking players for Open RP areas on the area RP pages listed on that page.... Storylines to come, always seeking players who enjoy anime, manga, japanese/chinese/korean/oriental errata (not erotica, errata - it means stuff that revolves around oriental material)  :P ;)

2007-05-17 [Firous]: ...why?!!? My rp keeps getting halted by people who only half way want to play! I think I should start holding try outs...but I still want to leave it open for beginners...any suggestions??

2007-05-29 [Blood Raven]: State in your wiki that you want players to edit at least once every 2 days, or something? If they don't, you kick them?

2007-06-02 [xido]: players are not a dime a dozen here on Elftown, and finding a truly commited member is never easy. The best thing to do is to invite people that you see on Elftown often. Since many members have passed on and made their rounds elsewhere, this can be difficult to do from member lists like the WFR Guild Members, though it is possible to do sometimes.

Everyone from the Wiki Fiction Roleplay and the RPG Realm have been invited to the RP Council, so you may find new allies in the member list for that page's forum. If anyone who RPs in Elftown is willing, they are welcome to the RP Council by messaging me to add them to the member list in the forum.

Elftowners all need a swift kick in the pants to become motivated to have fun in the wikipages again. I am always open to new suggestions.

The next ECM session, ECM Dragon, will have a RP-oriented segment, so hopefully that will kick start some new interest in Elftown's RP community.

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