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This page, as well as all those noted so, are under construction

NOTICE: The new page for this section of WFR is WFR_Library. That is where all work and edits will be made from now on.


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2007-11-01 [Kim_Lundin]: This is just a roughie, the finished product would look much better, and have real wiki pages.

2007-11-01 [Kim_Lundin]: Added a nifty application form :) (Yeah, I ripped off the Wiki Fantasy Roleplay form)

2007-11-03 [xido]: Ooooooooh. I am impressed, and I may have to think on what other things would be asked here. Give me some time, and comment here again. I have it on watch now.

2007-11-04 [Kim_Lundin]: Yes, some more info on what should/could be added would be good. As I said, this is just a rough sketch (Did in about half an hour, including time to get the idea in my head) and is just to have something to work on.

2007-11-06 [xido]: I like it a lot, and I will have to think about it. Basically, it looks like the portion of the WFR Guild Members list that would focus on game worlds, storylines, plot, and creative writing samples... In that sense, it is necessary. But should it focus on Game Moderators, storytellers, creative writers, or all of the above? That I will still have to dwell on. Also, what would we want to know about them? We would want to know what level of skill/experience they have in writing and gaming, why they would like to join, and what goals they have in mind (or what they feel they can bring to the WFR in terms of new talent or ideas). A contact location is important, because now that we allow non-ET members, it will be necessary to have some way to get in touch with them. This can be an email, website, IM service (and username), or physical location (note that people 18 years and under should not be allowed to give this kind of information, so age may be important to ask too).

I think we even had another library page working too, which [Nightshadow] set up back in the day. It was either:
RPG Library or
RP Library
You may want to look this over for ideas, or to copy-paste content/info...

I will keep an eye on this project, and do an edit to the descriptions of these parts when I think we have the overall idea working properly.

Also, look over the-roleplay-initiative for any other ideas that mat come from my other goals for the Guild.

2007-11-06 [Kim_Lundin]: How about letting them add links to other works by them? That's one way for us to take a look on their experience. However, we should keep it open for newcomers as well, no?
I personally don't think we should use the author's personal adresses as ways of contact, e-mail is much faster and easier (not to mention cheaper), and and then we have the possible problems it may cause for the author's personal life. I know I'm probably paranoid about this, but I've heard enough stories about what can happen when personal information becomes available on the internet that I don't want it to happen to anyone who wants to join the WFR.

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