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WFR Library Stories

This is a list of all the genres and sections where Author’s works can be posted.


WFR Fantasy Stories

Stories placed here fit into the Fantasy genre. They're often (but not always) full of magic and can have things such as griffons, centaurs, wizards and a bunch of other things in them.

WFR Sci-fi Stories

Stories placed here fit into the Science-Fiction genre. They often (but not always) take place in the future with spacecraft and advanced technology.

WFR Horror Stories

Stories placed here fit into the Horror genre. They may borrow elements from many other genres, but they are all meant to be scary and creepy.

WFR Adventure Stories

Stories placed here fit into the Adventure genre. [(I need a better description to this one)]

WFR Modern Stories

The stories placed here need not have any connection to Fantasy or Science Fiction. They can be circling a large amount of genres and settings, including (but in no way limited to) Historical Fiction, Modern Fiction, and Drama.

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