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Informative Pages

These are pages that hold useful information about the WFR, it's misssion, it's members and the worlds it takes place in.


A page that describes how different sizes help determine the abilities of a creature. Size can range from the size of a fly to the size of a whole city block (as seen on, for instance, some ancient dragons).

A page that describe different moralities a character can live by. A character can be Lawful (L), Neutral (N) or Chaotic (C) on one axis and Good (G), Neutral (N) or Evil (E) on another, giving a total of nine possible alignments.

Talents, Feats, Skills & Abilities
A page with a list of different skills and abilities a character can have.

WFR CHAR Race Page
A list of different fantasy races a character can be, ranging from sturdy dwarves to agile elves, among with a bunch of others.

WFR CHAR Rank Page
A page with different ranks, classes and jobs a character can have, mostly focused on fantasy/pre-modern characters.

Sci-Fi Races Page
A list of races available to sci-fi roleplayers.

Sci-Fi Ranks Page
A list of jobs for characters of the future or modern settings.

Make me a Psion!
Want your character to be one of those who can control mind and matter with merely a thought? A small test is required.

A good list of creatures, sorted alphabetically. Read information of mythological and fantastic beasties, or add some of your own.

WFR Rules & Guidelines
A set of rules and guidelines, they should help everyone to have a pleasant time here without stepping on each other's toes.

Role Playing for Dummies
[(Information will go here.)]

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