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WFR Guild Members

The Wiki Fiction Roleplay Official Guild List

All Members of the First Official Creative Writing and RPG Guild of Elftown:
Member Usernames, Characters, Games, Stories & Wiki Campaigns


This page is continuously renovated and updated by [xido], and
all volunteering Official Guild Moderators

Elftown Members

UsernameName / NickGames / RealmsCharacter Page
[Torr-maat]Torrant or MattZendelonTorrant's Characters
[Dr.Mandarian]NameMadrumahDr.Mandarian's Characters
[syagre]NameMyth of AltarideSyagre's Characters

[Nominal_sidus] / Nominal_sidus' Characters

[Sairafaen] / Vxa, the Isle Royale of the Aquaean Elves and Merfolk of Jashnia / Sairafaen's Characters & Sai's RPCs

[Duredhel] / Realms of Lemire / Duredhel's Characters 

[Rorschack] / igrim's Characters 

[Czestawa]/ Czestawa's Characters 

[melcinitan]/ melcinitan's Characters 

[Borro]/ Borro's Characters 

[Deathseed]/ Deathseed's Characters 

[Anti_Anti_Groups] / Anti_Anti_Groups' Characters 

[Nicolai Antredias]/ Sleeping Lion Heart's Characters

[sombra] / sombra's Characters 

[Kyromanic] / Kyromanic's Characters 

[tobeius] / tobeius' Characters 

[Slade] / Slade's Characters 

[Gattsuo] / Gattsuo's Characters 

[Lord Fortune] / Lord Fortune's Characters 

[GeshemYehod] / GeshemYehod's Characters 

[iszendre] / iszendre's Characters 

[Po] / Po's Characters 

[Rianthe] / Rianthe's Characters 

[Prater] / Cutthroat Calico Rose's Characters 

[Moorn] / Moorn's Characters 

[Elvin Boy] / Elvin Boy's Characters 

[herrschneemann] / herrschneemann's Characters 

[Savior of the Broken] / Savior of the Broken's Characters 

[SerenaMoon] / SerenaMoon's Characters 

[SiC_BoY] / SiC_BoY's Characters 

[white padded room13] / white padded room13's Characters 

[Erestor] / Erestor's Characters 

[Consider the Lilies] / Consider the Lilies' Characters

[Firous] WFR Mod / Firous' Characters 

[Eglagrodion] / Eglagrodion's Characters 

[JimenaMoon] / JimenaMoon's Characters 

[SweetHuni16] / SweetHuni16's Characters 

[Sus] / Sus' Characters 

[zinny] / zinny's Characters 

[Myr] / Myr's Characters 

[Golthimere] / Golthimere's Characters 

[imsdal] / adamo luna's Characters 

[Deloriel] / Deloriel's Characters 

[elf_fu] / TaelAen's Characters 

[the crazed artist] / the crazed artist's Characters 

[The Blonde Witch] / The Blonde Witch's Characters 

[Dev^] / Dev^'s Characters 

[Cougar] WFR Mod / Cougar's Characters 

[Blood Angel] / Blood Angel's Characters 

[CalleStar] / CalleStar's Characters 

[Hutch] / Hutch's Characters 

[Lunnie] WFR Mod/ Lunnie's Characters 

[Zalastra] / Zalastra's Characters 

[carathia] / carathia's Characters 

[Sunny Silverunicorn] WFR Mod / Sunny Silverunicorn's Characters 

[Shining light] / Shining light's Characters 

[unlikelynominee] / Turrialbana's Characters 

[Juraviel] WFR Mod / Jrysan's Characters 

[Kamona] / Kamona's WFR Characters 

[Raerlas] WFR Mod / Raerlas' Characters 

[Mouse] / Mouse's Characters 

[Linn Scarlett] WFR Mod / Linn Scarlett's Characters 

[ShiftySkillet] / ShiftySkillet's Characters 

[dragoncaptive] / dragoncaptive's Characters 

[DemonicRabbit] / DemonicRabbit's Characters 

[iippo] WFR Mod / iippo's Characters 

[Nere] / Nere's Characters & Neres' Chars

[Zero X] / Zero X's Characters

[MisLegend] / MisLegend's Characters 

[medianduel] / medianduel's Characters 

[Angel Dreamer] WFR Mod / Angel Dreamer's Characters

[Nightshadow] WFR Mod / Nightshadow's Characters

[xido] WFR Mod / My Roleplays / xido's Characters 

[Blood Raven] WFR Mod / Blood Raven's Characters

[Nimune] / Nimune's Characters

[Drizzt_Do'Urden] / Drizzt_Do'Urden's Characters

[GoGoKagome] / GoGokagome's Characters

[Amerity] / Amerity's Characters

[ShadowedSidhe] / ShadowedSidhe's Characters

[Kim_Lundin] WFR Mod / Kim_Lundin's Characters

[Marksman] / Marksman's Characters

[Jsteiner] / Jsteiner's Characters

[Lethe] / Lethe's Characters & Lethe's WFR Characters

[Lexicon] / Lexicon's Characters

[forrest] / forrest's Characters & forrest's WFR Characters

[BadCat] / BadCat's Characters

[Resiska] / TearRem / Resiska's Characters 

[Reynom] / Reynom's Characters

[Morgan le Fay] / Shady Inn / Morgan le Fay's Characters 

[chelekat] / chelekat's Characters

[Tal Anduril] & [Archangel Tyrael] / Tal Anduril's Characters & Archangel Tyrael's Characters

[innocence with onus] / innocence with onus' Characters

[Stormrage] / Stormrage's Characters

[Leara] WFR Mod / Leara's Characters & Leara's WFR Characters

[Augury] / Augury's Characters

[black lotus] / black lotus' Characters & black lotus' WFR Characters

[Red kira] / Kadaj.puppy's Characters

[Bradahir`] / Bradahir`'s Characters

[Silent Dream] / Silent Dream's Characters

[Naruko] / Naruko's Characters

[muffin_killer] / muffin_killer's Characters

[LustForLike] / LustForLike's Characters

[Aki-chan] / Aki-chan's Characters

[RaY_0f_sUn] / RaY_0f_sUn's Characters

[Eylan] / Elyan's Characters

[x-xVanityx-x] / x-xVanityx-x's Characters

[Sherice] / Sherice's Characters

[moonscale] / moonscale's Characters

[dayah] / dayahnaira's Characters

[Pinkdonkey] WFR Mod / Pinkdonkey's Characters

[K'jesrya] / K'jesrya's Characters

[NamelessMerc] / NamelessMerc's Characters

[Indelible] / Indelible's Characters

[VentruePrince] / VentruePrince's Characters

[The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead] / The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama of Death's Characters

[Kuehne] / Kuehne's Characters

[Nebka] / Nebka's Characters

[NightHawk] / NightHawk's Characters

[DSA] / DarktSainedAngel's Characters

[Hiuko] / Hiuko's Characters

[Gwyn Gwynt] / Gwyn Gwynt's Characters

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2006-03-06 [Kim_Lundin]: Strange, I came to an empty page when I tried 'Aquaean Elves'.

2006-03-06 [Kim_Lundin]: Should I edit this page so that 'Lost Characters' are removed?

2006-03-09 [xido]: No, leave all characters on this list, but when a player goes missing (hence their character is lost in action), then yes, you may post them on that page... I think all permanent members should have their usernames and pages left here.... I added some info to that page to make sure it had something... one of those things I kept puting off, and knew I had to do because the princess of the Aquaeans is not here all the time to do it herself.... [Sairafaen] is she... But no, keep them here.... Just add them there. ;)

2006-03-09 [Kim_Lundin]: Okay, thought it was best to ask before starting to mess things up.

2006-03-15 [Kim_Lundin]: I added Kaoni to my list of characters.

2006-03-19 [xido]: ;) Thanks for doing so much on here... looks like you had some moments of inspiration. ;) Thanks.

2006-03-19 [Kim_Lundin]: No problem, I have these "must-do-some-work-or-I-will-explode" attacks from time to time, and often they bring something good with them (the bad spots are removed with caustic soda).

2006-03-27 [Sairafaen]: I have posted another page for tiahaara civalya, so that I can have a character that is more at the level of the other players... Civalya De of Vxa and Atreyu the Fish

2006-03-27 [Kim_Lundin]: Atreyu the FISH? Now that character I just HAVE to read.

2006-03-27 [Sairafaen]: He's fun, I love him to pieces. He's the best familiar ever.

2006-03-28 [Kim_Lundin]: He seems cool (not only because he's a cold blooded fish) is there some other page describing these Ku-Kraelaya fishes?

2006-03-28 [Sairafaen]: Not yet, but I am working on it. I hope that I can have it done soon, but I will need to talk to [xido] about it. He has just as much info on them as I do and maybe more, he helped me create them.

2006-03-29 [Kim_Lundin]: Hehe, then I'm really looking forward to seeing it.

2006-04-06 [Sairafaen]: Ku-Kraelaya Fish just for you... These are [xido]'s words, I haven't had the chance to change anything, or add a picture yet...

2006-04-07 [Kim_Lundin]: Thanks ^_^ I'll read it now.

2006-04-26 [xido]: Yeah she made me, twisted my arm and everything... :P It's cool... just some racial info for a fish we made pre-game for her story way back when.... *remembers the days* x.o)

2006-06-13 [NamelessMerc]: Question! May I alter my character page? Just to make it look perdy :D

2006-06-14 [xido]: Absolutely! In fact, if you are not the owner of your character's wiki page, please ask the Mod who commented or created it to change the owner to you and remove any passwords on the page (which should not be the case). Feel free to maintain your wikis as you see fit. ;) Good Question, Merc.  x.o)

2006-06-20 [xido]: The Scifi Characters and members are being integrated fully. These characters (and their links) should be featured on a CHARACTER LIST page, which every member will receive for their character(s). I have made this correction at the bottom and worked my way up, then adding the WSFR members above them, and below my info post. Above that, all previous WFR members are still as yet unformatted according to that outline. This will come in time. Mods please feel free to do that if you have any spare time or inspiration.

2006-06-20 [Chen stormstout]: O.o

2006-08-15 [xido]: x.xp

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