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WFR Guild Members

The Wiki Fiction Roleplay Official Guild List

All Members of the First Official Creative Writing and RPG Guild of Elftown:
Member Usernames, Characters, Games, Stories & Wiki Campaigns


This page is continuously renovated and updated by [xido], and
all volunteering Official Guild Moderators

Elftown Members

UsernameName / NickGames / RealmsCharacter Page
[Torr-maat]Torrant or MattZendelonTorrant's Characters
[Dr.Mandarian]NameMadrumahDr.Mandarian's Characters
[syagre]NameMyth of AltarideSyagre's Characters

[Nominal_sidus] / Nominal_sidus' Characters

[Sairafaen] / Vxa, the Isle Royale of the Aquaean Elves and Merfolk of Jashnia / Sairafaen's Characters & Sai's RPCs

[Duredhel] / Realms of Lemire / Duredhel's Characters 

[Rorschack] / igrim's Characters 

[Czestawa]/ Czestawa's Characters 

[melcinitan]/ melcinitan's Characters 

[Borro]/ Borro's Characters 

[Deathseed]/ Deathseed's Characters 

[Anti_Anti_Groups] / Anti_Anti_Groups' Characters 

[Nicolai Antredias]/ Sleeping Lion Heart's Characters

[sombra] / sombra's Characters 

[Kyromanic] / Kyromanic's Characters 

[tobeius] / tobeius' Characters 

[Slade] / Slade's Characters 

[Gattsuo] / Gattsuo's Characters 

[Lord Fortune] / Lord Fortune's Characters 

[GeshemYehod] / GeshemYehod's Characters 

[iszendre] / iszendre's Characters 

[Po] / Po's Characters 

[Rianthe] / Rianthe's Characters 

[Prater] / Cutthroat Calico Rose's Characters 

[Moorn] / Moorn's Characters 

[Elvin Boy] / Elvin Boy's Characters 

[herrschneemann] / herrschneemann's Characters 

[Savior of the Broken] / Savior of the Broken's Characters 

[SerenaMoon] / SerenaMoon's Characters 

[SiC_BoY] / SiC_BoY's Characters 

[white padded room13] / white padded room13's Characters 

[Erestor] / Erestor's Characters 

[Consider the Lilies] / Consider the Lilies' Characters

[Firous] WFR Mod / Firous' Characters 

[Eglagrodion] / Eglagrodion's Characters 

[JimenaMoon] / JimenaMoon's Characters 

[SweetHuni16] / SweetHuni16's Characters 

[Sus] / Sus' Characters 

[zinny] / zinny's Characters 

[Myr] / Myr's Characters 

[Golthimere] / Golthimere's Characters 

[imsdal] / adamo luna's Characters 

[Deloriel] / Deloriel's Characters 

[elf_fu] / TaelAen's Characters 

[the crazed artist] / the crazed artist's Characters 

[The Blonde Witch] / The Blonde Witch's Characters 

[Dev^] / Dev^'s Characters 

[Cougar] WFR Mod / Cougar's Characters 

[Blood Angel] / Blood Angel's Characters 

[CalleStar] / CalleStar's Characters 

[Hutch] / Hutch's Characters 

[Lunnie] WFR Mod/ Lunnie's Characters 

[Zalastra] / Zalastra's Characters 

[carathia] / carathia's Characters 

[Sunny Silverunicorn] WFR Mod / Sunny Silverunicorn's Characters 

[Shining light] / Shining light's Characters 

[unlikelynominee] / Turrialbana's Characters 

[Juraviel] WFR Mod / Jrysan's Characters 

[Kamona] / Kamona's WFR Characters 

[Raerlas] WFR Mod / Raerlas' Characters 

[Mouse] / Mouse's Characters 

[Linn Scarlett] WFR Mod / Linn Scarlett's Characters 

[ShiftySkillet] / ShiftySkillet's Characters 

[dragoncaptive] / dragoncaptive's Characters 

[DemonicRabbit] / DemonicRabbit's Characters 

[iippo] WFR Mod / iippo's Characters 

[Nere] / Nere's Characters & Neres' Chars

[Zero X] / Zero X's Characters

[MisLegend] / MisLegend's Characters 

[medianduel] / medianduel's Characters 

[Angel Dreamer] WFR Mod / Angel Dreamer's Characters

[Nightshadow] WFR Mod / Nightshadow's Characters

[xido] WFR Mod / My Roleplays / xido's Characters 

[Blood Raven] WFR Mod / Blood Raven's Characters

[Nimune] / Nimune's Characters

[Drizzt_Do'Urden] / Drizzt_Do'Urden's Characters

[GoGoKagome] / GoGokagome's Characters

[Amerity] / Amerity's Characters

[ShadowedSidhe] / ShadowedSidhe's Characters

[Kim_Lundin] WFR Mod / Kim_Lundin's Characters

[Marksman] / Marksman's Characters

[Jsteiner] / Jsteiner's Characters

[Lethe] / Lethe's Characters & Lethe's WFR Characters

[Lexicon] / Lexicon's Characters

[forrest] / forrest's Characters & forrest's WFR Characters

[BadCat] / BadCat's Characters

[Resiska] / TearRem / Resiska's Characters 

[Reynom] / Reynom's Characters

[Morgan le Fay] / Shady Inn / Morgan le Fay's Characters 

[chelekat] / chelekat's Characters

[Tal Anduril] & [Archangel Tyrael] / Tal Anduril's Characters & Archangel Tyrael's Characters

[innocence with onus] / innocence with onus' Characters

[Stormrage] / Stormrage's Characters

[Leara] WFR Mod / Leara's Characters & Leara's WFR Characters

[Augury] / Augury's Characters

[black lotus] / black lotus' Characters & black lotus' WFR Characters

[Red kira] / Kadaj.puppy's Characters

[Bradahir`] / Bradahir`'s Characters

[Silent Dream] / Silent Dream's Characters

[Naruko] / Naruko's Characters

[muffin_killer] / muffin_killer's Characters

[LustForLike] / LustForLike's Characters

[Aki-chan] / Aki-chan's Characters

[RaY_0f_sUn] / RaY_0f_sUn's Characters

[Eylan] / Elyan's Characters

[x-xVanityx-x] / x-xVanityx-x's Characters

[Sherice] / Sherice's Characters

[moonscale] / moonscale's Characters

[dayah] / dayahnaira's Characters

[Pinkdonkey] WFR Mod / Pinkdonkey's Characters

[K'jesrya] / K'jesrya's Characters

[NamelessMerc] / NamelessMerc's Characters

[Indelible] / Indelible's Characters

[VentruePrince] / VentruePrince's Characters

[The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead] / The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama of Death's Characters

[Kuehne] / Kuehne's Characters

[Nebka] / Nebka's Characters

[NightHawk] / NightHawk's Characters

[DSA] / DarktSainedAngel's Characters

[Hiuko] / Hiuko's Characters

[Gwyn Gwynt] / Gwyn Gwynt's Characters

Username (or number or email):


2006-08-15 [xido]: x.xp

2006-08-21 [Kim_Lundin]: @.@ *meep?* what with the faces?

2006-08-21 [xido]: I dunno....  O.o But Chen did it first!!!!

2006-08-29 [Kim_Lundin]: Hmm... the HE should explain <_<

2006-11-28 [xido]: This page can now take comments from anyone on the web, including not-logged-in users of the wiki.

All Applicants currently waiting on the WFR Application Page should be accepted and moved here. I see no problems with their applications. The password is the same.

2007-01-14 [xido]: I added a member that was (for some reason) not featured on here, despite his long-time membership. Sorry, [Torr-maat], and best regards for understanding the mixup.

Also, to any willing and able moderators:

What about this format for member listings?:

[Membername] / [Character List Page@wiki] (Player-page)
Moderator of:
This page (WFR-approved member-created wikipage/storyline = label as 'WFR Campaign/Storyline')
These pages (WFR Pages = label as 'WFR Guild Page)
And this one (non-WFR, approved personal wikipage or storyline = label as 'WFR Member Created')

2007-01-15 [Kim_Lundin]: Question about the Games etc. part: Should we just post what setting they're in (Sci-fi/Fantasy) or should we go all the way down to what specific wiki they're playing on (Sneaking about in the lich's dungeon@wiki)?

2007-01-22 [xido]: That section refers to the WFR Members' Games/Stories that they host, create, or moderate in the wikis, not simply the pages their characters are in. That would be FAR too long.... :(

2007-01-22 [Kim_Lundin]: Ah, okay, then I understand ^_^ I figured it would be too long (not to say time consuming) to first hunt down all the characters and then post it here... and to keep it up to date...

2007-01-23 [Sairafaen]: Hey [xido], will you add my new character for me? Ati the Fallen Angel
The character page is updated, for the most part, and is ready to go up. Loves!

2007-01-29 [Sairafaen]: Sai's RPCs

Just for you, Will!

2007-02-05 [NamelessMerc]: To anyone interested: As my last rp project (namely Blood of Creation) has been put on hold due to educational demands, I am thinking of starting a free-form rp.

In the interests of originality, I will be creating my own world, however the beasts within shall be taken from the crature list in WFR.

Now, the reason I'm telling everyone this: I intend to make this a 6-person-only rp, including myself, so I'm going to need at least a couple of people who're willing to give it a shot. The wiki will, eventually, be called The Plains of Kerith.

It goes without saying, I hope, that all characters must conform to WFR standards.

~ [NamelessMerc].

2007-11-01 [Kim_Lundin]: I'll go through the character list and reformat it so that all entries fit the "Member / Games, Worlds & Stories / Character List" thingie. It way take some time, though.

2007-11-01 [Kim_Lundin]: Actually went faster than I expected... now it's just to cathegorize them into Fantasy/Sci-fi...

2007-11-03 [xido]: Actually, the hard part will be putting all of the Fantasy / SF chars together on player-pages (for a full list of accepted WFR characters by a given player). It would be less segmented if all the Guild members were allowed to play whatever genre of character they preferred. It will also make less writing on this page, and each player-page will list all chars, worlds (for GMs), etc. If you don't want to do that much work, simply post the stuff that is currently on this page on a player-page, and notify the member that they have a page that they may change and add to as they see fit). If you have any other ideas, I would love to see if they would work. This is how I saw it being best, but if you can think of something that will make it better, then I will be happy with that decision instead.

Thanks, Kim. You rock. ;)

2007-11-03 [Kim_Lundin]: Having all characters of one member on one page sounds like a good idea, and once the pages've been done it shouldn't be much trouble with them. I'll see what I can do.

2007-11-03 [Kim_Lundin]: I've finished the members from the top and down to the double-lines. I'll take a break and finish the rest later.

2007-11-03 [xido]: Sounds like a deal. Good work so far.
Sorry to change things up, but I made a suggestion for a new format in one of the comment above (with the h2 size font). See if that would make it easier to organize.

Also, if a player suggests that they already have a character list page (or player-page), you may use that one instead of the generic title, Username's Characters, such as [Sairafaen]'s Sai's RPCs, or my own My Roleplays. Preferably we should make a page like this for any first-time applicant. Members who submit secondary characters may make and post their own wikipage if they have one already created. This would be done on the Application page, in the comments.

Any other ideas or thoughts?

2007-11-04 [Kim_Lundin]: That format is relatively easy to fix, it's just a matter of moving a few words on this very page, I should be able to do that in just a few minutes, so there's no need to worry that it'll make things harder. I'll focus on getting the character pages done first, though.
I think there was two or three members I saw yesterday who had character pages of their own ([Sairafaen] and some more). I made new pages for them, but I can put the old one's back in a flash.

2007-11-04 [Kim_Lundin]: All character pages finished! ^_^

2007-11-04 [Kim_Lundin]: Hmm... for simplicity's sake, can't we just put a "WFR Mod" next to those who have that title instead of listing all pages that person is moderating? If people really want to know what everyone do, they can check the WFR Guild Pages, Mods, & GMs page.

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