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WFR Guild Members

The Wiki Fiction Roleplay Official Guild List

All Members of the First Official Creative Writing and RPG Guild of Elftown:
Member Usernames, Characters, Games, Stories & Wiki Campaigns


This page is continuously renovated and updated by [xido], and
all volunteering Official Guild Moderators

Elftown Members

UsernameName / NickGames / RealmsCharacter Page
[Torr-maat]Torrant or MattZendelonTorrant's Characters
[Dr.Mandarian]NameMadrumahDr.Mandarian's Characters
[syagre]NameMyth of AltarideSyagre's Characters

[Nominal_sidus] / Nominal_sidus' Characters

[Sairafaen] / Vxa, the Isle Royale of the Aquaean Elves and Merfolk of Jashnia / Sairafaen's Characters & Sai's RPCs

[Duredhel] / Realms of Lemire / Duredhel's Characters 

[Rorschack] / igrim's Characters 

[Czestawa]/ Czestawa's Characters 

[melcinitan]/ melcinitan's Characters 

[Borro]/ Borro's Characters 

[Deathseed]/ Deathseed's Characters 

[Anti_Anti_Groups] / Anti_Anti_Groups' Characters 

[Nicolai Antredias]/ Sleeping Lion Heart's Characters

[sombra] / sombra's Characters 

[Kyromanic] / Kyromanic's Characters 

[tobeius] / tobeius' Characters 

[Slade] / Slade's Characters 

[Gattsuo] / Gattsuo's Characters 

[Lord Fortune] / Lord Fortune's Characters 

[GeshemYehod] / GeshemYehod's Characters 

[iszendre] / iszendre's Characters 

[Po] / Po's Characters 

[Rianthe] / Rianthe's Characters 

[Prater] / Cutthroat Calico Rose's Characters 

[Moorn] / Moorn's Characters 

[Elvin Boy] / Elvin Boy's Characters 

[herrschneemann] / herrschneemann's Characters 

[Savior of the Broken] / Savior of the Broken's Characters 

[SerenaMoon] / SerenaMoon's Characters 

[SiC_BoY] / SiC_BoY's Characters 

[white padded room13] / white padded room13's Characters 

[Erestor] / Erestor's Characters 

[Consider the Lilies] / Consider the Lilies' Characters

[Firous] WFR Mod / Firous' Characters 

[Eglagrodion] / Eglagrodion's Characters 

[JimenaMoon] / JimenaMoon's Characters 

[SweetHuni16] / SweetHuni16's Characters 

[Sus] / Sus' Characters 

[zinny] / zinny's Characters 

[Myr] / Myr's Characters 

[Golthimere] / Golthimere's Characters 

[imsdal] / adamo luna's Characters 

[Deloriel] / Deloriel's Characters 

[elf_fu] / TaelAen's Characters 

[the crazed artist] / the crazed artist's Characters 

[The Blonde Witch] / The Blonde Witch's Characters 

[Dev^] / Dev^'s Characters 

[Cougar] WFR Mod / Cougar's Characters 

[Blood Angel] / Blood Angel's Characters 

[CalleStar] / CalleStar's Characters 

[Hutch] / Hutch's Characters 

[Lunnie] WFR Mod/ Lunnie's Characters 

[Zalastra] / Zalastra's Characters 

[carathia] / carathia's Characters 

[Sunny Silverunicorn] WFR Mod / Sunny Silverunicorn's Characters 

[Shining light] / Shining light's Characters 

[unlikelynominee] / Turrialbana's Characters 

[Juraviel] WFR Mod / Jrysan's Characters 

[Kamona] / Kamona's WFR Characters 

[Raerlas] WFR Mod / Raerlas' Characters 

[Mouse] / Mouse's Characters 

[Linn Scarlett] WFR Mod / Linn Scarlett's Characters 

[ShiftySkillet] / ShiftySkillet's Characters 

[dragoncaptive] / dragoncaptive's Characters 

[DemonicRabbit] / DemonicRabbit's Characters 

[iippo] WFR Mod / iippo's Characters 

[Nere] / Nere's Characters & Neres' Chars

[Zero X] / Zero X's Characters

[MisLegend] / MisLegend's Characters 

[medianduel] / medianduel's Characters 

[Angel Dreamer] WFR Mod / Angel Dreamer's Characters

[Nightshadow] WFR Mod / Nightshadow's Characters

[xido] WFR Mod / My Roleplays / xido's Characters 

[Blood Raven] WFR Mod / Blood Raven's Characters

[Nimune] / Nimune's Characters

[Drizzt_Do'Urden] / Drizzt_Do'Urden's Characters

[GoGoKagome] / GoGokagome's Characters

[Amerity] / Amerity's Characters

[ShadowedSidhe] / ShadowedSidhe's Characters

[Kim_Lundin] WFR Mod / Kim_Lundin's Characters

[Marksman] / Marksman's Characters

[Jsteiner] / Jsteiner's Characters

[Lethe] / Lethe's Characters & Lethe's WFR Characters

[Lexicon] / Lexicon's Characters

[forrest] / forrest's Characters & forrest's WFR Characters

[BadCat] / BadCat's Characters

[Resiska] / TearRem / Resiska's Characters 

[Reynom] / Reynom's Characters

[Morgan le Fay] / Shady Inn / Morgan le Fay's Characters 

[chelekat] / chelekat's Characters

[Tal Anduril] & [Archangel Tyrael] / Tal Anduril's Characters & Archangel Tyrael's Characters

[innocence with onus] / innocence with onus' Characters

[Stormrage] / Stormrage's Characters

[Leara] WFR Mod / Leara's Characters & Leara's WFR Characters

[Augury] / Augury's Characters

[black lotus] / black lotus' Characters & black lotus' WFR Characters

[Red kira] / Kadaj.puppy's Characters

[Bradahir`] / Bradahir`'s Characters

[Silent Dream] / Silent Dream's Characters

[Naruko] / Naruko's Characters

[muffin_killer] / muffin_killer's Characters

[LustForLike] / LustForLike's Characters

[Aki-chan] / Aki-chan's Characters

[RaY_0f_sUn] / RaY_0f_sUn's Characters

[Eylan] / Elyan's Characters

[x-xVanityx-x] / x-xVanityx-x's Characters

[Sherice] / Sherice's Characters

[moonscale] / moonscale's Characters

[dayah] / dayahnaira's Characters

[Pinkdonkey] WFR Mod / Pinkdonkey's Characters

[K'jesrya] / K'jesrya's Characters

[NamelessMerc] / NamelessMerc's Characters

[Indelible] / Indelible's Characters

[VentruePrince] / VentruePrince's Characters

[The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead] / The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama of Death's Characters

[Kuehne] / Kuehne's Characters

[Nebka] / Nebka's Characters

[NightHawk] / NightHawk's Characters

[DSA] / DarktSainedAngel's Characters

[Hiuko] / Hiuko's Characters

[Gwyn Gwynt] / Gwyn Gwynt's Characters

Username (or number or email):


2005-12-22 [xido]: dividers will be added after final Guild Tag is made, and both can be inserted later, but for now, we may use hr dividers.... Whatever the Mods feel is best for now.... same password as WFR pages

2005-12-22 [Leara]: Muhahaha, as a guard, passwords mean nothing to me! *evil*

2006-01-06 [xido]: lol, yikes... is it that easy for you, really? Linking: The League of Accepted Characters

2006-01-06 [Leara]: I can edit even private wiki's, last time I checked. :P

2006-01-06 [xido]: whoa... crazy. I started at the bottom, and got up to Nightshadow before I lost interest, and felt like it was someone else's turn. I haven't added any wiki page links to those char pages, but I did list the wiki names in parentheses after each member. We don't need to make it alphabetized, but maybe a rank order would be nice, after we have all of our mods/GMs listed... ???

2006-02-06 [xido]: HUGE FAVOR TO ASK EVERYONE: Please check out the Elftown Water Fountain Design Contest for me, and see if you have any ideas, comments, or questions about it, so that I can have a sort of FAQ about it before it is opened.... when I have three other people's approval for the layout and format of the contest, it will be opened soon after... Thank you, and please msg me with these comments, etc. I would prefer to have them in my mailbox instead of on this page, or even that one.... send your words straight to [xido]....... awesome, thank you immensely.

2006-02-19 [xido]: This page is now active, but it needs to be moderated soon... I am focusing on the Rules & Guidelines for now... These usernames need to be first, followed by a characters LIST page, which will house the formailzed list of their characters.... I edited up to [Nightshadow], then stopped.... More will come later. Are you both watching this page, though?

2006-02-25 [xido]: Are Leara and Blood raven both watching here? I thought Leara was.... Just checking, guys. x.o

2006-03-05 [Kim_Lundin]: Added links, will now check them ^_^

2006-03-05 [Kim_Lundin]: And most of them worked! I'm not sure if "Isle Royale of the Aquaean Elves" should link to Elves, but none of the other combinations I tried worked.

2006-03-06 [Leara]: I watch places. But my immune system sucks, so I lack the will to be online often lately. Hopefully my body will like me again soon. >.>

2006-03-06 [xido]: Right on. Well, actually, the word is Aquaean Elf or Aquaean Elves or Aquaean or even on Merfolk.... The 'Isle Royale' is Vxa.... Okay, let's make sure [Blood Raven] knows to watch this page too. ;)

2006-03-06 [Kim_Lundin]: Strange, I came to an empty page when I tried 'Aquaean Elves'.

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