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WFR Guild Members

The Wiki Fiction Roleplay Official Guild List

All Members of the First Official Creative Writing and RPG Guild of Elftown:
Member Usernames, Characters, Games, Stories & Wiki Campaigns


This page is continuously renovated and updated by [xido], and
all volunteering Official Guild Moderators

Elftown Members

UsernameName / NickGames / RealmsCharacter Page
[Torr-maat]Torrant or MattZendelonTorrant's Characters
[Dr.Mandarian]NameMadrumahDr.Mandarian's Characters
[syagre]NameMyth of AltarideSyagre's Characters

[Nominal_sidus] / Nominal_sidus' Characters

[Sairafaen] / Vxa, the Isle Royale of the Aquaean Elves and Merfolk of Jashnia / Sairafaen's Characters & Sai's RPCs

[Duredhel] / Realms of Lemire / Duredhel's Characters 

[Rorschack] / igrim's Characters 

[Czestawa]/ Czestawa's Characters 

[melcinitan]/ melcinitan's Characters 

[Borro]/ Borro's Characters 

[Deathseed]/ Deathseed's Characters 

[Anti_Anti_Groups] / Anti_Anti_Groups' Characters 

[Nicolai Antredias]/ Sleeping Lion Heart's Characters

[sombra] / sombra's Characters 

[Kyromanic] / Kyromanic's Characters 

[tobeius] / tobeius' Characters 

[Slade] / Slade's Characters 

[Gattsuo] / Gattsuo's Characters 

[Lord Fortune] / Lord Fortune's Characters 

[GeshemYehod] / GeshemYehod's Characters 

[iszendre] / iszendre's Characters 

[Po] / Po's Characters 

[Rianthe] / Rianthe's Characters 

[Prater] / Cutthroat Calico Rose's Characters 

[Moorn] / Moorn's Characters 

[Elvin Boy] / Elvin Boy's Characters 

[herrschneemann] / herrschneemann's Characters 

[Savior of the Broken] / Savior of the Broken's Characters 

[SerenaMoon] / SerenaMoon's Characters 

[SiC_BoY] / SiC_BoY's Characters 

[white padded room13] / white padded room13's Characters 

[Erestor] / Erestor's Characters 

[Consider the Lilies] / Consider the Lilies' Characters

[Firous] WFR Mod / Firous' Characters 

[Eglagrodion] / Eglagrodion's Characters 

[JimenaMoon] / JimenaMoon's Characters 

[SweetHuni16] / SweetHuni16's Characters 

[Sus] / Sus' Characters 

[zinny] / zinny's Characters 

[Myr] / Myr's Characters 

[Golthimere] / Golthimere's Characters 

[imsdal] / adamo luna's Characters 

[Deloriel] / Deloriel's Characters 

[elf_fu] / TaelAen's Characters 

[the crazed artist] / the crazed artist's Characters 

[The Blonde Witch] / The Blonde Witch's Characters 

[Dev^] / Dev^'s Characters 

[Cougar] WFR Mod / Cougar's Characters 

[Blood Angel] / Blood Angel's Characters 

[CalleStar] / CalleStar's Characters 

[Hutch] / Hutch's Characters 

[Lunnie] WFR Mod/ Lunnie's Characters 

[Zalastra] / Zalastra's Characters 

[carathia] / carathia's Characters 

[Sunny Silverunicorn] WFR Mod / Sunny Silverunicorn's Characters 

[Shining light] / Shining light's Characters 

[unlikelynominee] / Turrialbana's Characters 

[Juraviel] WFR Mod / Jrysan's Characters 

[Kamona] / Kamona's WFR Characters 

[Raerlas] WFR Mod / Raerlas' Characters 

[Mouse] / Mouse's Characters 

[Linn Scarlett] WFR Mod / Linn Scarlett's Characters 

[ShiftySkillet] / ShiftySkillet's Characters 

[dragoncaptive] / dragoncaptive's Characters 

[DemonicRabbit] / DemonicRabbit's Characters 

[iippo] WFR Mod / iippo's Characters 

[Nere] / Nere's Characters & Neres' Chars

[Zero X] / Zero X's Characters

[MisLegend] / MisLegend's Characters 

[medianduel] / medianduel's Characters 

[Angel Dreamer] WFR Mod / Angel Dreamer's Characters

[Nightshadow] WFR Mod / Nightshadow's Characters

[xido] WFR Mod / My Roleplays / xido's Characters 

[Blood Raven] WFR Mod / Blood Raven's Characters

[Nimune] / Nimune's Characters

[Drizzt_Do'Urden] / Drizzt_Do'Urden's Characters

[GoGoKagome] / GoGokagome's Characters

[Amerity] / Amerity's Characters

[ShadowedSidhe] / ShadowedSidhe's Characters

[Kim_Lundin] WFR Mod / Kim_Lundin's Characters

[Marksman] / Marksman's Characters

[Jsteiner] / Jsteiner's Characters

[Lethe] / Lethe's Characters & Lethe's WFR Characters

[Lexicon] / Lexicon's Characters

[forrest] / forrest's Characters & forrest's WFR Characters

[BadCat] / BadCat's Characters

[Resiska] / TearRem / Resiska's Characters 

[Reynom] / Reynom's Characters

[Morgan le Fay] / Shady Inn / Morgan le Fay's Characters 

[chelekat] / chelekat's Characters

[Tal Anduril] & [Archangel Tyrael] / Tal Anduril's Characters & Archangel Tyrael's Characters

[innocence with onus] / innocence with onus' Characters

[Stormrage] / Stormrage's Characters

[Leara] WFR Mod / Leara's Characters & Leara's WFR Characters

[Augury] / Augury's Characters

[black lotus] / black lotus' Characters & black lotus' WFR Characters

[Red kira] / Kadaj.puppy's Characters

[Bradahir`] / Bradahir`'s Characters

[Silent Dream] / Silent Dream's Characters

[Naruko] / Naruko's Characters

[muffin_killer] / muffin_killer's Characters

[LustForLike] / LustForLike's Characters

[Aki-chan] / Aki-chan's Characters

[RaY_0f_sUn] / RaY_0f_sUn's Characters

[Eylan] / Elyan's Characters

[x-xVanityx-x] / x-xVanityx-x's Characters

[Sherice] / Sherice's Characters

[moonscale] / moonscale's Characters

[dayah] / dayahnaira's Characters

[Pinkdonkey] WFR Mod / Pinkdonkey's Characters

[K'jesrya] / K'jesrya's Characters

[NamelessMerc] / NamelessMerc's Characters

[Indelible] / Indelible's Characters

[VentruePrince] / VentruePrince's Characters

[The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead] / The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama of Death's Characters

[Kuehne] / Kuehne's Characters

[Nebka] / Nebka's Characters

[NightHawk] / NightHawk's Characters

[DSA] / DarktSainedAngel's Characters

[Hiuko] / Hiuko's Characters

[Gwyn Gwynt] / Gwyn Gwynt's Characters

Username (or number or email):


2007-11-04 [Kim_Lundin]: Hmm... for simplicity's sake, can't we just put a "WFR Mod" next to those who have that title instead of listing all pages that person is moderating? If people really want to know what everyone do, they can check the WFR Guild Pages, Mods, & GMs page.

2007-11-06 [xido]: That sounds fine, Kim. Great work on the page.

Also, as long as the member is sent a message about their new page, so that they know to keep a watch on it, it should be okay, but for those members who take the initiative to make their own pages, we should be nice and let them keep them for the Guild purposes too. We may be able to get away with not posting the game/campaign information here, and instead post it to the new WFR Library Author Data...

New data to include with member applications (so, to be added to the Template...):
- Name or common username (nickname) - required
- Gender (optional, but good for distinguishing androgynous names)
- Age (required - we want to know who is a minor, and who is not - there may be an age rule sometime in the future, if we deal with enough mature content to warrant it...)
- contact info (email, web page, non-ET openly viewable user profile page, etc.) for non-Elftown members (at least one required)
- RPGA # (optional)
- WFR Guild # ???
- Locality, group, or network (ie, Baton Rouge, LA, USA - - - - College Gamers Group - Local WFR Chapter - etc.) - required for non-ET members
- Member Skill (Writing, Moderating, Organizing, Advertising, Artwork/Media, Storytelling, Live Action RP, Conventions, Publications and Representation, Games/Challenges, Character Development, Campaign Development, Epic Campaigns, Psionics, Sci-Fi, Full-Metal Fantasy, Archiving, Special Campaign Setting - Greyhawk, Kalamar, Jashnia, etc.) - preferred, but optional
- Writing Samples or Petition for non-character / non-Elftown admission ???

2007-11-06 [xido]: Also, you have two player pages with the same name under your own name place.... ;) Kim_Lundin's Characters

Is there supposed to be a 'WFR' in one of them, to separate your Guild-applied chars from your others, perhaps?

2007-11-06 [Kim_Lundin]: I'll compose some kind of message for the members, I'll also add that they can use their own character pages.
And the double page was an error of mine, better keep an eye up, I would hate to get a "HEY! You messed up my characters, you @$$#¤[£!" message from someone...

2007-11-06 [Kim_Lundin]: WFR Mod:ed people from the "WFR Guild Pages, Mods, & GMs" page

2007-11-08 [Kim_Lundin]: All members should have ownership of their character pages now.

2007-11-08 [Kim_Lundin]: Sent a note to all members to tell them about the new pages.

2007-11-08 [Kim_Lundin]: And that's enough work from me for today >:D I know, I'm a lazy bum.

2007-11-23 [Linn Scarlett]: Argh no I didn't die yet >.>' Its just that I've been really busy and pretty much all over the globe, and not always with a good connection. So yeah, I am still here XD

2007-11-23 [xido]: "I know, I'm a lazy bum."

Not a snowball's chance in hell. You rock the house, Kim.

That's fine, Linn. Please know that I would love it if all Mods joined (I will not encourage anyone to join MySpace, nor will I myself post info on that site).

Also, see WFR for my statement regarding the Guild's new updates. That will be our professional, WFR-only media, and official linking page for the Guild. Incoming members must comment on the WFR Application Page for entrance and ideas on what constitutes an entrance application in the new methods I would like to explore.

More later. Best wishes to all of you.

2008-01-14 [xido]: All moderators need to be aware of the comments made by me on xidoraven studios. Please reply to me by email. If you don't know my email, please ask me for it by message.


2008-01-17 [xido]: Kim, do you have MS Word, or a similar formatted typing program? If so, I may send my needs to you in .doc format from now on, so I know you can edit them the same way I do... Still thinking on that one.

Here's the deal: I'll format the first three in a table format, to show you how.

[username1012] : nickname : RPs/wikis : chars@wiki
Everyone needs a name that we can call them. If they are comfortable giving us their real name or pen name, fine. username is okay, no name at all is not okay. Begin this list by seeing what the person has posted on their house page.

This update will coincide with how I present it on the googlepages annual members list. It will be a public name for the person, so make sure that it's okay if that name/nickname is made public by messaging them. Older Guild Members may not message us back at all, so we may just have to live with a half-done list for 2007 if we can't come up with a name or nickname that they would like posted...

If they have two or more pages, put an enter/return between the names - it works well. [Sairafaen]'s Game can be shortened to simply "Vxa". Keep this section as small as possible without being picky about title.

Forums for Guild Ranks soon to come.

2008-01-17 [NamelessMerc]: On that note, how would people tell you the name they want? Personal messages?

2008-01-17 [xido]: Guests - pretty self-explanatory. Benefits: ...

Apprentices - Members with Applications in. These members get their writings and character posts 'Critiqued'. They learn under a Journeyer or Master Artisan. As part of the WFR Guild, they will be required to join a Niche Guild (or Guild of Rank):
Guild Knights - (forum)
Guild Guards - ...
Guild Page Moderators - ...
Guild Artists - ...
Guild Organizer - ...
Guild Representative - ...
Guild Mystic (coder/programmer/multimedia) - ...
  - ...

Journeyers - ...

Master Artisans - ...

Mods (J and MA) would be required to put in volunteer time and efforts to connecting the media produced by the WFR in the FARP Elfwood project:

Each Rank gets a forum. Each Guild gets a forum and a wikipage. Ranks will be posted to this page as they are earned and determined. Authors (Contributors to the WFR Library will get their own Game & Story wikis (most make their own currently). Open Gaming Areas will be Guild-sanctioned and sponsored Guild-led pages that only Members can host games and stories on, and most anyone can play within. All Open Gaming Pages will be passworded, with controlled page content, and the ability to accept comments from the web. Mods, Knights, and Guards will have the ability to delete spammer comments.

2008-01-17 [xido]: To [NamelessMerc]:

Since your house page says, "Scott" I will ask Kim and the Mods to post that name, and message you about it (for our members that are already current). In the future, the application will have a place for it, where we ask how the Member would like their name to be on their Membership page.

Thanks for asking.

2008-01-19 [Kim_Lundin]: Yes, I have MS Word installed. It's an old version, but as long as you don't send anything too flashy it should be able to handle it ;)
The new format looks good, will make the list easier to read. I'm still trying to get used to the idea of nicknames though, there's something about it that feels a little weird to me. It's probably just me being lazy... could you give me a short explanation of the "why"s? Should make it a bit easier for me to grasp it.
I'll put "Reformate Guild Members" on my to-do list and get to it when I have the time.

2008-01-19 [xido]: Sounds good. I say we need nicknames or names, since some usernames are gargantuan, and make for a difficult time naming char pages. That, and I like referring to someone by their real name, or else a nickname they enjoy. It helps me to understand them better, I think.

2008-03-05 [xido]: I would like to know if there are any willing and involved people who would liked to be considered to be a Guild Guard or sworn in as a Guild Knight (Moderator/Organizer)...?

2008-03-07 [NamelessMerc]: Oh, while I'm perusing, I also wanted to ask you if you wanted any help on this page as well, Will? Afterthe 10th, I've got some free time and I could format some of the members for you if you'd like.

PS. *Shameless wiki-promo* To all members: I need 4 players for The Plains of Kerith. Hopefully I'll have a party of 6-8 total. It's semi-free-form and presided over by me. Take a look if interested.

2008-03-07 [xido]: You are more than welcome to do so, if and when you so choose. I will also hope to compile a list of names/nicknames of everyone who entered prior to 2008 for our annual Members List for

Shameless wiki-promos are okay. ;) Also, you could post it on WFR Games until our new pages are situated. Kim has an outline of which pages should be re-named to help make them easier to access from the open web.

2008-03-07 [NamelessMerc]: Alright, well if you can message me the password for this page I'll have a stab at it next week.

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