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WFR Guild Media

Artwork, Conceptual Designs, Contests, Documents, Events, and More.

WFR Guild Art = page
WFR Guild Audio - new (including Guild Local Chapter minutes)
WFR Guild Concepts - new
WFR Guild Contests & WFR Guild Member Contests - new
WFR Guild Docs - new & Application process
WFR Guild Events Calendar - new
WFR Guild Public Relations - new


Guild (definition and history) =

Wiki (definition and info on Wikimedia-style sites) =

Fiction (definition and info) = (also see Rhetorical Modes = )

D&D Wiki =
    D&D WFR Info page =

RPGA = on
    (NOTE: The RPGA is a separate organization from the WFR currently, and the WFR does not discriminate against any RPG method or talent relating to fiction, but this association is a recognized organization of like-minded individuals, and is very useful in finding other people in your own area and others.)

Facebook WFR Chapter = (you have to be a member in order to view this group page - WFR Guild Mods will be expected to join Facebook in order to attain Master Guild Member Status)


RP Council - no longer = convert to WFR Council Members

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The Nexus:

My Elfwood Gallery:
Elftown Portfolio: Art_Portfolio-xido

Eternal Lands:
Darkfall Online:
Roleplay Online:

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