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WFR Character Rank Page

The Wiki Fiction Roleplay Player Character
Professional Ranks, Roles and Prestige Guilds


This page is continuously renovated and updated by [xido], [Blood Raven], and
all volunteering Official Guild Moderators

This page is where you can find all information about how your character fits into the world. There are several factors influencing your character's position in the world. These factors are Class, Title and Rank. A character doesn't need all of them, but a character needs at least one. If you wouldn't have either of these three, your character would be absolutly nothing, after all. And you can't roleplay nothing. A short description:

Role, Rank, Profession, or Status: These terms generally describe the role your character plays in either society, as a professional or skilled individual, or as a leader or representation of authority or social status.

Classes©: (This term was created by Dungeons&Dragons masterminds, now owned and copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast, please see
Your class is in essence your profession. There is great variety in classes, ranging from fighters to scholars, from divine knights and spellcasters to wizards and worlocks, and even bards, professional thieves and spies. If you wish to add a new class, message [xido], [Blood Raven], or another official Moderator of the WFR.

Prestige Classes© and Prestige/Specialty Guilds: (The former term was created by Dungeons&Dragons masterminds, now owned and copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast, please see
A prestige class is the fulfillment of a specific niche in the adventuring lifestyle which often includes deeper knowledges of the workings of a class or social role, or belonging to a guild or organization, which you often have to deserve or be challenged before you can enter. Usually a prestige class utilizes and focuses in on unique abilities, uncommon to most of the land. Many prestige classes organize themselves into groups of a handfuls to whole organizations with rules, standards, and status roles, which you need to join by trial or challenge, or by exhibiting a strong showing of the abilities necessary to perform the tasks of members of the group. There is great variaty in prestige classes. If you wish to add a new prestige class, message [xido], [Blood Raven], or another official Moderator of the WFR.

Official, Professional, Social, Military and Government Titles: Titles give an indication of status, either socially, economically or politically. Titles are usually given to people by official instances, and often give these people advantages over others. After all, when the King John orders something, it's far more likely happen than when Farmer John orders something. Other bonuses might be discounts or access to resources other people can't use. Titles are often stagnant, and given at birth or because or a unique event. Farmers for instance are very, very unlikely to become Count. Other titles include Temple status or role, village/city titles, professional surnames and royal titles or addresses.

Social or Guild Ranks: A rank is something like a Title, but it applies to a specific organisation, such as a Guild or the Military. Ranks include things like Guildmaster, Private, Captain, Squire, Nurse, etc. Ranks are often changeable, you could for instance be promoted into a higher or lower rank. This way, it's possible to ascend from Soldier to Luietenant, for instance. Ranks signify a hierarchy or organizational system of titling and roles & responsibilities.


For Wiki Fantasy Roleplay Player Character Ranks:

(Ranks, Classes, Guilds, Prestiges, and Social Titles)

Ranks, Roles, Professions and Classes©:

Commoners or Professionals:

Warriors and Combatants:


Arcane Spellcasters:

Divine Spellcasters:


Powerful or Immortal Caste/Status (see Inath):

Martial Artists:

Commoner Classes
Nobility Classes
Sage Classes
Warrior Classes
Soldier Classes
Martial Artist Classes
Sorcerer Classes
Wizard Classes
Druid Classes
Cleric Classes
Rogue Classes
Scout Classes
Bard Classes
Mage Fighters

Prestige Classes© and Prestige Guilds

Weapon Specialist Prestige Class
Mage Killer Prestige Class
Dragon Knight Prestige Class
Elementalist Prestige Class
Master Necromancer Prestige Class
Favored of Nature Prestige Class
Divine Messenger Prestige Class
Divine Healer Prestige Class
Infiltrator Prestige Class
Dungeon Specialist
Sniper Prestige Class
Arcane Knight prestige Class
Blessed Crusader Prestige Class
Animal Lord prestige Class
Stalker Prestige Class

Titles and Ranks

Political Titles

Awarded Titles

Clerical or Temple Titles and Rank

Guild Titles and Ranks

Military and Combat Titles and Rank



For Wiki Sci-Fi Roleplay Player Character Ranks:



Wiki Fiction Roleplay
WFR Character Page and WFR Application Page
WFR Guild Members
Talents, Feats, Skills & Abilities
WFR CHAR Race Page


Info to integrate:

A class is different from a species in that it can be acquired and is a role, not something your character is born with. Any character can be any race listed, as well as the class of your choice.
Ranks are levels of position a character has in the social world, particularly among cities, or politics, or the level of the class of choice. Examples of these would be kings, knights, or tax-collectors, as well as someone who is the lord of a guild of thieves. Any race can become any class, and the classes and positions in society have levels of classification.
If you're new to the concept of Wiki RPG, you may want to just apply as a commoner, and seek adventuring once you realize how to find it.
A higher class-rank, sometimes called a prestige class, could be attained by starting as, say, a mage (someone who learns about magic), and end up becoming Chief Conjurer of the Hilovale of Ionia. Perhaps you are a rogue (a quick, survivalist independant, capable of scouting, getting into and out of tight fixes, or planning quick plans of attack), who becomes the most well-renowned assassin in Kiee, founding several guilds in his wake.
Social figures, like soldiers, mayors, princesses, and merchants are typical non-class ranks. Clerics, or priests, serve as religious teachers, but some end up serving a greater purpose, taking on an adventuring role.



Commoners/Peasants are the people who are the base of a roleplay; basically the most important people a roleplay can have. They can be any race, and can hold any of the following positions. However, you should apply with "Commoner" as your rank.
Specific common titles:
Town Drunk
Street Child
Tambourine man or
Miss Duncan, and her magic grey poodle.

Merchant- are self-employed and have income from their establishments, or trade, and often post great wiki pages for others to look around, talk, and rest between adventures. They can be adventurers, but many keep watch of their establishments, some by more odd means than others. Occasionally they will sell things which other people have made for a commision, but more often than not they will sell their own produce, weaponry, crafts, or other goods. Merchants must either set up a stall in a marketplace in a town, or find some willing landowner who will allow him or her to set up shop in a small building off the square.
Any wiki pages of establishments can be added as links to the WFR page, as well as to any page that would have a physical portal to its location.

Bard- A Bard is a musician who plays for crowds and makes his living off spare change and food thrown at his feet by passers-by. Typical instruments include the Lute and other string instruments, which are often accompanied by vocals, piccolo's, flutes, or other woodwinds, and the occasional harp. However, harpists tend to be more stationary as harps are not easily transported, and this is not ideal for a Bard, who often travels.

Barmaiden- The people who work at the taverns.

Innkeep- These rare, lucky people will own the tavern and Inn of their choice if it isn't already owned. A coveted position, this requires commanding a host of barmaidens, putting people up in the Inn, and basically keeping the tavern and Inn in check.

Gypsy- Gypsies often ride in bands of nomadic caravans more often than not, learning to dance, sing, or play light instruments, such as tambourines or flutes, for entertainment. They often journey in large bands of covered horse-drawn wagons in which they also live, known for keeping caged birds as pets which hang off the back of the wagon. The women mostly sell their sex appeal, wearing layered, brightly coloured skirts, bare feet, and jangling bells as earrings and bracelets to attract attention.

Magical or otherwise skilled Folk
Specialized adventering classes.

Forgive me for not thinking of a better title, feel free to alter it if you come up with anything better. This rank includes the more specific roles, and higher class. The roleplayers are not necessarily better, but generally these are more demanding roles. Apply as one of the specific titles below, and not as... ahem... "Magical or otherwise skilled Folk".

Ranger- Rangers can be any species, within reason. For instance, I may not allow a dragon who is a ranger, claiming to be able to sneak stealthily around the woods. For that is one of the things rangers can do; sneak stealthily. They are also very good with weapons, usually specializing in one type (such as sword or bow and arrow) but better than most other people with many others as well. They are very knowledgeable about matters of survival and hunting, being very wise in all matters of the woods and other natural areas. They are rare and prefer solitude.

Rogue/Thief- Most people know rogues as thiefs, burglars, and robbers. And most people are right, many rogues truelly are thieves, burglars and robbers. Rogue however, is a versatile class extending way further than just your everyday criminal. The scout exploring the dungeon for his party, or the countryside for enemy troups or the like, are also rogues. The master burglar is a rogue, as are spies. Even the head of a thieves' guild is a rogue, though he makes others do the dirty work. Most rogues have a few cnacks in common though: they prefere stealh above combat, hiding and moving in the shadow. They also know to hit where it hurts. these 'sneak attacks' often hit painfull or dangerous points like vital bloodveins. There are many types of rogues, including:
Thug: The thug is the basic of rogues, the bully which gathers some 'friends' (fellow bullies) around him, and robs people in dark alleyways after threathening them with his shear muscle. These are usually not so smart, but strong individuals who tend to do the dirty work for Thieves' Guilds
Burglar: The burglar ranges from the person who throws in a window and grabs anything within reach, to the shadow which sneaks into noblemans houses at night, stealing all their precious goods while they're sleeping. The best of burglars can get into any building, unlocking doors and vaults, while disarming or avoiding any traps. Some burglars aren't afraid to loot dungeons either.
Assassins: Assassins are a lot like burglars. They sneak in unseen, and get out unseen, with 1 differance: where a burglar goes for the money, the assassin goes for the kill. Assassins are often hired by somebody to dispose of any opponents or the like, for which they get paid, alot mostly.
Scout: Sometimes, you just need a clever, silent person, to go ahead and scout the way for any possible dangers, like traps or enemies. In those cases, the rogue scout is the person to hire. They can sneak around unseen, detecting possible threats so that the main group won't be surprised. These rogues tend to get along with rangers well, as many of their skills correspond.
Pickpocket: Another common type of rogue, often working in groups where one person provides distraction and the others pickpocket the people watching. An old trick is to have a magician do tricks on a market square, after which children of halflings pickpocket the watching crowd. As they like to say: "The real trick isn't the magician."
Ninja: these could be called the elite of rogues. Experts in both stealth as combat techniques, they can infiltrate buildings, create a bloodshed, and leave as quickly as they came. Ninja groups often have very different goals, differing from gaining wealth to getting revenge. Some are available for hire, like assassins are. High level ninja's sometimes have spell-like abilities as well, often choosing illusion spells to confuse any guards or other opponents.

Druids- Druids are people who live outside society, in the woods, within a society of their own. They even have an own language (druidic). They can use magic, which they extract from nature and they can talk to animals. Some animals even choose to join with a druid's party and assist them on their journeys. A druid won't wear metal, they only use leather, hide and fur. Some of the weapons they use are made from metal, though. Common weapons among Druids are scimitars, sickles, clubs and quarterstaffs.

Mage- Let it be said now, that anyone who does not practice magic that is powered by either NATURE or a DEITY is, in fact a Mage, which means simply 'magic user'. Druids and some naturally magical beings use the power of nature and the elemental forces to create magic, but they are using a force called mana, and not Arcane Magic. Clerics, Priests, Priestesses, Heirophants, etc. can use some magic, if it does not oppose their belief system, but it is force that is drawn from the power of their focused deity or other omnipotent entity.
Anyone who does not fit those two things is a MAGE.
A mage can be a very odd being, or just some guy who learned a trick or two growing up with his gnome buddies.
A Wizard, the most common mage among non-magical races, is a being who relies on the knowledge of the mysteries of Arcana, the energies found in the very being of the world. A Wizard often uses gesture, symbols, spell components, talismans, or magical rings, staves, potions, or other ingenious means to manifest their spells, and often reads tomes/scrolls of magic, which teach the various methods of Arcane spellwork, and sometimes use ancient scrolls, tomes, or artifacts to their advantage as well.
A Sorceror is very similar to a Wizard, and often can be found using similar items, but very rarely can be found learning their spells from a book or scroll, because their Arcane power is inherent within their bodies, born to the world of magic as a natural practitioner since the moment of birth. Many often have draconic or fae blood in their ancestry, or were the descendants of other mages, clerics, or druids. Sorcerors rarely use spell components or talismans, but can sometimes be found seeking a great artifact or the purported Staff of Anguiost the Great. Sorcerors generally know fewer spells than Wizards, but can employ them more often. That is the main difference. Many similarities can be found between them, although the snobbier, more educated Wizards often look down upon the more roguish Sorcerors, who often do not hone their powers in a typically standard fashion, at an acclaimed School of Arcane Arts.
Shamans, Gypsies, Witches, and Neophytes/Adepts are a little bit of all of these.
Shamans are spiritual people, sometimes called Medicine Men/Women, who work with Arcane magic, as well as spirits, both natural and other-worldly. They employ nearly all the different types of magic to their aid, often without large amounts of preparation or time needed to cast the respected spell/hex. Shamans are rarely found in highly populated areas, often being the magical teachers/healers of small tribal communities, such as the Ganye of the plains. Shamans often know many types of magic, but never fully understand any of them thoroughly.
Gypsies have a little magic up their sleeves at all times, but never actually study Arcana fluently. They may know a little of the ways of religion, or nature, but are not very skilled in them, unless in that of herbalism, or spirit-conjuring.
Witches, as well, find them selves delving into a little bit of everything, but find themselves more comfortable in more populated, magic-welcoming communities, becoming herbalists, healers, diviners, potion-makers, and even spell-casters, although only for a price. They are essentially shamans for sale.
Neophytes/Adepts are students of the Arts, sometimes dabbling in a little nature magic/spirit work, and often finding their knowledge of Arcana, etc. useful in more situations than the typical spell-casting situation. Similar to the featured 'Smiths' by [Resiska], they can sometimes be found running small shops, producing magical items, such as rings/jewelry, weapons, armors, clothing, and other items of interest, and sometimes study enough (either individually, or in a school) to become a Wizard, etc.
Sages are those that know/study the various Arts/energies/occurences of the world, but often never find the urge or opportunity to accel at spellcasting. Often, they are employed in adventuring parties as herbalists, historians, guides, or interpreters, with the potential to know how to use any magical items/substances/etc that the party encounters. Some of these are great philosophers, artists, and often know a great deal of knowledge about the land.
Planeswalker-A Planeswalker is a very powerful mage or scholar, and generally has to be using magic for many years and become extremley powerful to be a Planeswalker (also known as gatejumpers, softsteppers, blinkers, phasers, and many other terms). They have, through their studies, gained the knowledge to shift through the planes of existence, going from one place to another in the blink of an eye. However this task is extreamly taxing on the user, and sometimes doesn't always work exactly how they had planned. It is very difficult to hold a position such as this, as many various powerful beings from the planes dislike their realms tainted by the presence of an outsider. So one must be very clever to stay alive.
NOTE: the planes of the cosmos are intricate and detailed, many being difficult for mortals to pass through or into. There are many planes of reality, all of them outside of the Material plane - the one you and I are in....the fantasy realm. Alternate realities, such as this one place named Earth (an odd and angry little world), are also able to be accessed with more intricate rites, spells, and knowledge. Message [xido] for details, and NO, you cannot play this type of char without first contacting XIDORAVEN.

The fighter is a class which uses hand-to-hand methods of winning, or melee battles. The fighter is somebody who has mastered the arts of melee combat, but he comes in many ways:
Barbarian: This fighter usually lives on the edges of civilization and beyond. His fighting style is not based on training, but more on strength and intuitive techniques. They can also go into a rage which boosts their strength and power, but it makes them easier to hit. They seem to prefer big axes.
Warrior: This fighter is the opposite of the barbarian. rather than chopping around like a madman, he uses his many years of training and expierence to win. he knows many fighting style and can handle many weapons. A lot of fighters specialize themselves on 1 weapon, which after enough training basicly becomes an extension of their arm.
Monk: An unusual fighter. A monk wears no armor, no weaponry and doesn't have very protective clothing either. They fight with the martials arts they learn in the monastaries where they live. They fight with their entire body and soul, as spiritual strength is just as important for a monk as physical strength. Monks like manoevrabilty, they depend on that for not getting hit. Monks use a mystical power called chi, which flows to their bodies. They can concentrate it and thus the chi boosts their hitting power. It also gives them a much better evasion and reaction abilty. At some point a monk can even dodge attacks he isn't even aware of being made at him.
Soldier: These fighters fight for a higher cause, known as either king and country or money. They fight in large groups (Legions, squads, batalions) and they are training and drilled in those groups, often giving them a high team spirit and affinity for their comrades. A good drilled squadron can take on any type of party of the same strength.
Paladin: These fighters fight for the greatest cause of all: the spread of good and the end of evil. Paladins will battle any evil they encounter and will do as much good as possible. For this their god, for which they fight, gives them extraordinary divine abilities, as turning undead or healing spells.
Exotic Fighter: And there are those who can't be satisied by the blade or axe, they want something different. Two bladed swords, orc double axes and spiked chains are some of the extravagant examples of weaponry they like. These unusual weapons often require unusual techniques. They have to train more to be able to use them, but then they have a way of fighting unknown to many and thus they have an advantage. Double sided weapons also, like the name says, have an other end to them, making these fighters able to deliver more blows in less time.
Pirate: Raiders, murderers and bandits. This is truely the scum of the sea. They prefer fighting with light cutlasses and the earliest of gun (1 bullet, 1 min. reloading time). They sail the oceans in search of other ships and they will enter and rob as many ships as possible. Pirates aren't fully undisciplined though, every ship has it's own code which every crewmember must obay.

Berserkers - Berserkers are fighters who can magically summon a frenzy in which they are much stronger and swifter than they are normally. Their eyes will glow fire-red and their weapon may begin to burn. Common weapons for berserkers are axes, scythes, clubs, hammers, and the like. Berserkers have command over some fire and wind magic.

Cleric- The clerics are divine spellcasters, recieving their magic abilities from the god they worship. Clerics come in many type, which are mostly relative to their gods. A cleric of a good god will often provide healing and supportive spells, while a cleric of and evil diety will seek to spread his masters will of destruction and terror anywhere he can. Clerics of nature dieties often protect and study nature, which brings them close to druids, with whom them sometimes cooperate. clerics also have the abilty to turn or rebuke undead, depending on their alignment (good will turn undead, evil rebuke them, neutral characters may choose between these, but after choosing may not alter their choice. For instance, you can't decide to rebuke and control the first horde of undead you encounter, after which you turn and destroy the next one). Clerics per individual can differ alot too. Some clerics may have other ways to pay tribute to their god than others who worship the same god. Some may travel around, others may stay at their temple. Clerics have in common that they all place their own god above anything else, and fanatical ones will carry out their diety's will untill the end. Also, because they get their magic from deities, they can wear armor even when spellcasting, unlike arcane spellcasters who are hampered by armor. Some clerics are also known to be quite ferocious towards others, especially those whom are hated by their god. Some gods oppose eachother, and so their clerics oppose eachother as well, sometimes creating entire religious wars.

Smiths: idea by [Resiska] (sorry so long); these are mostly mages who work in a specific area chosen by a higher standing mage, they work in their trade not only using the ordinary standards used but by also using magic to encourage the bettering of it. These do come inorder of most powerful, mind you. There are five types: Song- (entertainment), Arms- (security), Lee- (weather), Croft- (farming/plants), Arche- (shelter)
   SongSmiths sing to and/or for others to not only entertain but to calm, make to sleep, make rile, make dance, make smile, etc. by the use of magic. *notice~a SongSmith is not a bard; bards tell stories in their songs, SongSmiths do not*.
   ArmsSmiths develop armor, weapons, etc using typical means of blacksmithing however using magic to enhance the metals to a more defensive means. Also can make arms, etc defend without physical contact (psychokinetics, per se)
   ShagSmith -- Mistresses of Lust and forlorn desires, they imploy their magic of seduction to rob the money of men's open checkbooks. Use of the common Fluttering Eyelids spell has been known to keep men with them for more than two hours at a time.

Official Posts
These are all positions that either directly or indirectly deal with the political system of a city, tribe, or kingdom.

Stable Hand- The stable hand tends to the royal steeds and the not-so-royal mules and other mooching stable residents, such as the occasional goat or perhaps a few clucking chickens in case the market is too far away to constantly be buying eggs.

Servant- A servant can be a cook, dishwasher, floor scrubber, or attendant to a royal family (Lady in Waiting).

Guard/Mercenary:- Knights, soldiers, bodyguards, hired help, assassins, or cronies. Guards often stand at the palace gates or doors and question people, or trapse around the hallways in clinking armour and interrogate passers-by.
Knights and soldiers work for the military forces of the city, kingdom, or community.
Hired men and women can be purchased for their skill and stealth, or simply to aid a traveling party through the woods to the safety of the nearby village.


This seemed to deserve it's own category, but really it only consists of a few ranks. Again, apply for the below specifically.

Prince or Princess- The children of Royal families.

Heir or Heiress- This is a Prince or Princess who is going to one day become King or Queen- generally the eldest royal child.

King or Queen- Royal family, rulers of a city, stronghold, or empire in the fantasy world, Jashnia (So far TearRem, Map/Eastonia, Vraisynn - message [Lexicon] to update this.).
Apply for a ruling position, and if you have another country or realm to add to the WFR world, don't hesitate to ask for acceptance.
Message [xido] [Resiska] or [Lexicon].

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2006-03-06 [xido]: Trades and Professions, as a link:

2006-03-06 [Kim_Lundin]: Shouldn't you give [iippo] royalties for that, xido? :P :P :P

2006-03-11 [xido]: Nope... I do FREE advertising... I am a non-profit organization of ONE unpayed volunteer member. :P :P :P :P :P :P :P x.xp

2006-03-11 [xido]: Hey, Mick. What d&d supplements are you using in this? I can tell a few of them, but not sure of the books for some of the others... Are any of these your own ideas or concepts? I am now watching every page here thus far.... post if you add any more... when I get more time, I will also add to these pages. I have many other supplements to add in with.... Complete Arcane; Races of the Wild; Book of Exalted Deeds; Manual of the Planes & Planar Handbook; Deities & Demigods; Fiend Folio; and for the moment, Spell Compendium and Oriental Adventures. I am trading the Draconomicon for the last book I mentioned... I will try to add what I can when I can....

2006-03-22 [Blood Raven]: ow, the classes are madde by generalising the D&D classes, and the prestige classes I jsut thought off on my own, as I did the hybrid classes

2006-03-23 [xido]: Oh, wow, okay.... it's funny, there are a lot of those that are actually featured in supplements too, so I figured you were incorporating things I have seen in books and articles, I thought perhaps you might have been using them too. ;P No worries... 

2006-04-15 [xido]: This is so D&D-oriented it hurts... I might want to do a couple small sweeps, to make it more generalized, but without changing the names of the class pages, etc. it is going to remain that way, regardless. I will do more later, I am just gathering my thoughts on this project as I look over some things... ;)

2006-04-15 [Blood Raven]: Blood of Creation is a wiki made by a friend of mine, and a couple of mates ofh is. It's still under construction, but it has a cool system. I've been waitng for it to finish for ages :P

2006-04-26 [xido]: Crazy, looks cool.... D&D too, I guess? I feel like I've been working on these WFR revisions for ages too... you too? ;P

2006-04-26 [Blood Raven]: yeah, I kinda do, and I haven't even done all that much ^^" Should I try make this less D&D oriented? I could give a shot at it you know

2006-05-09 [xido]: Well, include the elements that will make it flexible like our tabletops games are like, but yeah, throw in some more creative, original elements, maybe with some other gaming terms or uses. I am open for anything, but I want it to be flexible enough for people to feel unique in that role. ;) I have faith in you. I am posting as I can find time, and that is not often. I am approaching it almost one page at a time, usually two a week at tops if it is a series of good posts... It is frustrating some days when I want to really put some time into it all at once. I have spent an entire day at this laptop for one day's session. ;P

2006-05-09 [xido]: Please read a couple of the entries I have made on the WFR Char RACE Page, like Gargoyle Races and Beastial RacesSylvan Races I think, is good... maybe from our race list, we can have a bit of inspiration, and I will make this a little less "Class"-oriented, and more about status, role and profession. 'Rank' will be the general term used to describe these genres. "Class" is a copyrighted term, and I want to keep this independent yet structured in the same fashion, and with the same type of flexibility that D&D allows.

2006-05-09 [xido]: Because d20 is also a registered trademark of Wizards, I would like to avoid outright exploitation of its majority use or monopoly of game play. I would like to translate d20 to percentile 1-20=5-100%, 5% increments. Aside from that simple structure difference, I don't mind how much material you use, provided it isn't completely, 120% D&D only material. We encourage original, creative roleplay. I can't set an example by using copyrighted trademark material explicitly against copyright infringement policy. I am seeking an open gaming license from the RPGA group, based from Wizards licensing agreements. I want to play this by the rules, but some day I want to be an official guild by D&D.

2006-05-09 [xido]: see to see what I mean about official Wizards Open Gaming License sanctioning. It is an idea that I have been rolling aroung in my head for quite some time now. I am also seeking publication of my material on Grammaticum Primeaval, Inath, Draconic Language and Script, and my friend's ([Sairafaen]) Aquan Language and Script (Aquaean). ;)

2006-05-14 [Blood Raven]: So, these classes should be dice-oriented, only we use d% instead of d20?

2006-05-18 [Blood Raven]: I just made a system myself, based on a d10, and quite loose from D&D, it more insipred by Realms of Lemire and Fantasma (systems which are a bit more wiki-friendly, in my eyes)

2006-06-22 [Blood Raven]: I'm thinking of just totally reorganising this mess and getting rid of as much copyrighted terms as possible... what do you say?

2006-06-22 [xido]: If possible, please do... maybe in most spots you can just convert your terms and structure...  ;) Thanks, Mich

2006-06-22 [xido]: Class = Role / Rank / Status / Profession; Prestige Class = Prestige Guild / Specialty Ranks / Exotic Professions / Kabal, Guild, School, Order or Society. None of the wikis can be called 'classes' or 'prestige classes' anyways, without proper licensing, which we do not (CURRENTLY) have here, but is within our range later. (I am now seeking the proper method of posting such info on a web page... but I DO have it now. ;)

2006-12-05 [xido]: I hope that's kind of helpful. I will post more as I can. I am WFR Formatting for now. I will return again later. ;)

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