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WFR Art and Contests

The Wiki Fiction Roleplay Artwork, Media, and Contests

WFR Guild Members Art Center and Contest Headquarters


This page is continuously renovated and updated by [xido], and
all volunteering Official Guild Moderators

This is a space for Guild Members and Moderators to post their art, contests, WFR art, Character art, Setting art, WFR Contests and Polls and all Guild-related media and imagery


WFR Artwork and Images


WFR Contests and Polls:

  - Elftown Water Fountain Design Contest (CONTEST and POLLS CLOSED for SESSION 1 - Oct. 27, 2006!)

  Contest Finalists and Categories:
[Best of Show] : [Mom]'s entry, 48% of 31 votes (<poll:71922>)
[Most Elftown-ish] : [Mom]'s entry, 44% of 25 votes (<poll:71927>)
[Best Use of Color] : [Mom]'s entry, 36% of 25 votes (<poll:71928>)
[Best Background] : [Apus]' entry, 4/7 Judges' votes
[Best of Engineering / Architecture / Sculpture] : [Mom]'s entry, 4/7 Judges' votes
[Design of Elven Refinement and Concept] : [Apus]' entry, 4/7 Judges' votes

  - Elftown Creature Marathon: Elftown's first official Contest Marathon, to help support and build new information for [Angel Dreamer]'s


  First up, the PEGASUS:
  ECM Pegasus


WFR Guild Members Contests and Art Pages:

[Sunny Silverunicorn]'s Happy Birthday! Card Design Contest - Design a Birthday Card... More


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WFR Application Page
WFR Guild Members

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2006-12-10 [xido]: Sunny's Happy Birthday! Card Design Contest is a Guild Member-created, non-WFR contest that is currently up and running, and looking for artists!

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