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WFR Application Page

The Wiki Fiction Roleplay Character and Guild Member Application

For all applying WFR Guild Members


This page is continuously renovated and updated by [xido], and
all volunteering Official Guild Moderators

  The Wiki Fantasy Roleplay was created by Elftown members to be a group that would encourage and recommend advanced level, creative and original roleplaying with a focus on creative writing and networking with other interested fiction-lovers.

  Roleplaying can be a great pasttime and often requires some level of writing skill, personality mimicry (like acting a part), and a lot of creativity. The WFR, therefore, does not accept less than average roleplayers. With recent renovations, the Wiki Fantasy Roleplay, and its sister site, the Wiki Sci-Fi Roleplay, have merged to become one Guild, the

An official Creative Writing and Storytelling Guild of Elftown


  The application process we use is a basic character description, which is a great way of showing your creativity and originality of concept, as well as your skill and style of writing. We understand that english is a secondary language for many people on Elftown, and will be sympathetic to your level of speech, but we still require proper spelling and grammar, and suggest that anyone use a spellcheck or word processor program with spell check and grammar check before posting the final product. If you have neither, and need help, a mod will be willing to help with basic structure and spelling, but this may take some time as all mods are volunteers on their own time, and your char app will not be accepted to its own page until it is finished. This is to ensure that your character is as neat and impressive as it can be before we go posting you on an advanced level guild. Key idea here: Patience. We will be patient with you, if you are patient with us. Thank you.

  We require a generous amount of information about your character. We want to be as informed as possible about the limits and powers of your persona, and how well it will fit into our campaigns. "We" are all roleplayers, creators of wikis settings and worlds, and other characters that may need to know you before they "know you". Just because your character is secretive about his limits and abilities in the game does not mean you can be vague and obtuse here and now.

  We like to see a lot of information about any various aspects of this persona as possible. Expand on any subject you feel stands out about this character, but please don't allow yourself to get too carried away with their chest size, beautiful features, and seductive personality and body shape. Chances are, you're not a very experienced roleplayer in that case, and your shining character will be mildly distraught the first time they get a battle scar or a backlashed spell. Tumbling down hills does not let your mascara stay very well.

  Similarly, a one-paragraph character description consisting of name, gender, age, hair colour, eye colour, and a two-line history will definitely NOT cut it.

  The following details MUST BE included in your character's description for us to consider it for acceptance into the guild:

  Character Name AND [YOUR USERNAME] or, for members coming in from outside Elftown, a way to contact you, for instance an e-mail
  Fiction Genre
: (Fantasy, SciFi, Horror, Future Fantasy, Modern, HistoryFic, Creative FanFic/Mythos)
  Rank/Title/Social Caste
  Visible Physical Traits
  Detailed list of Personality traits and typical actions/decisions
  Full Historical Commentary

  You should make sure this includes a modest yet distinct description of their Appearance in at least one fluent, descriptive paragraph. This can include their wardrobe, eye colour, hair colour, skin tone, height, weight, how many freckles are on their left ear lobe... really, anything that comes to mind.

  Please include a detailed description of your character's Personality. Be as in-depth and descriptive as possible! Your character's personality reflects the way he or she acts, thinks, and it often affects and is affected by their history... which is also something you should include. An ALIGNMENT would be utterly grand! For info on alignments, message [xido] or ask any of our members!
Tell us about your character's history; don't take the easy way out by saying "John is very mysterious and does not reveal his past to anyone." John may not reveal his history, but you're not very good at keeping secrets. Other characters in the roleplay won't know, only the people behind the computer. Therefore it is required that you describe your characters history to us. ^.^

  I sound like such a slave-driver, but believe me, you will benefit from this.

  You may also include a picture of your character, but it will not be an adequate replacement for the appearance description, and it will not be considered in my decision of whether or not to accept you to the Wiki Fiction Roleplay Guild.

  (Please, when applying, try to keep in mind not to create a 'god-like' character. God-like characters are those that are unbeatable with no weaknesses and are claimed to be nearly perfect with select skills and are also said to be able to do anything. These characters tend to create a lot of conflict with other characters and are not appreciated by others in most roleplays.

  And also, please don't list in your character descriptions, try putting things into proper sentences with proper spelling and grammer. //[Leara])


Genre-specific information for new characters:

  For Fantasy Characters:
  For help with choosing a species or race, see the WFR Char RACE Page.

  For help with choosing an appropriate rank, title, class or social caste, please see the WFR Char RANK Page.

  For Science Fiction, Future Fantasy, Horror or Modern Roleplay Characters:
  For help with choosing a species or race, see the Sci-Fi Races Page.

  For help with choosing a social class, rank, title, profession, etc., see the Sci-Fi Ranks Page

  For FanFic or Mythos Roleplay Characters:
  Please be forewarned, that your character must not be a character from the story that you are interested in Role-Playing in or creating. Those characters are Intellectual Property of the authors, artists, producers and creators of those Fiction stories and media. See Copyright and Intellectual Property for more.

  That being said, the Wiki Fiction Roleplay will soon begin accepting creative, original Fan-Fiction wiki games and stories on two specific conditions:
1)  It is a creative, original, and professionally-created and referenced wiki, storyline, game or fan site.
2)  It must cite the 'Official' website, publication or similar resource of the original media, and have a proper APA Formatting bibliography somewhere on the page to be accepted. All FanFic wikis must be approved by [xido] only. All other websites referenced are optional, but they also need to be properly formatted to APA standards to be accepted. More to come on this by [xido].

  For World/Story/Game/Setting creators needing CREATURES:
  If you are a game or wiki moderator who is looking to make a beastie to battle for other characters, also see the

Creature_List by [Angel Dreamer]

For all your Beasties. For players and guild applicants, please stick to the most common playable races until you have entered the guild and want a secondary character.

  Also, see the Elftown Creature Contest Marathon, an official Elftown contest marathon!


Still Confused? See:
WFR Applicant Character Example
WFR Character Template


  Back to Wiki Fiction Roleplay, Character Page, WFR Guild Members
OR Roleplaying for Dummies

  When accepted, ONWARD! to WFR Games, WFR Quests, or Text Adventures

  PLEASE NOTE: you may now post your character description for evaluation IN THE COMMENTS FIELDS!!!

  Remember to enter everything listed above and don't forget to mention your Elftown username! Otherwise we ([xido], [Leara], [Linn Scarlett], [Blood Raven] or [Kim_Lundin]) will not be able to accept you. If your character seems to be doing nothing, please send us a small and courteous message for assistance.


  To apply for a primary app char, copy the template below
Post this info on your Character Biography Wiki Page


[Name of Character Page@wiki]:

<u><b>Character Name:</b></u>
<h1><center>Character Name Here!</center></h1>

<u><b>User:</b></u>  [USERNAME HERE!]


<u><b>Fiction Genre:</b></u>




  <u><i>Prestige Class, Guild, or Kabal:</i></u>

  <u><i>Eye Color:</i></u>
  <u><i>Hair Color:</i></u>
  <u><i>Flesh Tone:</i></u>
  <u><i>Clothing and Apparel:</i></u>
  <u><i>Outstanding Marks or Features:</i></u>

<center>(Artworks, imagery or media HERE)</center!uQ!uQt!t!>

  <u><i>Feats and Abilities:</i></u>
  <u><i>Combat, Weapon and Armor Proficiencies:</i></u>
   <u><i>-Weapons on hand:</i></u>
  <u><i>Spell or Talent Use:</i></u>
   <u><i>-Divine or Arcane Spell Use:</i></u>
   <u><i>-Racial, Supernatural, Spell-like or Extraordinary Abilities:</i></u>
   <u><i>-Psionic Abilities or Talents:</i></u>
  <u><i>Strengths and Weaknesses:</i></u>

  <u><i>Quirks, Outstanding and Memorable Actions or Phrases:</i></u>


<u><b>Equipment and Belongings:</b></u>


<u><b>Developments and Updates:</b></u>


If you have a page that you post all of your characters on, include the link of the page you would like all of your Guild-approved characters to be placed on with your application (ie, My Roleplays)

Username (or number or email):


2008-03-07 [Yralin]: Yralin

Character Name:

Yralin Tarahol

User:  [Yralin]

Fiction Genre: High Fantasy

Race: Half-Elven

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Rank/Class/Title: Neutral-Good Druid
  Prestige Class, Guild, or Kabal: None yet, perhaps soon enough.

  Height:180.34cm (5'11")
  Weight: 68.18 kilos (150 lbs)
  Build/Stature: Yralin is of average build with a fit physique from time spent in the wild.
  Eye Color: Brown
  Hair Color: Long, Brown
  Flesh Tone: Slightly tanned, even complexion.
   -(World or Realm):
  Clothing and Apparel: Yralin wears a flexible leather gambeson about his chest which is concealed under a dark gray silken tunic with matching pants. His belt is made of braided leather and holds several small pouches. He also wears an emerald hooded traveling cloak.
  Outstanding Marks or Features: Occasionally paints runes/symbols on his face/body for ceremony and battle purposes.

(*No* Artworks, imagery or media)

Skills: Animal companion, nature sense, wild empathy, woodland stride, trackless step, resist nature's lure, wild shape (2/day at the moment)
  Feats and Abilities: Greenbound Summoning
  Combat, Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: Proficient with: Club, dagger, quarterstaff, scimitar, sickle, short spear, sling, and spear (as well as natural attacks in wild shape), light/medium armor (no metal armor) and wooden shields.
   -Weapons on hand: Quarterstaff (Yew, self carved), and a small dagger with a wooden hilt.
  Spell or Talent Use: Divine druid spells, able to shift into most common animals, has an animal companion (Wolf)
   -Divine or Arcane Spell Use: Druid spells
   -Racial, Supernatural, Spell-like or Extraordinary Abilities: extended lifespan due to elven blood, ability to see slightly better in darkness
   -Psionic Abilities or Talents: none
  Strengths and Weaknesses: Strengths - Very wise, practical, decent strategist. Weaknesses - Aloof, dry sense of humor, not the best melee fighter

Personality: Yralin is a very learned man who has spent many years both communing with nature and fanatically studying as much as possible. He is always willing to help others, no matter the potential risk, and serves for the betterment of all goodly folk. A bit pragmatic at times, he has a tendency to come off as a know-it-all, or even condescending.
  Quirks, Outstanding and Memorable Actions or Phrases: As a man who spends a lot of time alone or in the company of animals, he has only a basic knowledge of social etiquette (creating more than one awkward situation).

History: Yralin Tarahol spent his childhood in a small trade village close to a massive forest. His father is a logger and a huntsman, and his mother is a retired adventurer/historian. As a child, Yralin spent much of his spare time in the forest, where he developed a deep love for all things living. Once he reached his 13th birthday his mother had him sent to study under a Druid whom she had adventured with several times in her youth. He has studied under him ever since, however their relationship has gone beyond that of master/apprentice and into the realm of common friendship. At this time, Yralin is simply a traveler of both forest and road, City and dungeon, following in his mother's footsteps.

Equipment and Belongings: Yralin carries on his person: one pack with basic supplies/rations and a separate pouch for journals/Books of Lore. Along his belt are several smaller pouches which carry various reagents for spells and ingredients for many different concoctions. He has with him a self-made quarterstaff of Yew wood which is used as a walking stick, weapon, and tool.

Other: Yralin struggles with a common conflict of mixed-race peoples; he is neither human nor elf, and can never fully be either. Elves often think less of him, while humans often assume he holds humans in lower regard.

Developments and Updates: Feel free to ask anything you'd like.

2008-03-07 [xido]: An excellent and realistic character, in my opinion, which has both possibility of advancement in personality (character progression), and a true-to-life approach on culture and his dynamics in the world(s)/realm(s). With some features still left open, he allows himself to seek a future path. This is always good, as it assumes he may have goals.

I'm certain Kim will think similarly.

Kim, do you need any help monitoring or working on this page (or its descendent page, if/when it changes titles for web-usage and publications)?

We will also need a WFR_Treasury, which will trade in the common unit of Dinaari (1GP), a Kanaalian version of the gold piece. This is especially important if a user needs to purchase a wiki-page from another Member or ETer for their own use and ownership. The details of this agreement can be worked out between the two users, and need to be stated in comments on the character page in question. This applies to all wikis, but just in case it pops up soon, we have a currency. Second Life has 'Linden Dollars', so we can have 'Kanaalian Dinaar(i)' (plu. {sing}). Hopefully we can instate that as an ET change at some point. For now, we should simply log it, and/or make sure it is in the comments somewhere.

2008-03-07 [NamelessMerc]: If Kim wants help, I'm available to vet new characters. I tend to do it unofficially anyway XD even if I don't actually comment on them. It's a hobby :3

Also, Will, can you message me about the Dinaari? I'm in two minds about the whole thing from what you just said there; it seems too limiting. Notto mention the fact that if users leave ET then such transactions are impossible.

2008-03-07 [NamelessMerc]: ^_^ And on about characters... [Yralin], I love the character, but the history is so short =[

So, he's a traveller. Where has he been? Has he seen/done anything worth noting on his travels? The yew staff, who taught him how to fashion it and when?

I know I'm picky, but this character seems so interesting that I'd love to know more about him.

2008-03-07 [xido]: I sent [Yralin] a few detailed messages about the Guild currency, and included some tips for dealing with players who don't return. Dinaari will be a fictional currency that will help to give our Guild Members a way to trade and benefit from character and wiki-page creation. More details later....

2008-03-07 [NamelessMerc]: Okay then, sounds good to me.

Side-note: New character for perusal Darien Benison

2008-03-08 [xido]: Ya-a'high! Did you place that one on your char page yet? Everyone's been getting the ownership of their char pages switched over to them, right? Not second-guessing, I swear. ;)

2008-03-09 [NamelessMerc]: Heh, I'm posting him sometime this week. Probably when this essay is over and done with *yawn* I hate the damned things.

2008-03-09 [xido]: I know, but it keeps this page a lot neater, and people who do have their own pages already made can place them, and not look like they do any less work then those with long lists of characters applied.

Or did you mean you hate essays? O.o >.> I put my essay off hardcore this week. My digital illustration is still only half-finished. *whistles*

2008-03-09 [Kim_Lundin]: [Yralin]: The character looks good to me, though some information on what Greenbound Summoning is would be nice.

[xido]: Could you send me some more information on what the Treasury will be used for? Because right now I can't really see what use we'll have of it.

[NamelessMerc]: If you want to help out a bit with the characters it'd be most welcome. Did you want to just help commenting on them or do you want to accept and move those who are okay to the list as well?

2008-03-09 [NamelessMerc]: I meant I hate essays :p I've put it off for over a month, a 2,500 word piece on William Blake and other romantic poets; the representation and pursuit of freedom through their work. Ouch >.<;

[Kim_Lundin]: I was thinking of accepting characters, I already comment on mst of them unofficially :3

2008-03-10 [xido]: Kim: In Second Life, you may buy property, items, and other things with this fake currency known as the Linden Dollar. For now, doing things like purchasing a wiki-page from someone else, or trading them for something (or purchasing one of the WFR Lost Character), etc. It is a small idea now, and if it does nothing, we can always scrap it later, but I would like to award our 2003-07 members with some sort of prize for sticking it out with us over the years, as well as for participants who do things for the publications art, etc. Start small, work out to big, figure out the details as we go.

What I would like to do, is to be able to have a budget at some point, where people can convert their Dinaari into currency that the Guild Treasury would then match in donations to Elftown (after we have a real-world budget, of course).

In other games, you may buy gold pieces with real money. World of Warcraft and DnD Online both do this on various websites. Ours will not be as strict, and we will place little actual value on the Dinaari, save for within Elftown and the Guild's zones. It could be the beginning of a cool new way to do things, or it could just end up being a flop like some of my other projects... *cough* RP Council, *cough*...

Either way, it might be fun to try out. I think a named Guild Treasurer would be in order, since that would be an esteemed position once we actually have a budget/income.

This will not be the same budget as xidoraven studios. These organizations are going to operate separately, though coordinated through 2008-09. xs will have its own budget and monetary practices, based on our leadership and internal decisions.

2008-03-15 [Yralin]: I'm sorry for being out so long, I had a few personal issues which caused me to move. I'm back now. Let's see if I can answer some questions for you guys. In no particular order:

1:Greenbound Summoning (According to what I can remember) is a type of summoning which allows a druid to give a summoned companion the "greenbound" trait, making it like a plant creature.

2:Character History - As for interesting feats performed in his travels... I'd say they would be few and far between, as he's a bit of a novice adventurer. He regularly crafts and imbues his staves with magical properties as needed, though he is no sorcerer and unable to perform advanced techniques.

Anyone with any questions (or if you just want to know more) can feel free to message me here on elftown. I'm always eager to answer questions and I love new messages.

2008-04-05 [Kim_Lundin]: I apologise for taking so long to get back to this. If you just add that part about greenbound summoning to your application I'll get him added to the accepted characters ASAP.

2008-04-06 [Linn Scarlett]: *cracks neck* I am back too *dusts some dragon salive from her jacket*

2008-04-08 [Kim_Lundin]: Nice to see you back, [Linn Scarlett]. I see you've been busy XD

2008-04-08 [Linn Scarlett]: Quite I fear, been helping Charlie with his dragons (it's a figure of speech :p)

2009-08-03 @Not logged in user@: Wow ^^ this is cool! I found the link on facebook and I thought it might be interesting and I was right! lol ^^
how is everyone?

2009-08-03 @Not logged in user@: oh oops! I forgot to sign in. >< lol

2009-08-03 [The Dizzy Raven]: ahhh there we go. lol ^_^

2009-08-29 [Yume Youki]: Do you have to use the layout above for your character to be considered?

Because if you do, then I'm totally screwed. XP lol ^_^

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