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WFR Applicant Character Example

The Wiki Fiction Roleplay's Example of a
Character Biography for the WFR Application Page


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User:[User name goes here, even if it's THAT GUY WITH THE ONE THING THAT DID THAT STUFF THAT ONE DAY ^_^]
Race: Human... No Moon Elf, no wait, Titan, no... just Human
Age: Appears 25, though because she is immortal, she is older than time, and has been here since the dawn of the eons
Gender: Female appearing, but she is divine, and asexual (which means she is no gender and does not reproduce)
Rank/Class/Title: Queen of the cosmos, Adventurer and Expert Ale Drinker at Adventurer's Tavern
  Height: About as tall as an average human female, 5.35m or that many feet tall.
  Weight: 155lbs. though she doesn't discuss her weight issues
  Build/Stature: Rather astute and muscular for a normal woman, stand upright all day very well
  Eye Color: Varies between brown, blue and chartreuse
  Hair Color: Brown, but she dyes it blonde
  Flesh Tone: Tanned Caucasian
   (Nationality): That one country out there
  General Description: Jane is not so easy on the eyes. She has a lot of scuffs and bruises from many adventures and battles with bests, but otherwise she is rather average-looking for a human of her apparent age. She is not so pale as other humans like her, because she has had a long time to tan.
  Clothing: Typically, none, but when she is attending formal or public events, she wears a very fine, elegantly-crafted elven robe of vivid blue and gold. It was given to her as a gift from the demigod, Harpocrates.
  Outstanding Marks or Features: She has some scars and some tattoos. Her ears are pierced and her nose is really long.
(No Current Artworks, imagery or media)

 Feats and Abilities: She can row boats and tie knots on ropes, she can dance and she can cook food. She is specialized in power attacks, which is where she can hit someone harder than normal, but it makes her flail her arms a little more than normal.
 Combat, Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: She can swing most sword-like weapons and she throws stuff and shoots things at close range. She can wear no armor, since it will interfere with her spell-casting.
  Weapons on hand: A sword, an axe and a knife she got from her father. A brown bow decorated with feathers and a long, pointy stick.
 Spell or Talent Use: She can make illusions and pull out cute rabbits from hats.
  Divine or Arcane Spell Use: She can heal wounds by praying to the gods. She can make fireballs and turn invisible
  Racial, Supernatural, Spell-like or Extraordinary Abilities: she can run very fast for her kind because of an inborn ability, she has really good hearing and low-light vision, which is twice as far as a normal human can see in moonlight or starlight.
  Psionic Abilities or Talents: She can read minds and move stuff with just a thought. She has passed an audition at Make me a Psion!, which is [Character's audition@wiki]
 Strengths and Weaknesses: She is really good at hitting people in the head, but she is easily tricked and stumbles very often.
Personality: She talks with people. Sometimes she gets mad. Sometimes she's glad. Sometimes she gets sad. She likes to drink, or she does not, depending on the company. Some things make her cry. She likes boys, but gets angry at them some days.
 Quirks, Outstanding and Memorable Actions or Phrases: She likes onions, but will not eat chives, and often speaks out loud about how much she despises them with every bit of her soul.
History: She was born. Then she grew up a little. Something happened and she learned a lesson. She grew a little more and decided she wanted to do something. She took some steps and learned some stuff. Then she grew up and learned some new lessons. Some people she knew died, or maybe they didn't. She travelled around the world and tripped into many traps.
Equipment and Belongings: She has some clothes and some jewellery. She has some weapons and some shields. She has a ring that she got from a friend.
Other: She would never pass the Application without some hard work and creativity in her character application... She is very lucky we all know what we're doing, isn't she?
Developments and Updates: During recent events she learned how to slice a strand of hair in half long-ways, and she found out that her long lost lover lives luxuriously.


This character example was created using the WFR Character Template

  This is a pretty good example of all of the things that could be included in your character description. Try to elaborate on the features described here and PLEASE feel free to add on little nuances and habits of your character. We love in depth characters. WFR Character Page would also appreciate applications to have the HTML changes prescribed in this example. If you have any questions or want help with WIKI HTML coding message [MathiasIV], or better yet visit Guide to the Pseudo HTML on Elftown. Its a GREAT guide and VERY comprehensive. Thanks! ^_^

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2006-12-19 [NamelessMerc]: I like the character, the only issue being with the spelling. Mind if I spell-check?

2006-12-21 [xido]: Do you have the password? If not, msg me for it.
Spell check away, my friend.

2007-01-07 [NamelessMerc]: Fully spell-checked. =]

2007-01-10 [xido]: Wonderful, thank you. ;) You rock.

2009-06-13 [Raerlas]: quite well done. i've always been one for stories.

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