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This is my first attempt at making an RPG so bear with me on this. Please check out WF RP Members For the list of members and the list to join. As I have only just started it, anyone who wants to join can, but soon I might have to start moderating it if stupid people put in their names but ever play. Look below for the start of a new RP, where everyone can join, including Anthro's, Angels and even Gonzo's! (The Muppets) WF stands for Winged Freaks, but I only chose that name as it is the name of my origonal wiki club. And no email lanuage please. Think about it, noone in real life actually says lol do they, and this is a role playing game, meaning you play almost as if it's real life. (With fantasy thrown in.) this is basically a free-form RPG that isn't based anywhere. It hasn't got a proper story at the minute, but I might soon base it in a town of somesort.

Angel Flight walks into a seemingly empty town and starts looking around, finding only tumbleweed and discarded rubbish.

Aurelia lifted her head only an inch so that her eye was just over the window. She saw a man. Wait, and angel? What was he doing here? She looked over her shoulder at the babbling baby. "Shhhh. Quite, darlin', it's all right...shhh" She crooned. Stupid kid! He was going to get us killed!

Angel heard a sound coming from a little house on the corner. It was a sort of giggling. He started to pull up his sword incase there was any danger. He got closer to the door and now he could hear someone whispering. He took the sword right out of his sheath and quietly opened the door, seeing that it was just a woman with a baby, no threat. He sheathed his sword but then saw the womans pointy ears prick up, as if listening out for something. That would have been practically impossible though as Angel is brilliant at stealth tracking and everything. He also wanted to get out of this house. He hated anything enclosed.

Aurelia listened to the footsteps of this new stranger coming closer and closer. The tension could be cut with a knife...she was so focused on what the stranger was doing that she didn't realise that the baby was crying until to late. "Hush! Hush! He is coming! Hush!" But the stranger was a fool, for he walked away asuming she was just a mother with a child. Hah! Stupid angels. The winged folk never learn, do they? She spun around, leaving the child in the cradle, and held a knife up the strangers neck. "Now," she breathed into his ear, "What brings your company to this abandoned neck o' the woods?"

"Hey there, take it easy." said Angel. "I mean no harm to you or your baby." Said Angel, calmly placing his finger on the flat edge of the blade, trying to pull it away from his neck, but feeling an unresisting yield. "I just need some food, I haven't eaten in days. If you have any, I would be more than grateful. I'm not picky if there's some rats about."

"First of all, I will not take it easy, and this piece of sh#% is not my child." As she said that she spit at the bottom of the cradle. "I will not let you go until you tell me exactly what brought you hear, for it is not for food, I can tell you that.

"OK, sorry." The truth is that someone is after me. I thought this place was deserted and thought it would be a good hiding place. Before you ask, I am not going to tell you who is following me because for one thing, I don't know who myself. secondly, I bet that you also think that I am one of those angels. I'm not, and I'm not as arrogant as them either. Well at least I think I'm not what you see here is a combination of science and magic, fusing bird and human DNA together. Now please can you let go, your bending my wings?"

"Let me search you for weapons." Aurelia searched him and found a double-edged sword and several throwing stars. "And why were you carrying these into a deserted town?"           

"For the person who is chasing after me of course." Said Angel with a sly grin.

"A huh." She lowered her knife and walked back inside. "Well, we don't have many provisions, but you may have some." She paused. "Tell me you are not a vegetarian?"

"What would you say if I was? Besides, I've just told you, I've eaten rats before. Please can I have my sword back, I feel uncomftorble without it. I made it myself. You can keep one of the stars if you want though if you want. I think we need a formal introduction. My name's Angel, Angel Flight. And your's?"

"You may not have your sword back until, either, you steal it from me with you "amazing" stealth, or you have me at sword point, which would be ahrd, considering that is what your trying to get." She turned, "Oh, and one more thing. You probably won't get them back until I trust you." She slapped his chest lightly. "Make yourself a new one, Angel." She grinned and started searching through the food.

"When will you ever trust me? I mean I've just arrived swept in from the wind, literally, you don't know me, I don't know you, and here we are with your back towards me and you forgot to check in my shoes." Said Angel, pulling his shoes off and flicking them toward the woman, revealing a small knife. "And you still haven't told me your name yet. I hope you see in the fact that I have given my last weapon away to you means that I really mean you no harm."

Aurelia looked down at the shoes and her smile quickly faded. He could have killed her! How could she have been so stupid not to check there?!? How could he have been so stupid to give them to her?? He could have had the sword. She glanced at him behind her back and looked quickly back at the shoes. She threw his sword to him with amazing accuracy. "I have no use for it." She also threw the stars one by one so that they landed at his feet. "Leave now while you can. Before your follower comes." She stopped rummaging and sat on the dusty floor.

Angel looked at the weapons at his feet, feeling embarrased as he saw that the woman was slightly stressed. He picked the weapons up, sheathed them, and started walking out bare foot. "I'm in the sky most of the time," thought Angel, "I don't really need shoes." Angel started opening the door, then turned around and with a crooked grin, said "You still haven't told me your name."

Aurelia turned and grinned. "Aurelia," she said. "Angel Flight, may you're journey be short and safe."

Angel bowed a bit jokingly, as in over the top, then asked, "Have you ever wondered what it feels like to fly?"

Aurelia smiled and shook her head. "Have I? Yes. But I dare not, for it is not of my kind. We....i suppose you would like it if I said we were to fragile for flying. But I will say that we are not of the flying sort. Now, you be on youir way."

"OK, but I'm probably more fragile than you, as I have hollow bones, as side effect from the bird DNA." Angel walks out of the house and closes the door. He beats his wings.

Aurelia peeked out of the window the way she did when he arrived. She rushed out remembering that he had asked for supplies, but he was all ready gone. She cursed. Well. This hideous creature coud surely take care of itself? She ran inside, gathered up all the supplies in a sack and brought some extra clothes and ran in the direction he had left.

Angel looked down, just for the thrill of getting vertigo, and noticed that Aurelia was running after him. God, she could run fast. Just to be annoying, Angel sped up, loop-the-looped and started to dive towards the floor.

Gods, he's annoying, Aurelia thought. She stopped upon seeing him come down to the floor. She walked up to him when he finally got all the way down. "If you tel me your destination, I might travel with you."

"Where the wind blows really. you can choose, I just love the thrill of flying. I think you will too when you're up in the air."

Aurelia held her hand out. "All right. I'm not that heavy to carry, but you will get tired, I guarrentee you.

"And why's that?" Asked Angel. Before Aurelia had a chance to speak, Angel scooped her up by her arms and flew off.

Aurelia gasped with delight as she swooped through the air riding an angel. She was thrilled to be in the air, but she made quite sure not to let Angel see that.

"I've got to show you something." Said Angel. "Tell me if you start to get lightheaded, but I have to show you this." Angel swooped above the clouds and hovered, showing a beautiful sunset. "It never gets old, this view." He said.

She was utterly speachless. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Just then, chills ran up and down her spine as what seemed like a shadow passed over them. A large shadow. Though, it was not really a shadow. More like all the color seemed to dim and block the sun. She could see nothing that was causing this....shadow. She told Angel to drop to the ground, quickly.

Angel hoped that he wasn't going too fast dropping to the ground. He was free-falling with his wings tucked in. He saw the shadow too. Knowing all too well what that meant. about ten meters before he hit the floor, he opened his wings and drifted down, landing slightly harder than intended.
  "Now you see why I don't know who's following me. That is all I have seen of it. It might be a shadow demon, but it could be a mage."

Aurelia recovered from the landing, and, panting, said, "That is no mage. That is a shadow from the..." She looked around. "We need to get moving. NOW!" She ran as fast as she could in to the protection of the trees. "No flying!" She called back to him as she jumped over a little creak.

Angel followed, keeping up as best as he could with Aurelia. She is one fast runner. Without lifting off of the floor, Angel used his wings to push him along faster.

Aurelia quickly ran into a wayward pine. The little cave inside this great tree was just enough so that any traveler didn't have to be seen if he/she didn't want to.

Angel joined her, panting and out of breath. "Cool." He said, looking up. He saw a dip high up in the hollow, flew up and layed in it. "There's one you will be able to fit in on your right." He said to Aurelia.

Panting despite herself, Aurelia delclined and started a fire. With some sticks..... and flame......coming out of her hands. "If your wondering if I am a great sorceress, then you are mistaken. I am only a humble elf. I can start a fire with my that not normal?"

"I'm not sure, I've seen elves that deal with science as well. They put these on me." Said Angel, spreading his wings. "By the way, who was that baby in the crib?"

"The child in the crib...." Aurelia screwed up her face in rememberance. "Was the only human being left in the town. Every girl had been raped, every man had been cut into and their organs ripped out while still living..."

"Thank you for that horrific description. I guess you know what that shadow thing is, by the way you were running from it." Said Angel

"I guess you can say that." Aurelia fiddled with the end of her shirt looking down. "They are from the underworld. No man can rule them.....until now." Aurelia looked at Angel. "Do you know of a man called, " she swalloed hard, "...Darken Rahl?"

"Sorry, You'll have to fill me in. I'm not very good with names." Said Angel.

"I..." Aurelia looked away from Angel. She had tears in her eyes from remembering all the people Darken Rahl had killed and tortured. "I...can't. It is too terrible. You must find some one that can, for I so sorry." With tears streaming down her face she knelt down to the ground, still looking away from Angel.

"Don't cry." Said Angel, not sure whether to hug and comfort her or to leave her. "Terrible people have terrible things happen to them. "He'll get his comeuppance, but why would he be following me? I have never even heard of him."

Aurelia finally looked him in the eye. "Because," Aurelia's piercing gase looked at him. "Because, you are the Seeker."

"What?" said Angel, not entirely understanding what she meant.

Aurelia did not answer but simply kept on walking, not daring to look at him. "Again, I cannot answer that...I am sorry."

Angel was curious, but didn't want to probe her. He too has secrets that shouldn't be told to anyone, so he walked with her, keeping his mouth shut.

Aurelia was glad that he didn't ask anymore. She couldn't bear the memories. They kept walking, even when it got dark. Aurelia was looking for the next wayward pine, but she couldn't find it. Aurelia suddenly felt a hand over her mouth and waist, pulling her into the forest so silently, she could barely believe it was happening.

"Shh." Whispered Angel, taking his hand off her mouth and floating back down without disturbing any leaves. "I saw something ahead. Sorry I had to do that, but from the reaction earlier, I didn't want you to run. Now you know why I was surprised you heard me back at that building." Angel looked around a tree and sure enough, there was something that was darker than a shadow walking across the woods.

Aurelia nodded and looked around the tree. That shadow! It wasn't exactly walking, and it wasn't exactly floatin either.... then suddenly it's unseeing eyes snapped straight toward them.

"Now would be a good time to run." Said Angel. "I can hold him off with my sword. I didn't mention it had magic in it." He said, pulling the now glowing sword out of it's sheath.

Aurelia backed away, tripping on an exo-terranean root. The shadow thing was coming closer. She backed away on her hands and feet. The shadow thing was upon the tree now, coming ever so closer. Angel was slashing madly with his sword, cutting through it, but to no avail. 'If that shadow thing even touches him...' Aurelia thought. It was about to, when Aurelia grabbed a handfull of leaves and twigs, thowing them at the Shadow, not knowing why. When the leaves and twigs reached the shadow thing, they were balls of white and blue flame, twisting turning forming into....a shadow. A flame shadow. Her creation simply came up to the non-moving shadow and swallowed it whole. Then it deconstructed back into some leaves and twigs. No harm done. Except, of course, to the shadow thing. That was nowhere to be found.

"Wow." Said Angel, stunned from what he just saw. "That was cool! How did you do that?"

Aurelia was looking suspiciously at the leaves around her. She stared at her hands a while before saying, "We best get moving."

"I guess you've never done that before by the way you were looking at your hands. Cheers for saving my butt like that."

Aurelia mumbled something in elvish. "Let's move." She was not happy. Not in the least.

"Look on the bright side." Said Angel, noticing the grumpy look on Aurelia's face. "That was powerful magic. There could be a downside that your linked to all that prophesy thing like me, as you called me the Seeker beforehand."

Aurelia stopped. She turned and grabbed Angel's neck. " How did you know about that? How did you know that I was in that? "

"woah there, it was a guess. The amount of wierd thing that are happening to me at the minute, I don't know what to expect. I guess it's an Elven prophesy then, because I've never heard of it, mind you, I've never heard of Darken Rahl before." Said Angel, remembering the first time they met, him helpless and her with a knife to his throat.

She tightened her grip on his throat. " How did you know it is an Elven prophecy? How?!? "

"2 good guesses. I bet it's going to be something corny about us defeting that guy and saving the world. Prophesies are always predictable, their never something like a guy is going to trip over doing the washing." Said Angel, trying to keep the humour even though Aurelia was cutting off his air supply.

Aurelia grinned and let go of his throat. "Well done! Well done.." She turned, smiling and shaking her head. "Oh." Her face suddenly darkened. "You are supposed to kill me. That is the prophecy. Yes, Darken Rahl will be defeated, but not by us. By a little girl. You, I am supposing you are the one with the humor, you, are supposed to kill me. Weather or not it is because i am a traiter, well, that is for you to decide."

"I would never kill you and I know you will never become a traitor. You never know, I might be the one that joins him instead, besides, a persons heart needs to be black to join him and neither you or I have that. Besides, not all prophesies are right. You can make your own future.

Darken Rahl looked around a tree. "Fools." He thought. "It would be impossible for a little girl to defeat me." That was when he pounced on the boy with wings. The girl looked like she had some powers in her so he would go for the easier target.

Angel heard Darken Rahl swiching through the air. "Move!" He called to Aurelia. She didn't have enough time to move properly so he dived at her, pulling her off of her feet and only just stopping from crashing into a tree. However, on that moment he touched her, he felt immence power in her fingers, somehow starting to flow through his body.

Darken Rahl landed smoothly. He walked slowly to the pair of "travelers" in a heap on the ground. He suddenly stopped, his eyes flicked to the elf, then back to the angel. He smiled. This just gets easier all the time, doesn't it? He grinned, and in a flash was gone.
Torches set in ornate gold brackets lit the walls of the crypt with flickering light, reflecting off the polished pink granite of the huge, vaulted room, lending their smell of pitch to the frafrance of roses in the dead, still air. White roses, replaced every morning without fail for the past thirty years. Every servant would come in a shake each one of the roses, to make sure none of the petals came loose. One petal on the floor meant an execution. Father Rahl did not want the tomb of his father, Panis Rahl, to be abandoned.
"Well that was wierd." Said Angel. "Why didn't he just kill us? I felt something go through me when I touched you. Did you mean to do that?"

Aurelia's eyes grew wide with fright. "You...are you feeling all right?" She bit her lip. Might as well test it. "Stand on your head!" She pointed at him. "That is my wish."
Darken Rahl dissmissed the crypt crew and all the guards but two. Quick footsteps approached the tomb. The two guards unsheathed their weapons. As Demmin came closer they sheathed them again. No body was allowed in the crypt with Father Rahl. Nobody except Demmin Nass that it.
"Lord Rahl." His voice was deep, coarse. He kept his head down.
"Demmin, how nice to see you!" Rahl's tone was clear.
Demmin straightened, his face set in a frown of displeasure.
"Have you brought me the boy?" Rahl asked expectantly.
"Yes, Lord Rahl. He awaits you in the Garden of Life."
"Good." A small smile spread across Darken Rahl's scared face. "Is he still a boy? Is he not too old?"
"Yes, Lord Rahl, he is but a boy." Demmin looked away.
Angel just raised his eyebrows at that command. "I think you maybe transferred some of your power over to me, wait a minute, I'll try something." He clicked his fingers and a small ball of flame appeared. "Cool." He said, chucking it from hand to hand.

Aurelia sighed with relief. She smiled at his little trick and skipped on. She slowed as she came to a sign for the next time. "This is it!" She said cheerfully.

"Where are we now. Hey wait a minute, is this an Elven place or something." He said, noticing the handcarved sign and concealed treehouses.

Aurelia's face darkened ever so slightly. "It once was. Very observant!" Her face brightened once more. "But Darken Rahl ordered them out. They were killed one by one."

"Eyes of a hawk." Said Angel with a grin, but it quickly dropped. "I'm sorry to hear about that though."

Aurelia smiled a small smile with her lips pinched together. "Maybe we can find some supplies?" She said with a mischevious grin. She had obviously been here before.

Angel flew up to the treehouses and pulled down each ladder so Aurelia could climb up.

Aurelia practicaly flew up the ladders. Once she was up she surveyed the scene. "Okay, follow me!" She climbed up one of the trees and kept climbing until she was all the way to the top. She then jumped to the next tree and then the next and so on, until she came to the last tree in the line-up. There was a large heavy, protected fence running around the once-elvish town. She cursed. How were they to get it? This obviously had magic and Darken Rahl written all over it.

"Need a lift?" Asked Angel with a grin, picking up Aurelia and flying over the fence.

Aurelia sqeezed her eyes shut as they flew over the fence, expecting to be fried. But, they got over and landed safely on the other side.

"So, with our new-found powers, we should be able to become invisible." Said Angel, dissapearing into the air with a grin.

Aurelia laughed. She slapped her hand over her mouth and looked around. Other than the fence, there seemed to be no one here.

"Come on." Said Angel, his head materialising in midair. "I thought you needed to get something."

"Erm, okay. You stay here." She ran behind a row of houses. She came back carrying a small parcel which she was stuffing into her bag. "Shall we find some supplies?" She smiled.

"You got some before we left that village didn't you? All well, you can never have enough supplies." Said Angel, raiding a house and bringing out salted meats and fruits.

Aurelia smiled at his prizes. "Oh!" She had almost forgotten. She ran to the doorway of the house and prayed and blessed this house. She turned, rather embarresed. "So that the good spirits are with us when we leave."

"Fair enough, but I doubt too many will be on our side as we just robbed a house. Mind you, is stealing from a bad person good? All well." Said Angel.

Aurelia smiled and started to walk to the gate. "I wonder what this is here for if this village is deserted?"

"I dunno. We could find out though."

Aurelia walked towards the center of the village and heard a noise as she got  closer.  The muttering and banging sound grew closer with  every step. She peered around a corner and saw  a little girl.
Rachel  was muttering about what she would do to that animal when she found him,  whenshe became acutely aware that she  was being watched. She spun around just in time to see the tip ofa pointy ear duck behind a  corner of a house. She had started to  creep toward the person  when a monkey  came screaming  down the alley,  closely  followed by a  big,  hulking  thing  with wings.

Aurelia snapped her bow out as fast as she could. She tried to get a better look of the thing behind that poor monkey as she knocked the bow. "Angel? Angel! Where are you? Do you know what that is?"

Angel jumped out with his sword drawn. He relaxed a bit when he saw what it was. "It's only a monkey, they used them in the lab I was in." Angel bent down to greet it.

Aurelia sighed with relief. She lowered her bow. "Angel!" She laughed, "Oh my goodness, you scared me so much!" Still smiling, she turned to the girl. "Hello, young one! And what are you doing here alone?" Her face changed to an expression of worry.
"  Uh..  umm I'm uh, I'm I'm  just.  I'm looking for my  aunt, have you seen her?"

"Your Aunt?" Said Angel. "Sorry, we haven't seen anyone here except for you and the monkey." Angel whispered into Aurelia's ear. "Her aunt could have been taken by Darken Rahl. Or she could be a spy hired by him. Let her come with us, but have extreme caution."

Anessa watched the meeting with interest from her perch high in a tree. She'd actually been watching Rachel (or the monkey, at any rate) for several days now, hiding herself in the greenery around them. Now this creature who looked human and yet hawk, and this other one, came, and Anessa considered getting new objectives. Or why not both? Anessa gave her hunting shriek and fell, apparently out of the sky, to land just behind the group, and on top of the monkey.

Angel drew his sword again, seeing a blurry green something knock the monkey out apon landing on it.

Silver flash, over to her right. Anessa hesitated. The monkey was right here, prey, food... and then there was that silver flash. If she let it go now, it would be wary, and she might never get it again. There was other food... but this was such a strange creature, she wondered how it tasted... Anessa looked up to see precisely what that silver flash was. Oh, just a big stick in the human-hawk's hand. She went back to her hunt.

Angel moved closer, sword still out, wondering if the little creature could speak. Seeing it closer, it looked a bit like a dragon. He has never seen a real one before, but he didn't expect them to be so small. Maybe it was a baby. "Who are you?" He asked.

Anessa abandoned the monkey, distracted by whether she should say something. After some contemplation and the monkey's flight, she decided to pretend she couldn't. "Scree?" She said, sitting up to look at the human-hawk.

"Come on." Said Angel. "I have never heard an animal sounding like it's asking a question if it can't speak."

Anessa ignored this and came over to sniff at his leg. He had a very odd smell, nothing like the hawks she'd known, and very different from humans. Not a bad smell, though, so she twined affectionately around his legs. If only he would try to move now...

Angel was a bit confused. He wasn't sure what it was doing. he bent down to get a closer look.

Anessa sat up again and peered into his face, which, after her sitting up (and stretching, yes...) and him leaning down, was only a few centimeters away. He looked cross-eyed, at this point, seeing as he was looking at her as well.

Angel saw the small dragon grin. He looked closer and said. "I know you can speak." He reached out his hand to touch it. Anessa bit him.

She didn't mean to, but when you've been living wild for thirty years and a huge creature starts reaching toward you, some things just happen. As soon as she'd done it, she regretted it, and darted to hide behind the larger of the other two.

Angel bit his lip and tried not to swear. "Sheesh. What'd I do to you?" He asked.

Anessa peeked out from behind the bigger human-without-wings. She tried to look apologetic. She felt apologetic, but her face wasn't as expressive as a human's. Tentatively, she crept back around Aurelia.

Angel saw the dragons face. It had massive puppy-dog eyes when he peeped out from Aurelia. He tried not to say "aww, cute"

Anessa, encouraged by the human-hawk's lack of action, crept apologetically forward. It wasn't that bad a bite, She thought. No blood or anything. Just a little nip. Didn't mean to...

"She didn't mean to bite you."Rachel said abrubtly to Angel.

"That's OK." Said Angel. "So, what's your name? Mine's Angel."

Anessa, deciding she was forgiven, remembered that she had been hunting the freaky creature. She looked around; where had it gone? Her tail twitched in irritation at herself for having let it go. Oh, well, it stuck around the smaller human, so if she stayed with these people she'd probably end up finding it.

Aurelia smiled and patted the head of the little creature behind her. "What are you called, little one?" She smiled.

Dilemma. Oh, well, Anessa had their measure now, might as well talk. They expected it, anyway. ~I am Anessa.~ She told them. ~And who are you? Especially the human-hawk.~

"He's not a hawk! he's too big!" Rachel laughed "He's  a .... what  are you?"

Angel blushed slightly, trying not to say "A mistake" so instead he just said "Long story short, I'm a human but I got wings put on me by magic and science in a lab of some sort."

Aurelia's eyes went wide. She was silent. For a moment. "Anessa, what has brought you here?"

Anessa grinned wickedly. ~Food.~ She said shortly, nodding at the monkey. ~Speaking of which...~ She flipped into the air to continue her hunt.

"Don't you dare!!!!"Rachel exclaimed and drew  a dagger." He  will not  be eaten!" She crouched down and prepared to fight.

Anessa skidded to a stop and hovered, looking incredulously at Rachel. ~Why not? She asked. ~It is smaller, it looks tasty, it is certainly edible, and I have caught it before and know it poses no threat. It doesn't smell of digestive difficulties. Are you saving it for later?~

While the two ladies were arguing, Aurelia picked up the monkey and started calming the spooked little creature. "Shhh, shh. Don't worry, she won't eat you. She is just a little creature like you!" Soon, the monkey was climbing all over her, chattering loudly. "There, there. Good boy!"

"No! I won't let you  eat  him! I  don't care what you say your  NOT touching him!"Rachel yelled  at Anessa.

Angel was trying not to laugh at the argument. It was comical in a wierd way. "Look, Annesa, that's Rachel's pet, or as you might call it, a familiar so you can't eat it." He said.

"Thank you," Rachel turned to Angel," whats your name....Angel?"

~Human-hawk.~ Anessa corrected her. She thought a moment. The word familiar sounded familiar. Distantly. Very distantly, like the memories of learning to hunt. She coasted to a nearby railing to think about it.

"No, he's not an Angel" Rachel retorted,"but his name is Angel....right?"

Aurelia smiled. "Yes, he is Angel. I am Aurelia. are?" Aurelia frowned. "I do believe.....he was....changed...." Aurelia's voice broke off as she thought hard. When she was a girl, he mother was what the humans called a 'scientist'. She had a lab...sometimes, Aurelia would accompany her mother when they had a big breakthrough. Was it....?

"Oh, I'm  Rachel, and this", gesturing at the monkey huddled in Aurelia's arms " is Mikki."

~Dinner.~ Anessa corrected, not really meaning it. It made the little human - Rachel - get really interesting when she called Mikki dinner, and that was all there was to it, at least for now. She'd remembered why 'familiar' rang a bell. Not that she'd tell them.

~So why are you all here? I, obviously, came to eat Mikki, but somehow I doubt that was the intention of all present.~

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2006-08-25 [*(.Randi.)*]: oh, or is it Angel?

2006-08-25 [The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead]: yeah you can join, [Elodicressida] sorry for the late reply, I was gone for a day. from, wait for it...[The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead] phew. I do get bored sometimes so I have copy and paste at my disposal. MUHAHAHA!

2006-08-25 [*(.Randi.)*]: lol. I knew you had to do something with your name.

2006-08-25 [The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead]: hehe. I do sometimes write it in, I can write quite quick when I've got my full attention on it or if I am angry. lol

2006-08-25 [*(.Randi.)*]: Really? If you're angry? I write really slowly when I'm sad or mad......I can type so fast omg. sometimes, when I want to, I mean.

2006-08-25 [The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead]: yeah. mind you, I normally need a kew keyboard by the time I'm finished!

2006-08-25 [*(.Randi.)*]: lol.

2006-08-25 [Elodicressida]: Yeah... I normally sound like a machine gun when I'm typing, and when I'm mad, it sounds like the deliberate firing of something a lot heavier. Slower, but probably awfully painful for the poor keyboard. (Sorry, keyboard)

2006-08-26 [*(.Randi.)*]: lol, I don't hurt my keyboard. I press lightly. *looks herself up and down, then looks at Llama* I'm bigger than he? huh...*looks at Llama again* Wait.....maybe I am....?

2006-08-27 [The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead]: do you know how hard it is to type with llama hands? lol

2006-08-27 [Elodicressida]: *considers* very, very hard...

2006-08-27 [The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead]: yep. lol

2006-08-27 [Elodicressida]: Maybe you should get a nice, big keyboard. One more suited to llama hands.

2006-08-29 [*(.Randi.)*]: your picture doesn't look like you have llama hand.....:P

2006-08-30 [The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead]: I use my teeth. lol

2006-08-30 [*(.Randi.)*]: ah, I see. lol.

2006-09-01 [*(.Randi.)*]: wf rp 2, guys! lol...go there!!

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