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Eye color:

Hair color:




Weapon(s):[Please include feather and feather knife if it is a W.O.T.F.]


Warriors of the feather


Name: Tex Target.

Age: 34


Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Grey

Clothing/accecories: A high graded bullet proof vest, a bandanna with a target on it that hangs over his mouth, and middle quality flexible canodine steel under armour. He always Wears round sunglasses.

Backround: He acts like a father to his younger brothers because as a child he raised his brothers. The main leader of the pack. Started W.O.T.F. for varrious resons. Is a master weapon maker as he crafts all of his and his brothers equipment.

personality: Quiet, but good leadership skills. Thinks quikly on his toes. And is never afraid to downtalk his opponent

Weapon(s):Suckers thorn, Clown killer, Feather sword, Feather knife, Accuracy feather.

Suckers Thorn- Suckers thorn is a revolver with two modes. In normal mode it fires a 40mm round capible of peircing low grade bulletproofing. In its second mode it uses a high velocity on impact explosive that can go through 40 inches of solid canodine steel.

Clown Killer- The Clown Killer is a automatic asault rifle that fires 50 caliber rounds up to 300 yards (three foot ball fields).

Feather Sword- The Feather Sword is made of the finest raw canodine steel molded into the shape of a feather.

Canodine steel- An advanced metal material with a melting temp of 120000*f.

Flex vest- Made of flexible canodine steel. Can withstand Mid most mid range weapons and some low grade explosives.

Username: [KnightAngel]

Name: Dodaka Bareido

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Eye color: White

Hair color: Green (Dyed obviously)

clothing/accesories: Brown pants and a bright green T-shirt underneath a darkgreen vest with bulletproof material imbedded inside the vest, a bandana with a lightning on his forehead

Backround: The brother in the middle, master at short-range combat

personality: Goodhearted and kind and very protective of his brothers, especially the youngest one.

Weapon(s): Two bladed knucklebusters, a couple of throwing knives, a shortsword and a feather knife and feather of speed.

Other: He took up training in treating wounds and other injuries to feel sure of he could take care of his brothers.

Username: [Kai Crewger]

Name: Sylfan "The Copycat"

Age: 20

Gender: male

Eye color: light grey

Hair color: blue-black

clothing/accesories: has a silver bandana with a neko-kun face on it, wears a bulletproofed trenchcoat cut off at his knees, and three leather belts: one around his waist and two crossing across his chest, all laden down with various pouches and weapons. He wears a neon green t-shirt over a black longsleeved shirt over a thin layer of canodine chain mail. Wears black pants with about 20 pockets and black leather boots covered in buckles and zippers that he just slides in and out of. Also has arm guards made of thin plates of canodine covered in leather that cover the backs of his hands and reach up his forearms to the elbow.

Backround: the youngest of the brothers, Sylfan grew up learning from both of the elders. learning skills this way, he was eventually able to copy a person's actions so well that he was almost faster than them while mimicking. this earned him his nickname and his feather power.

personality: fairly outgoing, he makes friends easily. he has a natural curiosity tempered by a learned caution. sometimes it seems like he pops up out of nowhere.

Weapon(s): The "Mimicking Soul Feather", a Feather knife, sawed off 12 gauge shotgun (and ammo), 2 or 3 daggers, a skinning knife, and a sword that's just a little too long to call short that looks like a double-bladed japanese sword

Other: likes to have fun. but he can be very very serious. he gets scary when he's serious. also has a photographic memory and excellent stamina from developing his mimicking talent. likes having his back scratched.


Username: [Artsy]
Name: Anaya Essence

Age: 24


Eye color: Steel grey

Hair color: Black


Backround: A wanderer that took martial arts classes when young by a kind old man who did it for free and now works for money to help support her poor family. She has become a realy good programmer in her days as a mercenary.

personality: Pretty nice and a coveted 'soldier'. She does what she's told, most of the time. However, deep down, just like all girls, she has a soft spot for boys.

Weapon(s): hand sickles, throwing needles and poison darts. A whip she doesn’t like to use for the obvious joke.

Other: Prefers NOT to be noticed.

Name:Jacky star



Eye color:green

Hair color:Red with orange streaks

clothing/accesories:Wears alot of pink camo and millatary uniform in her own style,Likes to chew on a peice of hey when bored.Also wears sone bracelets that give off a electric charge if to shut down a computer system.

Backround:as a child she was sent o the army as a weapon expert.All she knew in life was to kill when ordered and take out anything that was a threat.When she turned 16 she joined the dead wood company then at age 20 she left and lived in the city just trying to enjoy life while it lasts.Still she hates a easy life sometimes she wants to go back but she wont unless someone called her to go back.

personality:tom boy and mean she always has a smart mouth and hates love life.all in her mind is killing her enemies.

Weapon(s):weapon expert(can use any weapon)

Other:has a calico cat named Tina that tags along with her where ever she goes.

Username: [Ikko]

Name: Project 364(Haley)

Age: Unkouwn but looks 20

Gender: Female

Eye color: Grey

Hair color: long white hair with a few white feathers attached to it.

clothing/accesories: A white ripped up shirt and skirt with feathers also attached to it.Two feather braclets and a feather necklace with a silver feather charm

Backround: Was one of Deadwoods projects and was a great success but from due of her abilities she escaped the evil company and lived far away from them trying to live her own life.

personality: Quite and shy she doesn't like people but she doesn't hurt people instead she just runs off away from them.

Weapon(s): Uses Deadwood magic.

Other:Has magic abilities like lifting objects and forcefeilds, Healing and hacking into computers but she gets tired so she can't use her powers for ever. Sometimes you'll catch some birds resting on her shoulders cause her aura attracts them.


Username: [The Black Cat in Your Path]

Name: Sousui

Age: 21 years

Gender: Female

Eye color: Violet

Hair color: Chestnut brown with red highlights.

clothing/accesories: Tight leather brown pants that end just below her knees in rolled-up cuffs. She wears sandals that lace up her calves and a loose red shirt that ends at her elbows. She wears fingerless gloves when she works, just because they're comfortable, and has two large golden hoops in her ear lobes, a smaller hoop in her left cartilege.

Backround: Grew up in a small village with her parents and older brothers. Her father and brothers had all trained and become assassins, and she wanted the same. It took a lot of convincing her mother, but when she turned the right age, her father began her training. She became the best mercinary in her village and then traveled to find more challenges. Her mother only wishes she would settle down and have a family.

personality: She loves a challenge and always hopes for the difficult missions. She also likes to have fun while she works and usually teases her victims near insanity before killing them.

Weapon(s): A long whip that she uses to strangle people with as well as torture, and a belt of large silver needles.

Other: She's never really found boys interesting, even though her mother insists she find a husband and settle down before she becomes too old.

Username:[American Pi]

Name: Scipio


Gender: Male

Eye color: Bright blue

Hair color: Black

clothing/accesories: typical mercenary gear but he dresses in a relaxed way, loose clothes but stylish

Backround: Born into poverty and at the age of 18 became a mercenary

personality: Relaxed, what goes around comes around but fast when it comes to fighting

Weapon(s): Sword, dirk, automatic assault rifle and a chain.


Deadwood Company

Username: [the crazed artist]

Name: Asher Leif

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Eye color: green

Hair color: dark red

clothing/accessories: wears very dark coloured clothing, but nothing too heavy so as to allow him to move quickly. Often hooded to cover his hair and wears a black scarf around his neck.

Background: drafted into the army, he’s not all that patriotic towards it’s cause. After some squabbles with those of higher rank while he was a foot soldier, he was sent off to be a sniper, where his markmanship could be made of use and he would be less likely to cause trouble.

Personality: very independently minded, which is not the greatest quality in a soldier and often gets him into trouble. He will do practically anything to survive, as he fears death more than anything else.

Weapon(s): sniper rifle, pistol, some knives, deadwood staff


Name:Max Reaper

Age: 18


Eye color: Red

Hair color: White

clothing/accesories: <img:>

Backround: He is almost fully cybernetic. He was made by the Deadwood company to deal with the pesky Warriors of the feather. He is programed to always follow orders and to never second guess the Deadwood company. He is a certified weapon of mass destruction. He is the son of the leader of the Deadwood company, but no one sees him as human any more.

personality: He doesn't speek often, but when he does its saying yes to an order given to him.

Weapon(s): His right arm can transform into a shockblade that sends waves of electrodes that can charge a house hold. His left arm can transform into a sonic cannon that breaks his opponets bones and can bring vehicle to a holt. He carries a scythe with Deadwood as the staff and raw canodine steel for the blade. He also has the strength of 20 able men, which makes him able to lift large objects and throw them far distences.

Other: His body now has a flexible canodine skin and he has a deadwood bone structure due to his fathers experiments on him. He has Judo, Kung fu, And other fighting styles including sword styles programed into him. He also has the manuals of many vehicles downloaded to his brain.

Username: [Lin-tastic]
Name: Draon Menik
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Eye color: A light golden brown
Hair color: Black
Backround: Draon has a prosthetic right leg from a car accident where no one was watching the traffic and a prosthetic left shoulder and arm from a hostage situation. He was one of those, I won't stop until I could potentially die for a while, and now, he just does as he's told.
Personality: He was a free, easy-going kind of guy, but now he's all serious and business, taking everything seriously or at least appearing too.
Weapon(s): Three hand guns, two strapped to his chest, and one strapped to his waist, somewhat towards hist back.
Other: He doesn't like nicknames.

Username: [Artsy]

Name: Omnis Notitia

Age: 9

Gender: Female

Eye color: Red

Hair color: Blue


Backround: Built one year after the creation of the Deadwood company. She was a high ranking programmer in the company, and was asked to participate in a ‘special program’. Her brain and eyes were removed and replaced with cybernetic parts. She has tiny pin prick like dots on her finger prints that allow her to project hallograms and screens as well as work with them now.

personality: Typically she is calm and placid, very easy to talk to and of course, analyctical. She sees everything logically more than literally, so if you are looking for a candy coated answer, don’t ask her. She doesn’t really understand emotion, though she is programmed to be able to mimic them.

Weapon(s): none

Other: She doesn’t leave base unless taken out by a member of the Deadwood company, and even that is rare. She contains the entire Deadwood data base, network, scheduals, assignments, commands, signals, everything, in her head, and is wirelessly connected to the system so she is updated whenever information is put in or out. She is basically the cybernetic oracle of the Deadwood company.


Username: [Blakkduv]

Name: Richard Cambell

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Brown and grey

clothing/accesories: He wares a F.P.D. police uniform witch is complete with a blue button up shirt with badge, 2 pair of Handcuffs, and he has verious badges on it from previous cop work.

Backround: He is the cheif of the F.P.D. and he is very serious about it. He always wanted to be a cop when he grew up and he became a very succesful one as the lead protection manager in the biggest city in the world. He grew up in poverty when he was younger and a strived to take care of the problem ever since. His son died in a Deadwood vs. W.O.T.F. battle and he has fought the war ever since.

personality: Very ingaging with his words and very ingaging in his standoffs. A very stern man.

Weapon(s):A custom special issue 50 caliber Mark m43 Springfeild year 2070 edition, Heat spray and a knife from his now passed on son that he keeps in his pocket.

Other: He drives a special police car that is customized to his liking.

Username: [tiragon]

Name: Drac "The Hunter" Mishkonev

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Eye color: Blue with a circuit lens built in

Hair color: black

clothing/accesories: Mark A-9 Power Armor, MC-40 Mobile Vehicle, more detail at bottom

Backround: Drac comes from the woodlands, he was raised as a military robotics expert. He spent many years in the military, being the head of the Special Projects division. He developed the Mark A-5 Powered Armor and the MC-36 Mobile Vehicle. After learning they were planning on killing him and keeping the projects a secret to sell on the black market Drac stole his own inventions, and has been on the run since. He became a Merc, and has since upgraded his inventions.

Personality: Drac is a fun and generally carefree fellow, he has an utterly devious strategic mind and will not hesitate to kill to complete his mission. Drac will not harm or allow harm to come to a child.

Weapon(s): PAIMS Mark A10, Moletta M9, a powered Sic-9 Axe, Powered claws, EMP Grenades, Frag grenades, Smoke Grenads, Flashbangs, Militia AC45. Extra ammunition for all.

Other: Drac has cybernetically powered strength, speed, and vision. He can lift a bus, but only for a few minutes total, he can run as fast as a cheetah, but only for a short period of time (a minute at a time, with a 3 minute recharge rate), and he can focus in with his eyes as if they were binoculars, and even take pictures.

Mark A9 Power Armor - the Mark A9 Power Armor is a suit that enhances all attributes of the wearer, mental and physical. It has a pair of retractable powered claws built in that have the power to tear through metal like butter. The A9 has a secure wireless network, gps positioning, and built in internet.

MC-40 Mobile Vehicle - the MC-40 looks like your average crotch rocket motorcycle just fatter, except it can reach speeds of up to 900 mph, with limited flight maneuvarability. Built in is a missile launcher, with an ammo reserve of up to 10 mini-missiles, and dual machine guns, with up to 30,000 rounds of ammo. The MC-40 is powered by a miniture nuclear reactor.

PAIMS Mark A10 - The PAIMS Mark A10 is an assault rifle with anti-armor explosive rounds, capable of blowing a watermelon sized hole in an opponent. it has a rate of fire of 4000 rounds per minute on full auto and has a semi-auto, 3 shot burst, or full auto selector switchs.

Moletta M9 - this is your average robocop gun built into the leg of Drac

Sic-9 Axe - the Sic-9 Axe is a powered axe made of unknown metal, capable of shearing through a tank. It has an electrical current pulsing through it to kill a normal person.

Powered Claws - These retractable powered claws are made of the same material as the Sic-9, and can tear through metal plating in seconds.

Militia AC45 - This is your average Judge Dredd gun, except it is equipped with a clip that can hold 600 shots.

Micro-bots - Drac has created a number of these small micro-bots, they are armed with lasers and darts of heavy tranquilizer. They are about 1 foot in diameter and look like this

Username: [Lin-tastic]
Name: Genevir Solira
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Eye color: dark violet
Hair color: Bright neon green
Backround: Genevir was always one to dress against any dress codes. She has no past memories before her twentieth birthday on which she joined the FPD. Since then, she's been undercover, taking her job seriously. She looks like no other cop but she's a good one. Despite the fact that both arms from the elbow joint down are mechanical, she's completely normal, even though she can't remember how she came to have mechanical lower arms...
Personality: Genevir doesn't like to follow rules despite the fact she could get killed. She's learned to act better than most when it comes to someone threatening someone she knows with death.
Weapon(s): She carries a hand gun hidden behind her spine, shoved in her shorts. There's two blades that unfold from the handle, one in each sleeve of her shirt. There's a third blade shoved between her striped sock and her knee-high boot.
Other: She's generally mis-took for a free lancer.

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Warriors of the feather

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2007-06-12 [Artsy]: hmm.. not bad, but i think we lost detail in translation

2007-06-12 [Blakkduv]: Ya like the hair lines and other stuff.

2007-06-13 [Lin-tastic]: I don't like shading things...Oh, the color just above her sleeve on her...right arm should be skin color. ^_^ Jus so you know...and the black is actually purple, except on her socks. Her shorts are jean colored, and her hair is not one color like that. It's got lines where the layers are, and it's darker than that. ^_^

2007-06-13 [Blakkduv]: How come you can't post things in color candycane?

2007-06-13 [Lin-tastic]: I can, I just prefer grayscale. ^_^

2007-06-13 [Lin-tastic]: I can give you the original image, before my changing it...^_^ if you want. ^_^

2007-06-13 [Blakkduv]: Ya so the ever so awsome Living can do her thing.

*gets on knees and bows.* I'm not worthy!

2007-06-13 [Artsy]: *raises eyebrow* riiiight....

2007-06-13 [Blakkduv]: *goes to sleep on the ground*

2007-06-13 [Lin-tastic]: I'll get you the image...

<img:> your thing, but if I could make a request, please make the same colors as before, but use dark purple for the hair and emerald eyes. ^_^ Otherwise, use the long comment I made after your previous one. ^_^ Does that work for you?

2007-06-13 [Blakkduv]: I was going off:

Eye color: dark violet
Hair color: Bright neon green

2007-06-13 [Lin-tastic]: ...I read it switched, is why. ^_^ Just go by this:

Oh, the color just above her sleeve on her...right arm should be skin color. ^_^ Jus so you know...and the black is actually purple, except on her socks. Her shorts are jean colored, and her hair is not one color like that. Her hair is a sort of bright green, not like that, but brighter than you put the covers on her legs and arms. I can give you a general color pallette, seperately, you know. ^_^

2007-06-13 [Blakkduv]: check it! I colered it through paint.

2007-06-13 [Lin-tastic]: I think he looks better this way...^_^ Just my opinion.

2007-06-13 [Artsy]: ok, saved the outline to my comp, i'll get to it when i get back saturday

2007-06-13 [Blakkduv]: It looks better colored like that?

2007-06-14 [Lin-tastic]: Give or take. I was never fond of colored pencils on drawings...unless you colored it so much that it looked more like marker or something...^_^ I'm strange.

2007-06-14 [Blakkduv]: Ya me niether. *nods head in agreement*

2007-06-14 [Lin-tastic]: I'd have to show you a picture I colored of Tweety...once I get a working scanner...^_^'' I lack money to buy that stuff...

2007-06-14 [Blakkduv]: My scanner is on the fritz

2007-06-16 [Lin-tastic]: least you have one, though...Silver Lining, friend.

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