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Royal lineage of the House of Vraisynn

Vraisynn Nation and Kingdom of Vraisynn

   Vraisynn's royal bloodline was established in the first generation of their rule, when the mighty Vrai brotherhood came together to fight the dragons who threatened their communities and villages. Gaining popularity among the citizens of the nearby villages and cities, the brotherhood was knighted under an elven priest who saw their actions are beneficial to many races of the Lands of Qor, including their neighboring elven nation, Quentarae. That alliance still remains strong today.

   The original members of the brotherhood were:
      - Regen Fordibald, 23, male, cousin of Ricarn Vrai
      - Lipan Fordibald, 20, male, brother of Regen Fordibald
      - Ricarn Vrai, 26, male, eldest Vrai
      - Aislan Vrai, 23, male, brother of Ricarn Vrai
      - Quix Vrai, 25, male, cousin of Ricarn Vrai
      - Heln Gedlex, 19, male, brother in-law of Regen Fordibald, husband of Griya Gedlex (-Fordibald)
      - Gradin Bedfeld, 21, male, architect, aristocrat and regent of Bralda
      - Espereza Bedfeld, 23, female, wife of Gradin Bedfeld, sister of Quix Vrai

   The brotherhood became the Brothers of Vrai, a self-imposed security force that gained fame as being perpetrators of acts of kindness and protection in the lands abroad. Accumulating wealth and reputation, the Brothers established the first palace of Vraisynn in the central valley of the eastern coastal lands, perpetuating commerce and transportation by utilizing both land and river trading routes. Each of the brothers took wives and ruled in harmony with the other brothers, but when the last brother died in peace, his wake was followed by disharmony and in-fighting between his heirs and their lineage. This feud was solved by each family taking a portion of the lands for themselves, and ruling as a king of their own portion of the accumulated empire grown under the Brotherhood's rule. This diversified trade as well as kept safe distance between family members that would have otherwise been fighting with each other for many years, and the empire grew stronger.

   During the rulership of many kings, known as the second generation of Vraisynn rulership, the orc tribes of the central hills and mountains outside of the Vraisynn roadways being built began to incite raids and violence upon Vrai villages, which the Vrai felt compelled to fight directly. They led armies of humans and elves to war against the orcs and gnolls of the hilly lands, and not one of the leaders came back from the war, despite the cease in orcish violence. The incident did, however, create a more steadfast alliance among the settled and stable civilizations of Qor, still growing in terms of humanity and its cultural conditions.

   The eldest heir to the thrones of the third generation, a granddaughter of Gradin and Espereza Bedfeld, the Lady Liv Bedfeld of Neshal was named heir to the throne amid a flurry of controversy and confusion at seventeen years old. Though raised in a small agricultural village with the children of farmers, Lady Liv had received the best education the Bedfeld estate could afford, and though young and without experience, she became the most renowned ruler of all of Vraisynn's generations. Commoners still chant, 'Long live the Queen! Long live Liv!' though in recent years her official title is referred to as Empress, a nomination she was not able to receive in life.

   The young Lady Liv of Neshal was able to calm the confusion of the times in her court and amid family members unable to cope with the stress of losing their entire family to war and violence. Though the problem had been solved, no one was sure as to how long. The newly-crowned Queen Liv created the Guard of Vraisynn, a military force to be reckoned with, as well as built roads between every major city of the empire. Building Fort Thunder, her final mark upon the protection of her land, she made history by bringing productivity, peace and honor back to a land sickened with grief. Forging alliances with every major power in the land save for the newly-built human cities of the western coasts of Qor, she was known as the Bringer of Peace and the Forger of Ties among many other titles, though she simply asked to be called Lady Liv. In her final hours, she was blessed as the remarkable Queen of an Empire, and though she would not accept the title of Empress as a form of royal name, she was granted the title by duty upon her deathbed, overcome from an illness at 60 years of age.

   Her eldest daughter, a priestess, Madame Lady Naole of Mynaia became heir to the throne at 22 years of age. As Madame Lady of the Temple of Pelor in Mynaia, she was educated in the ways of the priestesshood, though she was known to be stubborn and a bit narcissistic, despite her adequate and productive rulership as Queen of Vraisynn. She would never live to see the title of Empress bestowed upon her, and in fact the Empress Liv was the only human ever to be named Imperial Leader of Qor. Under Queen Naole, though Vraisynn prospered and came easily into another generation of peace and wellbeing, Imperial Leadership fell to the King of Quentarae, the nearest elven nation and ally to the House Vraisynn.

   Mother to two children, Prince Phalkarious and __________,

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