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The Mighty Nation of Vraisynn

An Empire of the Lands of Qor
"The Realm of Ten Mighty Rivers"


  The Imperial Vraisynn Nation

    Capitol: Kingdom of Vraisynn
    Population: 92,000 (capitol - 15,000, Bralda - highest - 30,000)
    Government: Imperial Patriachy (Kingdom is the seat of the Empire)

  Other Info:
  Vraisynn Ranks
  Dark Elite
  Phalk and Vraisynn Royalty
  Great Temple leadership - Caylandra and Brother Deren

  A once-majestic land where many races have gathered to live under the imperial rule of the great Royal House of Vraisynn. After the fall of the great Empress Liv of the third empire, the assassination of her justly ruling priestess - the Madame Queen Naole - and the fall of the Palace and its newly crowned King Phalkarious - the demon prince and only son of Empress Liv's royal bloodline - the Valley of the Empires has fallen into quiet restlessness.

  Humans seem are the largest of the population of Vraisynn's commoners, but other races have found homes within its once peaceful lands.

  The kingdom still waits while its royal house finds its feet after much chaos and devastation to its infrastructure and leadership.


  Kingdom of Vraisynn:
    Vraisynn Palace
    The Great Temple
    Coronation Ceremony Grounds

  The Village of Royaan
    The Marketplace
    Dancing Doe Tavern and Inn
    Bogg's Boar Head Inn

  Fort Thunder

  Port City of Bralda

Villages & Cities:
  3 unnamed cities (coastal):




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2006-07-23 [xido]: This is only a basic map, and the first draft at that... More to come.

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