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2006-10-19 04:04:29
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Vote 4 Pedro!

Who am I?- [Fashionably Restrained]: Computer Nerd

Why do I want to run?- Elftown is a big part of my life and I want help make Elftown a better place. Though I've had some issues with the guards, I still wish to help in anyway possible.

What are my qualifications?- I've been around computers and Elftown for sometime now. I have a run a few wikis here and on Elfpack. I don't discriminate people and can put up with 'assholes'.

How long will I work?- for as long as I am needed

Do I get along with people?-I believe I do. I try my best to put up with everyone.

What will I do if I get the job?- I will work very hard, doing whatever reasonable work I can do. I have plenty of spare time on my hands, and I hope to use this for the better of Elftown.

What is wrong with Elftown?- I don't belive anything is wrong with Elftown, I belive it is the people. I dispise hate messages and people who try to destroy Elftown.

If you have any suggestions, just tell me and I will include them.

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just add your name to the list if you wish to support me

1. [Shadow-ofDeath] Computer Nerds have to stick together!

2. [EmeraldGrizzly] - Cause if I can't get in, someone's got to!

3. [#1 AC/DC fan!!!] best of luck to ya!

4. [pyropixie kissed by blood] you rock steph!! you can do it!

5. [Internal Damage] what savi said

6. [Gluttony666] your a freind so im with you all the way.

7. [Canvas Confessions] ^_^ Hitori-San for council... Sounds good ^^

8. [spitfire90]

9. [Holy_Light] You know I'm here for you

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2006-04-16 [Canvas Confessions]: Ya know... I'm still waitin'

2006-04-17 [Fashionably Restrained]: ok, and?

2006-10-19 [Holy_Light]: How long have you been running for the position?

2006-10-24 [Fashionably Restrained]: About a year

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