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Vestähl's Home

The home of the missing sorceror, Vestähl, the father of Dtalk, his only son, who had just returned from his mentor, Dystanul's, forest plantation in order to seek out his father's fate.
Past events: VHpast1
Dtalk's Diary

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2003-11-28 [ShiftySkillet]: well, gwyn's mind, lets just say, has a lot of closed doors, that she wants to open. a few, she has the key to, but dont know how to unlock.i have no idea whether this has all been seen by Lia or not....and would someone please shove me or something?

2003-11-29 [Silent Dream]: I'm okay, just a bit drained. Give me some cafein and I'll be fine in minutes! lol in case you haven't guessed the sparrows are my pals, part of the introduction to wild magic.

2003-11-29 [xido]: hoooraaayyyyyyyy, SPARROWS!!!!!! *joins the flock* I'm a bird, I'm a bird, I'm a bird bird bird......

2003-11-29 [ShiftySkillet]: ooo birdy...

2003-11-29 [Silent Dream]: Hehe flies away picking up Dtalk while flying with the flock. *discovers she can't fly* Oops *drops Dtalk*

2003-11-30 [xido]: AGGHHH!!!!

2003-11-30 [xido]: Well, Dtalk's just heading across town to Aldsiould's, but Will is going BACK TO MICHIGAN!!!! YAY!!!! I might be able to get on one more night, but then I'm off for two weeks, probably.....I'LL BE BACK, I SWEAR.

2003-11-30 [Opal]: awww *waves sadly* do come back

2003-12-02 [xido]: I promise

2003-12-11 [Opal]: Yeah this is just to say ill be back between 1 to 5 weeks depending on exam panick levels ciao kittens

2003-12-11 [Opal]: Merry Christmas all!

2003-12-11 [ShiftySkillet]: happy holidays and good luck

2003-12-13 [xido]: Happy Holidays indeed! I'm back! (see, I told you....) :)

2003-12-13 [ShiftySkillet]: yay!! your back!!

2003-12-14 [Silent Dream]: has it already been two weeks?! 12days till christmas!

2003-12-17 [xido]: well, not quite.....I got done faster than I thought it might take. Thanks for the great reception! Now, to Opal and Lia, we're gonna pretend that you already had the dinner with the Council, and received your gifts.......wanna know what they are???? o.O As for the celebration at's on!

2003-12-17 [Silent Dream]: ooh gifts!? Hehe, though I think you all know, I'm updating Lian's Diary

2003-12-20 [xido]: Tazz, you're going to have to help me on this memory stuff once you can post....I only know so much about her....:)

2003-12-20 [ShiftySkillet]: lol, no problem....have you gone to my chara descrip and read her history? i know its a bit vague...but its a start

2003-12-20 [xido]: her char page at the top....I just realized that Lian's isn't here either........I'll read it's been so long.

2003-12-21 [ShiftySkillet]: lol, k...should i do a link?

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