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2008-06-20 12:44:01
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Verse of longing

Poem by [Linderel]

Come hither. See; it is a lovely day
to sit in shade, enjoy the gentle breeze;
in thy sweet-lipped melodies to drown, sway
that bliss I would my constant ache appease

Honeyed whispers my pleading lips to balm;
thy graceful steps a sight mine eyes to bless.
I yearn: Embrace thy lithe body, so warm
This evening I will have no more, no less

thou beauteous bird of mine, my dearest
Calliope queen of hearts, of their breaking
My words they flow though naught will quench my thirst
I covet thy smiles they leave me shaking

A flower, born of desire, each petal
by one thy tender skin will caress, touch.

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