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[Veltzeh]'s characters

Here are all my role-playing and story characters that have a biography on Elftown. Most of them should be suitable for RPGs in their own worlds, and some even on other worlds, perhaps. (I'm a very world-dependent role-player and writer.)
That said, check out Character Lounge and World Warehouse.

RPG characters

Game typeCharacter
X-Men games
Kimvekadrei Gillian(I tried playing a version of a story character. The game died.)
Kaider Getalahan 
Rem Zethernety(Another story character modified into a RPG character. I killed this one.)
Realms of LemireTylien Taiveme'le
Ke'rodre Lawar'in'ger
Vineg Tor'eael
Geeileq Machaiktev
Aj'ale's Crew
Other RPGsReikatogi-G-Qem (Tekeonia System – watch me not finishing it...)
Li Vliegon Tkare (some freeform)
Jearis (Pathfinder)
<URI:_Kereko%20Reskoe> (another freeform)

Story characters

Tales from KyerrionKrezagon
The Heritage of HumankindTHOH Characters

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2009-09-15 [Aeolynn]: Hey Velt, I'm looking for someone to pair with Windige, for a new rp. Interested?

2009-09-16 [Veltzeh]: Sure! I don't think any of my characters here fit in the world, so I'll make a new one. Is there a world or setting description of the game somewhere?

2009-09-16 [Aeolynn]: Ah, not really... In her world, humans are sort of scarce in the area she lives in. I don't really like elves, so I automatically left them out, but if you wanted to play one, that would be fine. However, one rule I have with Windige, is she will not play with humans. Humanoids are ok, but no humans ><;

2009-09-16 [Veltzeh]: No problem, I never play humans if there are other species to be chosen (that one Shadowrun hacker was the only exception!), heh. I do need a little more info though... is it like a generic fantasy world or what? Technically speaking I have a some sort of fantasy world setting that I could use here, if you'd like it. It doesn't have any "traditional" fantasy races though since I like to make them up myself. X)

2009-09-16 [Aeolynn]: Then we would work awesome! I prefer completely original species. Windige is sort of... in the dark when it comes to the rest of the world. All she knows is humans, Lavabeests, and what she has read in books. If you would like to use one of your worlds, that'd be cool :] the most common setting I've used for rps with Windige is a hunting party after her, hunting her for her thick skin and fur and what not. Her species is just thought to be dumb animals.

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