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Instead of doing a traditional NaNoWriMo this year, I'm doing an alternative option: 30 characters in 30 days! (<URL:>)

[#character 1]: Verkije-Rigexiti
[#character 2]: The world-famous sword-tree
[#character 3]: Lehahel
[#character 4]: Sothalen
[#character 5]: Þevein Veejelei
[#character 6]: Mazehel
[#character 7]: Hili
[#character 8]: Spare Bunk
[#character 9]: Hazoron
[#character 10]: Master builder
[#character 11]: Gytolon Korielter
[#character 12]: Annan
[#character 13]: Malje
[#character 14]: Olle
[#character 15]: Karadin
[#character 16]: Kyton
[#character 17]: Teryveon
[#character 18]: Blind guardian
[#character 19]: Akodia Mataraki
[#character 20]: Karsþili
[#character 21]: Modurel
[#character 22]: halfling wizard
[#characters 23, 24]: Ganoniel and Sanatel
[#character 25]: Annunciata
[#characters 26, 27, 28, 29]: karangals
[#character 30]: Koimel

Character 1: Verkije-Rigexiti

Day 1

I'll start off with a character that's not entirely new, but I think I need to write stuff about em before I can move on to the next ones.

Name:Verkije-Rigexiti, where Rigexiti is a part that runs in the family and Verkije is a given name.

 Age: 408 (50 Earth years), an adult
Height: 142 cm
Weight: 34 kg
Eyes: vermilion (orange-red), yellow eyeballs (like all karangals)
Hair: maroon (dark red)
Complexion: reddish
Race: karangal
Sex: akkod (monoecious)

Verkije is rather tall for a karangal and is in very good physical shape. Ey has sharp facial features and body angles and eir hair is rather unkempt.
 Strengths: Verkije is physically capable (for a karangal anyway) and is confident in eir abilities. Ey is also smart and adept at using eir far-walker abilities. At the start of eir journey ey is inexperienced, but learns to be quite knowledgeable during eir journey.

Fears and weaknesses: Verkije is devastated to learn that femehans have a device that can cripple far-walkers. Ey tries to get some sense into the femehan far-walkers who manufacture the item, but fails. Ey will then have nothing to do with femehans.

Constant traits: Smartness, adaptability, very manipulative no matter what.

Behavior: Verkije is curious and never ceases to try to find out things, even if it comes with personal inconveniences or even if finding out things would result in physical violence (chases that ey outruns).

Philosophy, religion and attitude: Verkije can't understand why other-walkers wouldn't believe em if ey said how things were. Ey doesn't respect femehan far-walkers (at least those that make the devices that cripple far-walkers) and comes to find during eir journey that falangezkas' far-walker abilities are vastly exaggerated.
 Parents: Verkije's parents were smart and capable karangals, but Verkije wasn't raised by them as ey was a far-walker and they were not. Instead, ey was raised by eir grand-alhem's sigbling, who was a far-walker and acted as eir master.

Childhood: Verkije's master helped em to develop eir far-walker abilities and didn't place much importance on physical skill as far-walkers don't really tend to do physical work. Verkije disagreed and trained eir body as well as eir mind, to eir master's distaste.

Adolescence: Verkije's master introduced em to the secrets of sex, which made Verkije irritated at the fact that there were no other far-walkers around.

Early adulthood: Verkije continued eir far-walker training, though ey was also busy trying to outdo other people in whatever skills ey wanted to practice at the moment. Ey ended up being the relem (father) to quite a few children, none of whom became far-walkers. Ey also bore one other-walker child, but left em in the care of the child's relem. It didn't take too long until ey decided to leave eir home and travel.
Verkije traveled to many karangal communities and met only four far-walkers, all of whom were much older than ey. Ey set eir master up with one of them, and the two eventually met and moved in with each other. Ey left behind emself more children whose relem ey was, as well as two children of eir own.

Adulthood: Eventually Verkije became too interested in the other races and decided to explore their world. The closest subjects of study were the wide-spread femehans. Eir first and mostly unfortunate contact was with a small village of femehans chasing a short femehan ankod. Ankods are sexless and thus unable to have children, so other femehans think they are useless, and since a considerable amount of stories depict how ankods are unbelievably crazy, other femehans are quite prejudiced toward them. Verkije saved the unfortunate ankod and became friends with em.
The two traveled together and found one strange person in another femehan village. Ey was approximately as small as a falangezka, but looked nothing like any race should have looked like. After some queries from eir master and the other older karangal far-walkers, they concluded that even though the strange creature was humanoid, ey was in fact a tarkaan. This fact was reinforced by the notion that the tarkaan remembered an incident when ey had met another tarkaan and felt the utmost offense at the other tarkaan's existence. Ey had fled from the other and felt depressed about that.
Verkije, the ankod and the tarkaan decided to go on a quest to kill all tarkaans they could find. This quest ultimately took them over and beyond South-Ice or the Limitless Glacier as the femehans call it. Besides themselves, their band of adventures came to contain a falangezka and two toppenrans.

Middle age: Eventually the ankod and toppenrans grew old and died, leaving Verkije, the falangezka and the tarkaan alone. The tarkaan eventually perished in a fight with another tarkaan, who was so powerful that there simply didn't seem to be a way to kill em. However, the powerful tarkaan was content with making Verkije and the falangezka swear to leave em alone.

Retirement: With the tarkaan dead, both Verkije and the falangezka figured that it was time to go home. The falangezka stayed in South-Ice and Verkije headed back to eir home community. Ey got there just in time to see the partner of eir late master die. They had not managed to have any far-walker children.
Verkije tried to build a family again and this time actually took part in raising eir children, whether ey was the relem or alhem. None of eir children or children's children turned out to be far-walkers, which was very disappointing to em.

Elderly age: One by one, Verkije watched as the members of eir family line died without having made even a single far-walker child. Now ey is infertile due to eir age and eir only "heir" is Arike-Rigexiti, a useless youth who doesn't like sex and Verkije just can't understand why.

Character 2: The world-famous sword-tree

Day 1

Name:The world-famous sword-tree

 Age: a thousand years if not more
Height: about 4 m
Weight: ~300 kg?
Complexion: tree bark, dark brown
Race: tarkaan

The sword-tree is a coniferous-looking tree that grows swords and on occasion other objects. But mostly swords. Being a tarkaan, ey is actually a person and not a plant, but eir view of the world is mostly based on what ey has known, which is mostly being a tree-like creature.
Some of the sword-tree's mostly blue-green needles sense air pressure and thus provide a some kind of sense of hearing. Yet other needles are sensitive to light, though this kind of vision is at best similar to a fly's vision. The sword-tree has no sound organs. Ey can move eir branches, needles and trunk up to a point and can move about, quickly even if need be. Ey can grow roots that penetrate the ground and use various methods to extract nutrients and other substances from the ground.
 Strengths: The sword-tree knows eir limits quite well and has no greater ambitions than staying alive and making swords and maybe some other objects on occasion. Rings and cups are most common after swords.

Fears and weaknesses: Like all tarkaans, the sword-tree takes gigantic offense at the existence of other tarkaans. However, for all eir swords, ey isn't built for battle and has to flee and hide from other tarkaans to survive. Ey has managed to kill one other tarkaan.

Constant traits: Cowardly and concerned only with making swords.

Behavior: The sword-tree settles down, grows roots and starts absorbing materials and minerals from the ground to make swords and other objects. Ey switches places relatively often in order to not attract people, but leaves eir swords lying around. Sometimes ey finds a strong concentration of metal and stays put so long that people find em and start spreading rumors about em. The sword-tree then leaves if too many people start visiting em, even if the minerals were not depleted. Ey leaves eir roots in the ground and grows new ones each time ey settles.

Philosophy, religion and attitude: The sword-tree prefers to avoid all kinds of sentient creatures. Ey finds people annoying, unless they bring em nutrients. Ey has only lately learned that the joy of a grateful new owner of a fantastic sword is a fine thing to feel and it increases the chances of getting nutrients brought to eir roots.
 Parents: Unknown, like for all tarkaans.

Childhood: The sword-tree grew in the forest among other coniferous trees. A single sword was soon abandoned at eir roots, and ey studied it and found it ingenious, though crude. After that day, eir goal in life has been making swords.

Adolescence: New objects found their way to the sword-tree, or ey found objects on eir travels. Ey met the first other tarkaan of eir life and barely escaped alive. Ey had to grow a lot of new branches after that.

Early adulthood: The sword-tree started designing new objects and not just imitating those ey had found lying around. Ey fled from other tarkaans every time they discovered em.

Adulthood: The sword-tree met a young tarkaan that was so pathetic that even ey could kill the other, so ey did, buried the body and promptly left the vicinity, even though ey had wanted to find out what kind of nutrients a tarkaan corpse could provide. The compulsion to not be around another tarkaan was too great even when the other was dead.
The sword-tree started noticing that other races talked to each other and eventually came to understand some of what they were saying.

Character 3: Lehahel

Day 2

Name:Lehahel (no family name, because ankod)

 Age: 168 (22 Earth years)
Height: 151 cm
Weight: 39 kg
Eyes: sky blue
Hair: pale cyan-gray
Complexion: very pale gray
Race: femehan
Sex: ankod (sexless)

Lehahel is very short for a femehan and even for an ankod. Ey is cute, very bright-eyed, round-faced and seems happy. Eir body is in very good shape.
 Strengths: Most of the time, Lehahel is quite skilled at seeing the bright sides of things and acts optimistic. Ey strives for better knowledge of eir own physical limits.

Fears and weaknesses: Lehahel has a mild bipolar personality disorder (though femehans don't know of mental disorders as we do and instead just call ankods crazy). While ey is most often happy and optimistic, ey can become depressed in a matter of seconds, usually by thinking about something unpleasant that happened to em. The best way to get em out of eir depression is to threaten eir life or scare em. Sometimes Lehahel can argue back childishly.

Constant traits: Lehahel isn't one for spiritual searching or betterment, and ey thinks ey doesn't have to do it because ey is already smart – and because too much thinking usually causes a bout of depression. Lehahel gets along with children of all kinds. Ey tries to be rational and has fairly good sense of logic and common sense.

Behavior: Lehahel is friendly toward nearly all people ey meets. Ey also tries to improve other people's moods by talking about happy things or making jokes, though of course other femehans save for children couldn't appreciate it.

Philosophy, religion and attitude: Lehahel is a definitive optimist. As per Verkije and the falangezka's advice, ey doesn't even try to worship gods, though religion was something ey ran across a lot in eir home.
 Parents: Lehahel doesn't know eir parents; the femehans in eir home village raised em together, albeit reluctantly. Ey didn't die because no matter how much they thought ankods were crazy, they just couldn't let a child die, and when Lehahel started getting slightly less cute, ey could make it on eir own.

Childhood: As a child, Lehahel liked to play with other children. When they were very young, the children weren't quite as prejudiced.

Adolescence: As the children grew older, the others shut Lehahel out of their games and turned to violence. Lehahel learned to run away and became a good acrobat. Ey started learning how to get along by emself and learned hunting, gardening and hut-building on eir own. Ey constantly asked for instructions from the more knowledgeable people in the village and nearly always rewarded their good advice, even if they were disdainful and ungrateful toward them. Ey also continued playing with young and not quite so malicious children.

Early adulthood: Lehahel learned to be good at what ey did. However, when the people of eir village found out just how much ey was spending time with their children, they promptly started chasing em. Ey was saved by a karangal far-walker by the name of Verkije-Rigexiti, and the two decided to travel together.

Adulthood: Eventually a tarkaan, a falangezka and two toppenrans joined Lehahel and Verkije's party. They had many an adventure together and even traveled beyond the Limitless Glacier.

Middle age: Of their group, Lehahel was the youngest, biggest and still the first to feel the effects of aging due to their races' different lifespans. Lehahel chose to stay optimistic over that as well, but eir bouts of depression increased.

Retirement: When the children of the two toppenrans became adults, Lehahel was already quite old, but ey really had no reason to stop traveling with eir companions of so long. Even they said they didn't mind adapting to eir slower pace and other physical limitations.

Elderly age: Lehahel passed away in eir sleep far away on the other side of the Limitless Glacier.

Character 4: Sothalen

Day 3

Name:Sothalen (a generic but rare femehan name, no family name obviously)

 Age: youngish
Height: 146 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Eyes: irises white, eyeballs black
Hair: blue-green, rather spiky
Complexion: dark gray, very elastic, furry and spiky on eir backside
Race: tarkaan

Sothalen is humanoid in form. Ey has spikes on eir back and smaller ones on eir limbs. The spikes are extendable and extend when ey is having eir equivalent of an adrenaline rush.
 Strengths: Sothalen is a smart and unassuming person, even for one having been raised by femehans.

Fears and weaknesses: Like all tarkaans, Sothalen hates other tarkaans and cannot tolerate their presence. Ey tends to overestimate eir abilities, but heals quite quickly and also learns when ey screws up.

Constant traits: Tarkaans are by definition malleable, and thus Sothalen has few stable traits. However, ey learned to live and talk like a femehan, and that is one thing that will stick with em.

Behavior: Sothalen is curious and friendly, though jerks and other tarkaans will soon find themselves on the wrong side of eir weapons.

Philosophy, religion and attitude: Sothalen, while ey deduced that eir sole destiny probably wasn't to kill all other tarkaans, thought that it was still a good idea. Eir view on life is thus to protect all the civilized races from the evils of other insufferable tarkaans.
 Parents: Like all tarkaans, Sothalen is blissfully unaware of eir parents.

Childhood: Sothalen grew aware in a forest, playing with animals who didn't want to eat em. Ey was then discovered by some femehans, who thought ey was a karangal or nakran because they didn't know how karangals or nakrans looked (except that they were small). Since they didn't know or find any karangal or nakran communities nearby, they took in Sothalen and raised em. Thus, Sothalen learned the ways of the femehans as well as how to speak the common tongue and Femen. Nevertheless, the femehans didn't try to force em to be a femehan and were clear about the fact that ey wasn't truly one of them.

Adolescence: Sothalen took decades to grow to eir full height of 146 cm, which was taller than a karangal should be, but the femehans didn't know that. The femehans were more amazed at how slowly ey grew, but didn't abandon em just for that. Sothalen felt like ey should physically train eir body arduously, so that was what ey did, and ended up being stronger than many larger femehans. Ey did a lot of physical work for the femehans.

Early adulthood: Once, when ey was hunting alone in the forest, Sothalen met a creature whose existence offended em incredibly. The other creature seemed similarly offended. They attacked each other and were fairly equal, but eventually Sothalen was left at a disadvantage and had to flee. The femehans in eir village had no idea what that strange creature was, but thought that since it was otherworldly and Sothalen had felt like it must die, then Sothalen must have been an epic hero brought to the world to destroy all such otherworldly abominations. Sothalen then set out to look for the creature, but didn't find it, and returned home to ponder how ey could find the creature and its kin.
At some point, a real karangal came to the village with an ankod, and they decided to accompany Sothalen on a tarkaan-slaying journey.

Adulthood: Sothalen, Verkije and Lehahel met up with two toppenrans and a falangezka as well, and their travels took them over the Limitless Glacier.
They fought and killed many tarkaans and even some other hostile people and had many other adventures. Eventually the toppenrans and ankod grew old and frail and died. Even the karangal and falangezka aged. Sothalen understood, but couldn't seem to care, since ey was immune to such effects.
The three continued traveling together. They ran into a very old and powerful tarkaan who managed to kill Sothalen.

Character 5: Þevein Veejelei

Day 11

Name:Þevein Veejelei

 Age: 248 (31 Earth years)
Height: 145 cm
Weight: 40 kg
Eyes: cerise (red) irises, dark eyeballs (like all falangezkas)
Hair: purple, unruly and long
Complexion: pale violet, darker spike-like patterns on limbs and face
Race: falangezka
Sex: akkod

Þevein is rather round in eir features as well as body, but ey is very strong for a falangezka. Ey looks odd in eir armor.
 Strengths: Þevein is just and confident in emself.

Fears and weaknesses: Ey isn't one for words when action will do. Ey hasn't practised eir far-walker abilities much, though Verkije fixed this issue.

Constant traits: Ey has a surprisingly simple nature for a falangezka and a thrist for action, which is why ey doesn't live with other falangezkas.

Behavior: Ey acts friendly and fairly toward others. Ey likes fighting and is often willing to take a tiff to the level of sword-play or wrestling.

Philosophy, religion and attitude: Fighting = good.

Character 6: Mazehel

Day 11


 Age: slightly older than Vargaron
Race: femehan
Sex: wakod

Fears and weaknesses:

Constant traits:

Behavior: Vargaron is a dancer who especially likes coming up with stripping dances. Mazehel dances with em often enough, but unlike Vargaron, ey doesn't like to perform to others. Therefore, ey often plays a proto-violin while eir partner dances.

Philosophy, religion and attitude:

Character 7: Hili

Day 12

This a Pathfinder character that I'm probably not going to use.


Character 8: Spare Bunk

Day 14

Name:Spare Bunk (Or Varapatja, inspired by a conversation in the Finnish NaNoWriMo channel.)

 Age: something hundred
Height: 2 m or so
Weight: 9 kg
Race: tarkaan

Spare bunk is a tarkaan that resembles a mattress. Like molds, ey absorbs water and nutrients from air and the surroundings to stay alive. Ey has no means to defend emself and is barely mobile as ey can only squirm much like a worm. Ey doesn't have eyes, ears or other sensory organs like animals would usually have. Instead, eir skin senses light, heat, moisture, pressure and pain.
 Spare bunk doesn't have much of a personality. Ey lives in femehan towns without the femehans knowing that ey is actually a tarkaan, hoping that no one will notice and kill em. Ey lays in their homes, pretending to be an inanimate object.
 Parents: Unknown.

Childhood: Spare bunk's first memories are of the warm shore of an ocean. Ey felt insecure there, and eventually made it to the swampy delta of a nearby river.

Adolescence: In the delta, when spare bunk was hibernating, a couple of femehan travelers happened upon em and slept on em. Ey liked the heat of their bodies and followed them to a femehan town.

Early adulthood: Spare bunk laid around the femehan town for months. Eventually someone picked em up and took em into a house where ey spent decades, being happy that ey had someone warm lying on em every night.

Character 9: Hazoron

Day 14


 Age: 268 (34 Earth years)
Height: 161 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Eyes: grayish green
Hair: tea green (very light green)
Complexion: light gray
Race: femehan
Sex: ankod

Hazoron is very thin.

Fears and weaknesses:

Constant traits:


Philosophy, religion and attitude: Hazoron is an important religious figure of a femehan community. Ey thinks the villagers are stupid and ignorant and doesn't believe anything ey is supposed to represent to the villagers. Instead, ey just tries to give them good advice, but doesn't debunk eir own place, since ey fears what might happen if ey did.

Character 10: Master Builder

Day 15

Name:Master Builder

 Age: 500 years or so
Height: 2,5 m
Weight: 180 kg
Eyes: black
Hair: black
Complexion: black
Race: tarkaan

Master Builder is a tarkaan, humanoid in form, somewhat furry and monstrous in eir features. Ey has sharp teeth, resembling a mix of a rat and a generic carnivore.
 Strengths: Master Builder is very intelligent, at least when it comes to architecture and building stuff.

Fears and weaknesses: Besides hating and fearing other tarkaans, Master builder is obsessed with creating buildings and loathes to leave anything unfinished. If ey is driven away from somewhere before ey can finish eir building, ey can't help but return to finish it or see whether it's been leveled. Ey is vengeful and has a bad temper.

Constant traits: See above.

Behavior: Master builder doesn't like anyone and prefers to keep away from all other intelligent species. Ey can speak the common tongue.

Philosophy, religion and attitude: Master builder keeps away from everyone, but if someone breaks any of eir buildings, ey is quick to kill anyone who might have done it.
 Parents: Unknown.

Childhood: Master builder's first memories are of an ancient ruin of a falangezka city. Like all tarkaans, ey felt a great need to leave the place of eir "birth", but couldn't tear emself away from the shadows of all those once so beautiful and magnificent buildings.

Adolescence: Master builder studied the falangezka ruins meticulously and built some small houses emself. Ey started planning a new grand building based on the ruins and started gathering the materials ey would need to build it.

Early adulthood: Since ey was just one person, it took Master Builder decades to finish eir first grand project. Even though the building was finished, Master builder didn't leave the ruins yet, as ey thought there was something wrong with the building, even though ey couldn't say what.
After a few years, a group of falangezkas came to the ruins to wonder where the new buildings had come from. They found Master builder's traces of life and eventually the tarkaan emself. The falangezkas didn't really know what to do with em, and Master builder wasn't exactly welcoming. Since Master Builder couldn't understand any language or reply, ey just eyed the falangezkas hostilely as they tried to talk to em and touch eir mind. They also tried to write to em, and though ey didn't understand writing either, ey was very impressed at the paper the falangezkas presented. This far, Master builder had drawn eir architectural plans on large pieces of bleahed wood. Ey then started trying to understand the falangezkas, and after months of learning, ey could speak and write the common tongue.
The falangezkas knew what was wrong with Master builder's building: since it was fairly tall, it would have needed better support structures, but it was too late to add them now without making the building ugly. The falangezkas shared some of their knowledge on engineering and architecture before Master builder decided that it was time to move on.


Middle age:


Elderly age:

Character 11: Gytolon Korielter

Day 15

Name:Gytolon Korielter

 Age: teen
Height: 150 cm
Weight: 35 kg
Eyes: green
Hair: darkish cyan
Complexion: gray
Race: femehan
Sex: ankod

Gytolon is a physically fit femehan teenager with long hair and a preference for unimpressive and simple clothes.
 Strengths: Unlike eir arlem Krezagon, Gytolon is slightly more boisterous and definitely talks with people more easily. Ey is also intelligent and not afraid to prove it or be corrected.

Fears and weaknesses: Ey worries that ey'll be left in Krezagon's shadow, but doesn't want to compete with em for a spotlight, which makes em diffident at times.

Constant traits: Even for a teenager, Gytolon is surprisingly stable and tends to apply reason regardless of situation.

Behavior: Ey is friendly toward nearly everyone and acts protectively toward people, especially those younger and weaker than emself. Ey does realize that not everyone likes that, and doesn't try to protect someone who doesn't wish it, unless the situation is truly dangerous.

Philosophy, religion and attitude: Taught by Krezagon, Gytolon thinks that balance of mind and body is the key to happiness and a fulfilling life, though unlike Krezagon, ey hasn't suffered through pointless abuse and cannot therefore appreciate the solace of doing absolutely nothing.
 Parents: Gytolon's alhem is Tegafel, Krezagon's partner. Eir relem is Vargaron, who Tegafel asked to father eir child so that ey could finally give Krezagon something ey had always wanted: eir own child. Tegafel, disliking children, didn't really take part in raising the child past birthing and feeding it. Vargaron had eir own family to be with, so Gytolon grew with Krezagon as eir main guardian. Tarkavinel and Tegafel were also present, though Tarkavinel didn't really partake in raising em for obvious reasons.

Childhood: After a couple of years, Gytolon got younger siblings. They grew and played together. Of course they also met other kids and played with them without hesitation.

Adolescence: Gytolon started realizing that the adults in eir home weren't native to the land like everyone else. Ey didn't really know how to take that and started feeling more apart from the other young ones who reflected eir feelings of strangeness like only teenagers can. Still, however unlikely it might have been, the teens weren't malicious about the fact. Even though the others now didn't consider Gytolon to truly be one of their own group, they wanted to hear what ey had to say and asked em to tell of the world outside. Of course, since Gytolon had been born there just like the rest of them, ey had to ask Krezagon about it. Ey then relayed the stories to the other teens.

Character 12: Annan

Day 16


 Age: less than thousand
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Eyes: red
Hair: puce (pink)
Complexion: sangria (dark red)
Race: tarkaan

Annan resembles a proto-femehan with dark red skin and no remarkable features to speak of. Ey has a featureless nose, no ears, wispy pink hair and mostly smooth skin. Eir name comes from a femehan creation myth where An was the proto-ankod who, instead of reproductive capability, was "cursed" with far-walker abilities. Annan is similar in the respect that ey seems to have far-walker abilities, though it isn't true as such. Annan consumes the other intelligent races' minds, effectively putting them in permanent coma.
 Strengths: Annan knows when to retreat and hide.

Fears and weaknesses: Annan isn't particularly creative and mostly keeps eir enemies away by letting eir reputation precede em – no one wants to have eir mind eaten. Ey of course fears other tarkaans. Though Annan can survive fine without eating anyone's mind, they taste like candy to em and ey just wants to have some every now and then.

Constant traits: Ey'll always come back for more minds.

Behavior: Annan can be friendly and luring if ey wants to eat a mind without chasing and panic. Most of the time ey is just antisocial.

Philosophy, religion and attitude: Annan barely cared enough to learn a few simple phrases of the common tongue. Ey doesn't think of others as much more than sweet candies.
 Parents: Unknown.

Childhood: Annan woke up in a grove like the proto-femehans ey resembles. Ey soon started traveling and came upon femehans, whose minds ey ate.

Adolescence: Annan met eir first other tarkaan and managed to eat eir mind too. Ey also continued devouring the minds of femehans and homehans, since they were easy to catch.

Early adulthood: Annan started getting a reputation as the devourer of minds.

Character 13: Malje

Day 17

Maljen vanhemmat Harmant ja Telisa Garakhan yrittivät pitkään saada lasta, mutta eivät vuosienkaan kuluessa saaneet aikaiseksi edes valeraskautta. Tarmant kyllästyi, syytteli vaimoaan hedelmättömyydestä ja alkoi käydä vieraissa. Telisa masentui ja vietti hänkin aikaa muita miehiä silmäillen, mutta ei ryhtynyt tuumasta toimeen. Vasta tavattuaan hemaisevan kauniin haltiabardin eräässä kunnioitetussa aatelisten seurapiiritalossa hän toteutti syrjähyppyhaaveensa. Seuraavana päivänä haltia oli poissa. Telisa makasi kuluvina viikkoina vielä parin ihmismiehenkin kanssa.
Telisa oli uskonut miehensä syyttelyt ja oli erittäin yllättynyt, kun hän myöhemmin huomasi olevansa raskaana. Harmant oli vieläkin yllättyneempi, mutta totesi, että kunhan lapsi ei olisi kenenkään vierasmaalaisen äpärä, hän kasvattaisi sen omanaan, sillä se oli hänen mielestään kunniallisempaa kuin paljastaa, että hän olikin heidän liittonsa hedelmätön osapuoli. Telisa kertoi, että isäehdokkaat olivat olleet kunnon cheliaxilaisia, ja toivoi hartaasti, että lapsen isä oli todellakin jompikumpi ihmisistä, mutta toisin kävi. Kun puolihaltiatyttö syntyi, hämmennys oli valtaisa. Harmant oli odottanut lasta kuin kuuta nousevaa ja oli niin järkyttynyt, että Telisan ehdotus lapsen naamioimisesta ihmiseksi kuulosti aivan järkevältä. He harkitsivat lapsen korvien typistämistä, mutta totesivat, että arvet ja silpomisesta epämuodostuneet korvat vetäisivät enemmän huomiota kuin piilotetut. Synnytyksessä mukana olleet palvelijat pakotettiin hiljaisiksi, mutta ketään ei sentään tarvinnut tappaa. Lapsi sai nimen Magne Maelijaeleth Garakhan. Maelijaeleth oli lisänimi, jonka vain Telisa, Harmant ja Malje itse tiesivät, ja se oli Telisan mukaan Maljen haltiaisän nimi. Telisa oli tosin erehtynyt, sillä hän muisti nimen väärin, vaikka äänteet olivat jokseenkin oikean suuntaiset.
Hämmentyneestä Harmantista tuli Maljen syntymän jälkeen etäinen ja hän keskittyi tiiviimmin uraansa. Telisa yritti kasvattaa Maljen kunnolla ja huolehti hänestä tarkemmin kuin jälkikasvunsa palvelusväen hoidettavaksi jättävän aatelisnaisen yleensä luulisi, mutta muut luulivat sen johtuvan siitä, että hän oli hieman ylisuojeleva hyvin todennäköisesti ainoaksi jäävästä lapsestaan. Malje tuli pitämään isäänsä pelottavana mutta poissaolevana ja unohtelevana auktoriteettina ja äitiään pelottavana pomottajana. Hän sai pidettyä korvansa piilossa ja kuolemalla ja häädöllä uhkaileva Telisa varmisti, että Malje teeskentelisi olevansa ihminen angstisena teininäkin. Pitkän murrosikänsä jälkeen Malje alkoi viimein ymmärtää itsekin, miksi hänen oli teeskenneltävä olevansa ihminen, ja alkoi kunnioittaa äitiään enemmän. Telisa oli siitä hyvin onnellinen, ja Harmantkaan ei päässyt pakoon lisääntyneeltä iloisuudelta.
Onni sai kuitenkin pian väistyä, kun aikuistumisen mukanaan tuomat velvollisuudet alkoivat painaa päälle. Telisa oli onnistunut pitämään murrosikäisen Maljen suurimmaksi osaksi erossa pojista, mutta nyt Malje oli naimaikäinen, eikä hän ollut hankkinut itselleen ammattia, jonka varjolla hän voisi viivyttää puolison etsimistä. Miehen olisi tietysti oltava cheliaxilainen aatelinen, joka hyväksyisi puolisokseen ihmistä teeskentelevän puolihaltian, mikä oli melko varmasti mahdoton vaatimus. Oli siis onni onnettomuudessa, että Malje ei ehtinyt huolehtia asiasta.
Malje oli huomannut jo joitain vuosia sitten, että esineet hänen huoneessaan vaihtelivat paikkojaan, mutta ne eivät koskaan olleet aivan erityisen kummallisissa tai inhottavissa paikoissa. Lisäksi hän huomasi kykenevänsä liikuttelemaan itse esineitä jonkinlaisen maagisen käden avulla. Se oli hänen mielestään jännää ja johtui varmasti siitä, että hänen oikea isänsä oli mahtava haltiavelho (tai -bardi, mikä lie, eikä sillä niin paljon väliä ollut). Malje kertoi kyvystään Telisalle, joka oli vähän huolestuneempi, mutta samaa mieltä kyvyn alkuperästä. Tietysti he pitivät kyvyn salassa kaikilta muilta.

Character 14: Olle

Day 18

Name:Olle Lindkvist

 Age: 12
Height: 134 cm
Weight: 35 kg
Eyes: blue
Hair: grayish blond
Complexion: pale
Race: human
Sex: male

Olle is a small unremarkable looking boy with short hair and the dull clothes of a child. He is a mutant and has the ability to turn into a statue.
 Strengths: Olle is confident in himself and unafraid of making himself heard.

Fears and weaknesses: Olle is often straight out overconfident and doesn't have much respect for authority or adults. He thinks he is mature when he really isn't. If somebody tells him he's wrong, he will argue back childishly and if he did understand that he was wrong, a week later he will say that he's always though right about it. Like many preteens, he's stupidly curious and uncertain about sexuality.

Constant traits: Olle doesn't trust anyone at first glance and is nearly always straight about his motivations with other people.

Behavior: Since he doesn't trust anyone, he acts distantly and suspects everyone's motives.

Philosophy, religion and attitude: Olle thinks friends and people are resources to be used. He isn't particularly religious and says he doesn't believe in any god because he thinks it's cool to not believe in a god.
 Parents: Olle's parents were regular people living in Åland, Finland.

Childhood: Olle spent his childhood in Åland, going to school like all other kids. He was teased in school since he was small and bullied the bulliers back as much as he could.

Adolescence: At the age of 12, Olle's mutant power manifested and he spent accidentally half a day being an immobile, unsensing statue. When he managed to return back to normal, he was in the hospital and his parents were incredibly relieved.

Character 15: Karadin

Day 18

Name: Karadin (lost eir family name)

 Age: 118 (14 Earth years)
Height: 153 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Eyes: gray
Hair: dark with a blue tint
Complexion: dark bluish gray
Race: femehan
Sex: wakod

Karadin is a barely adolescent femehan wakod with short hair, but is growing it longer now.
 Strengths: Karadin is logical and honest, both to emself and others.

Fears and weaknesses: On one hand, Karadin is young and uncertain, and on the other, ey thinks ey knows quite exactly what ey definitely doesn't want. Though ey can reason against it, ey has been taught to believe that ey is in effect property.

Constant traits: Karadin has some internal sense of servitude and ey wants to help other people.

Behavior: Even though ey wants to be friendly to everyone, Karadin has trouble trusting anyone because ey thinks everybody just wants to have sex with em – which isn't all that far from the truth.

Philosophy, religion and attitude: Karadin was raised to believe in the silly religion of a femehan community. However, when Hazoron told em how things really were, ey quickly accepted that side of the story.
 Parents: Karadin's parents were regular people who were glad that a wakod had been born just to them – even though eir value was next to nothing, people would notice them now and try to be their friends.

Childhood: Karadin was told many stories of how ey would fall in love and have many partners and how that wasn't proper life for the normal femehan, but it would be okay for em because ey was a pretty wakod. For some reason, Karadin didn't quite agree with the adults' stories about the bliss of mindless sex or having babies all the time, and ey came to be quite afraid of the time when ey would have to undergo the ritual of adulthood.

Adolescence: The time of Karadin's ritual of adulthood drew nearer and ey grew more and more depressed. Even eir health suffered, and ey tried to find some way to get away from eir horrible situation. However, as they lived on an island, getting away was very hard, and Karadin literally didn't know how to do anything useful emself, since no one had taught em that – ey had only been taught to please others, talk and tell stories about love.
The day of eir ritual came and Karadin looked at the eight people with whom ey was supposed have sex with dread and barely conscious. The ritual had religious parts, so Hazoron, their spiritual leader, was there, though a wakod's ritual of adulthood was one of the times when the ankod was supposed to only be there for as short a time as possible. Near the beginning of the ritual, Hazoron was supposed to give a ceremonial gown to Karadin's parents so that they could dress their child for the remainder of the ritual. However, before Karadin's parents had reached the top of the stairs to a kind of temple that served as Hazoron's home and the village's religious center, Karadin ran up and grabbed the robe. Ey didn't consciously try to pull on it, but ey was so desperate that the robe would have ripped had Hazoron not made it durable. While eir parents protested, Karadin looked at Hazoron and whispered "Help me!"
Hazoron looked at the wakod and understood that Karadin seemed to rather want to die than go any further with the ritual. Ey released the robe to Karadin whose parents started walking the wakod back down, saying how it was great that ey had finally gotten excited about the ritual after so much whining and moping.
Hazoron didn't take too long to think up a good enough lie. Ey wasn't sure whether it was going to work, but ey didn't want to just do nothing while Karadin's worst fears became true.
"WAIT!" ey yelled before Karadin's parents started taking the wakod's clothes off. "We must not continue with the ritual. I have seen... that Karadin's true fate must lie elsewhere. Eir fate must be determined before the ritual takes place, or ey could be forever lost!" The villagers stared at Hazoron is surprise and slightly disappointed awe, but did not rally to protest. The village leader was the first to act. Ey took Karadin's hand and took em up the steps of the temple and to Hazoron. Karadin held onto the robe.
"Are you sure about this?"
"It is not certain until I have communed with the spirits, but the ritual cannot continue until we know."
"Because if eir destiny is to become the guardian of the temple, ey can never undergo the ritual of adulthood."
"The guardian of the temple?" the village leader exclaimed. "That is an ankod's duty!"
"Sometimes no suitable ankods are born, surely you know this. And I am sure you know that if an ankod cannot be the guardian of the temple, then a wakod or geniwakod who hasn't undergone the ritual of adulthood must sacrifice emself to the servitude of the temple so that a suitable ankod will be born." Hazoron couldn't even believe emself spewing forth such trickery.
"Oh, it's such a shame", the leader said, disappointedly and in a defeated manner. "I hope that the spirits are wrong this time. But we cannot question them any more than we can question the sea." The leader looked at Karadin and said: "Go then, and come back if you can."
With those words, Hazoron took Karadin's robe, put it over the wakod's clothes and led em away, leaving the disappointed villagers to dismantle the festive set-up that was supposed to signify the joy of the ritual of adulthood.
Hazoron and Karadin walked silently into the temple, onto a courtyard and into a simple wing of plain, blocky rock that contained many empty bedchambers. They went into one of them, and right on cue, Karadin burst into tears and cried for a long time, hugging the older ankod.
"Was this what you wanted?" Hazoron asked.
"I wanted away."
Hazoron petted the wakod's hair. "You are gone now. But they expect you back."
"I don't want to undergo the ritual of adulthood!"
"Are you sure?"
"I'm sure! Why would anyone want to DO that? It's hideous!"
"... I can give you one other choice. You can leave all of the villagers behind and live with me here. I can't say if you like it, and you'll have to make the decision within a day or two. If you choose to live with me, you will be here for the rest of your life, alone after I die, and you'll have to train your successor."
"I... I... don't... won't you ask the spirits what they say? You said..."
"I and the spirits say a lot of things. Right now I just want to hear what you want without any spirits."
"I... want to live with you. I'll never undergo the ritual of adulthood!"
Hazoron looked at the desperate wakod without knowing what exactly ey should feel. Ey then settled for hugging Karadin. "No one else will ever hug you."
Karadin did still want to hug eir parents, but ey just managed to say: "Good."
They hugged for some time, Karadin just trying to clam down and relax, and Hazoron becoming more and more aware of the incredible amount of work this new twist would generate.

Character 16: Kyton

Day 20


 Age: 278 (36 Earth years)
Height: 159 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Eyes: yellowish green
Hair: turquoise
Complexion: light gray
Race: femehan
Sex: ankod

Kyton is fit and always aims to be adequately equipped. Ey is usually expressionless and stands stiffly in place unless ey has to move. Ey has a long, pointy nose and wide hips for an ankod.
 Strengths: Kyton is competent at getting along alone. Ey isn't afraid of making any mistakes as long as they don't cost eir life. Ey tries to plan ahead as surviving in the nature requires.

Fears and weaknesses: Kyton has an irrational fear of the horse-like animal that femehans use for menial labor in the north. Ey dreads the day when ey is too old to properly take care of emself. While ey approximately knows how to deal with people, ey usually still thinks of them as dangerous animals that need to be driven away.

Constant traits: Kyton is a survivalist.

Behavior: Kyton is a ranger by "profession" and a hermit who keeps out of the way of other people. Ey thinks that groups of other femehans and lone femehans that are bigger than ey and don't seem completely helpless are eir superiors and ey needs to make sure that they are pleased and that they don't kill em.

Philosophy, religion and attitude: Kyton's main goal is survival, though ey feels a helpless sense of doom since ey can't guarantee eir survival through children.
 Parents: Kyton's parents didn't really care for em much and left em to eir own. Nevertheless, they raised em by giving em food and a bed.

Childhood: When ey was approximately 68, Kyton's parents sold em to slavery. At the slaver, Kyton saw the horse-like creature ey came to fear so much that ey had to flee as soon as possible. Kyton managed to survive in the wild. Ey had heard that there are none of those horse-like creatures in the south so that is where ey went, even though ey also heard that it was cold there and the winters were deadly.

Adolescence: Kyton eventually made it to so south that ey was sure ey would never see the creatures ey feared again. Ey settled down and built emself a house. It wasn't a very good house but it served its purpose. Nevertheless, Kyton had to abandon eir home because other femehans chose to settle where ey was.

Early adulthood: Kyton traveled more toward the south and resettled. Altogether, ey had to abandon eir home three times, twice because of other femehans and once because ey accidentally built eir house on a swamp.

Adulthood: Kyton had managed to live in eir current house for six years (9 Earth years) when a hundred or more femehan soldiers practically walked to eir doorstep. Their leader, lieutenant Teryveon Katkendet, demanded that Kyton helped them to locate a hostile band of homehans that had been raiding the countryside. Kyton didn't want to get involved but thought that the femehan soldiers would probably kill em if ey didn't help them. Therefore, ey packed eir bag and left with them.
They tracked the homehans for a few days. Then their tracks took the soldiers to the edge of a cliff, on whose bottom a great, cold mountain river flowed. There was little space between the edge of the cliff on the right and the hillside on the left that rose even more upwards. Kyton saw that it was possible that the homehans could ambush them there, but Teryveon wouldn't hear a word of it, forcing Kyton to come with them and leading them straight into the ambush. They were driven down the cliff into the mountain river. Kyton survived the drop as well as the massive waterfalls that followed, and eventually came ashore after having come far away with the flow of the river. Teryveon had survived by holding onto the same tree trunk Kyton had held, but was unconscious, and Kyton had to bring em to the shore. More bodies floated in the river and came to the shore. Kyton tried to rescue as many as ey could, but 10 of the 12 bodies ey could pull to the shore were dead and the other two unconscious and one was badly wounded as well. Exhausted and unable to perform fine motor skills, Kyton couldn't set up eir tent, but pulled all the living ones close to each other so that they would at least be a little warmer.

Character 17: Teryveon Katkendet

Day 21

Name:Teryveon Katkendet

 Age: 348 (43 Earth years)
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Eyes: bole (tree-brown)
Hair: dark green
Complexion: ultramarine (dark blue)
Race: femehan
Sex: gewakod

Teryveon is a rather typical-looking, middle-aged and fit gewakod who hasn't had children. Ey has a rather square face with the many wrinkles of wear and age showing, though eir manner and eyes are still lively.
 Strengths: Teryveon is confident and a natural leader. Ey is also logical, though it can come off as rather ruthless.

Fears and weaknesses: Teryveon fears that ey would at some time need to learn something important that ey can't possibly understand. Eir cynicism can discourage people.

Constant traits: Teryveon thinks of emself as a realist, but usually ey just comes off as cynical. Ey can take a defeat, but is mightily irked at it.

Behavior: Teryveon is commanding, direct and cynical. Ey can be encouraging if ey wants to, but doesn't really like to emphasize the positives in favor of the negatives so as to bend the truth.

Philosophy, religion and attitude: Teryveon believes in the power of physical and mental might and isn't afraid of relying on traditions either.
 Parents: Teryveon was born the first child of a middle-class family in a nation to the south.

Childhood: Teryveon spent eir childhood bossing around other kids.

Adolescence: Teryveon was interested in sex like all teens, but didn't want to commit to anyone or have children, at least yet. Ey was never even close to promiscuous and as ey grew a bit older, ey lost eir taste for casual sex.

Early adulthood: Teryveon joined the army and quickly rose in the ranks due to eir commanding nature.

Adulthood: Teryveon led many successful missions and was particularly good at defending eir homeland.

Middle age: Teryveon was stuck at the rank of lieutenant but dreamed of making it to commander or even captain. For that, ey needed some more impressive achievements and started doing missions other than just defending. One such chance for a mission was when news came that at eir homeland's southern borderlands, a band of homehans had been raiding the countryside and people feared that they would draw other homehans into their raids and eventually conquer the whole nation.
Teryveon left on eir mission with several squads. The borderlands were a hostile environment and even the few people who lived there couldn't really help them as they stayed put and farmed the little pieces of arable land they had. After tracking the homehans for weeks, Teryveon came across a well-built house that didn't have extensive fields of crops; it was the home of a mobile hunter who would know the lay of the land. At seeing that the hunter was an ankod, Teryveon rethought eir need for help, but came to the conclusion that a crazy ankod could be good at one thing and if not, well, the loss of an ankod's life was certainly not something ey would regret or anything. The ankod, named Kyton, didn't want to help them, but was a bad liar and couldn't convince Teryveon that ey didn't know enough to be able to help them. Therefore, Teryveon made Kyton come with em.
Teryveon's regiment was ambushed and driven down from a cliff into a mountain river. Teryveon lost eir consciousness at some point and woke up the next day, finding emself from a river shore along with three other people, one of whom was Kyton, second was one of eir soldiers and one was recently deceased. Ey woke up Kyton, who explained how ey had tried to save as many as ey could, but that only the three here had been alive. Teryveon was conflicted to hear that ey had been saved by an ankod and compensated by starting to boss em around.
Teryveon and Kyton tried to take care of the soldier, but ey too died. They were on the southern shore of the river and would need to get to the other side to return home. However, the river was rapid and they wouldn't have a chance to cross it. They walked upstream, only to find that their path was blocked by a steep cliff. They decided to go downstream instead and search for a suitable place to cross the river.
After weeks of traveling, they found a calm enough spot in the river and built a primitive raft to cross it with. However, they saw how a large bird landed in the river and was caught in the jaws of a giant monster in only a few moments. Instead of just trying their luck, they decided to test their raft idea by sending a carcass of an animal on the raft before going there themselves. The monster attacked the raft too and destroyed it within seconds. They didn't cross the river there.
They continued downstream until the landscape turned hilly and mountainous. Soon enough they faced an unconquerable cliff much like the one they had left behind. They now had no other option than to turn south and hope they would at least find some civilization, other femehans or even any intelligent and friendly creatures.
During their journey, Teryveon had treated Kyton like eir subordinate, bossing em around and being otherwise annoying and generally intolerant. Teryveon was bigger than Kyton and seemingly a better fighter, so Kyton didn't want to test eir strength. They both knew they had much better chances of survival if they worked together, but Kyton was certainly unhappy about eir position, and Teryveon was not exactly becoming any friendlier, rather the opposite. They argued much along the way, and their only sources of amusement were the rare animals that did funny things, to which they both laughed and then shut up in awkward silence at hearing each other laugh. The arguments were usually solved by Teryveon kicking Kyton around, though sometimes Kyton managed to kick back a little and even flee, though ey of course always came back.

Character 18: Blind guardian

Day 22

Name:Blind guardian, real name Othello Kotonalos

 Age: 44
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 86 kg
Eyes: blue
Hair: black
Complexion: dark sand
Race: typical
Sex: female

Othello is a strong, tall and fit woman. She is a bodyguard by profession and wears plate armor when on duty, and she is rarely off duty. While she can sense some variation in the amount of light and movement, Othello is practically blind and relies much more on her hearing and even other senses.
 Strengths: Othello is stable and loyal. She thinks that what she is doing now is just fine for her and everyone.

Fears and weaknesses: She is afraid of failing and will sacrifice her life if it means that she will in doing so help save the life of the one she protects.

Constant traits: Othello doesn't do much thinking on her own, but will always carefully consider what others have to say.

Behavior: She is friendly, fair and straightforward. To enemies, she is ruthless and unforgiving, but willing to accept surrender.

Philosophy, religion and attitude: Othello has the same religious and cultural upbringing as all other natives of her homeland. She isn't, however, as close-minded as most others.
 Parents: Othello was born into a noble family and was supposed to become a noblewoman.

Childhood: By the age of 10, Othello's eyesight had deteriorated from bad to even worse and she couldn't even read anymore and had trouble with other things as well. She could still move about with relative ease and learned to navigate with the help of a stick and sound even.

Adolescence: Othello was too blind to be a proper noblewoman, so instead she decided to train martial arts, and was surprisingly good at it, even despite her disability.

Early adulthood: Othello continued her training and became a bodyguard. She dedicate herself to her work and physical betterment.

Adulthood: Othello became the bodyguard of Annunciata, the most important helper of the queen Doriano.

Middle age: Two androgyne ninjas managed to assassinate Annunciata's lover. Othello and other guardians managed to kill one of the ninjas, but the other one escaped. After his lover's death, Annunciata grew very bitter and took every chance he could to wage war with the nation of the androgynes. As it wasn't really Othello's business to get involved in war-scale fighting or strategy, she just kept on doing her job.
She was once alone, keeping guard on a tower Annunciata was in, when four people approached her. They were intruders and had come to kill Annunciata. One of them was the androgyne ninja who had survived all those years ago, and two others were rebels who wanted to overthrow the ruling class, or more specifically Annunciata, because he seemed to be taking the whole nation of men and women to the gutter with him by spending all resources on war. Othello was outnumbered and couldn't have escaped, so she listened to the explanations which made a certain kind of sense. She was still not convinced by the biased explanations, and asked the fourth person's opinion. The fourth one had come from far away and only wanted to go home, didn't care about politics and disliked war. Othello was impressed by the simplicity of the idea and chose to side with the intruders.

Character 19: Akodia Mataraki

Day 22

Name:Akodia Mataraki

 Age: 46
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Eyes: reddish brown
Hair: black
Complexion: reddish dark brown
Race: typical
Sex: androgyne

Akodia is a soldier and assassin and behaves accordingly, trusting nearly no one, honing eir physical skills and keeping eir mind sharp as much as ey can.
 Strengths: Akodia is loyal and conscientious.

Fears and weaknesses: Akodia is afraid of dying and is bad at making decisions. Ey isn't very creative and rather holds on to the old.

Constant traits: Akodia is very calm.

Behavior: Akodia acts very neutrally toward all. Even though ey distrusts most people, ey seems trusting. Ey is a good liar.

Philosophy, religion and attitude: Akodia is very single-minded
 Parents: Akodia was born in the nation of androgynes.

Childhood: Ey grew like any other child, though ey liked fighting more than most.

Adolescence: Studying, Akodia became interested in the history of the nation of men and women as well as martial arts. Ey trained to be an infiltrator and spy.

Early adulthood: Akodia's training continued and ey was sent on simple missions in the homeland as well as the nation of women and men.

Adulthood: Akodia met eir life partner at work and they went on missions together. Their biggest mission yet was to go deep within the nation of men and women and assassinate an evil ruler who tried to mobilize the nation to war with the nation of androgynes. Akodia and eir partner went there and accomplished the mission, but Akodia's partner was killed. Akodia would have needed eir partner's help to go back home, so ey stayed in the nation of men and women, mostly hiding in a forest, not knowing what to do.

Middle age: Years went by and Akodia noticed how Annunciata, the partner of the person they had killed ended up being just as evil as his late partner. Akodia thought that it would probably be better to just kill him too, but ey couldn't really decide on it, and the route to killing him would be toilsome. Therefore, Akodia made some small plans but mostly just waited.
Eventually ey came across three people, two of whom were rebels aiming to overthrow Annunciata. The third person was a ship telegrapher from eir homeland and had been involved in an accident and accused of crimes ey hadn't done. Akodia decided to join them to kill Annunciata and wished that ey could perhaps finally get home.

Character 20: Karsþili

Day 23


 Age: young adult
Race: femehan
Sex: geniwakod

Karsþili is Kyton's friend and partner.

Character 21: Modurel

Day 23


 Age: nearly past middle-age
Race: femehan
Sex: gewakod

Modurel is the captain of an army camp in a very southern femehan nation. Ey has fun by having sex with as many soldiers as ey can and tells each of them to not tell about it to anyone.

Character 22: halfling wizard

Day 23


Characters 23 and 24: Ganoniel Tarlangaval and Sanatel Feorolin

Day 26


Character 25: Annunciata

Day 26


Characters 26, 27, 28 and 29: some karangals

Day 27


Character 30: Koimel

Day 28


 Age: adult
Height: 201 cm
Weight: 92 kg
Eyes: dark yellow
Hair: curly, green
Complexion: brown
Race: femehan
Sex: nikod

Koimel was a legendary warrior clad in plate armor. Ey was told to have the strength of 1008 femehans. Ey was a general who drove malicious falangezkas away from femehans' living lands, defying their far-walker abilities. The falangezkas never defied em or retaliated, so everyone thought ey had performed a miracle. Ey was also told to have lived far longer that femehans normally did. When ey finally left the other femehans, ey did so by fighting a giant monster of fire alone. It is told the the great fiery monster exploded when Koimel killed it, and Koimel absorbed the fire into emself to save the world from burning. Nowadays Koimel is worshipped as a god and uncontrolled fires are said to be Koimel's curse on those who deserve it.

The details about Koimel's life have been lost to rumors and time.





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